In The Beginning

Where do I begin?”


That is a good question.


In the ancient tradition, the very first place that a seeker begins is through clearing the imprint of the unconscious mind.

We can observe this imprint through the thought-currents that play in our mind throughout the day.

Sitting still for a moment, listen to the conversation that is currently running through the back of your mind. Truly ~ it is an extension of how your body is feeling in this moment ~ in its environment and based on the past with its memories still inside your system, playing over and over, repeating and processing incomplete experiences.

It is understood in ancient science that old age and disease are a result of thought-currents. It is a scientific fact that the physical, human body is capable of rejuvenating and living an average of 300 years. In this modern time, most humans are fortunate if they live to the age of seventy-five or eighty years of age. There is something that is short-circuiting the potential of a greater, more vital life experience.

Could it be innocent ignorance?

As my Guru explains ~

Many people turn towards repeating positive affirmations to correct or change the thought-current that is flowing through the mind. The challenge with this method is that it is purely intellectual, replacing the negative with positive. In the mental plane of reality, life is duality. There is a “shadow” potential, as the law of the universe allows for ego, in all interaction. .

One must become authentic, true, compassionate and real. We begin by aligning our thoughts, our actions and our words.

It is that simple.

If there are too many problems, challenges, issues and broken promises, then there may be too many lies told to self or to others.

Become truthful with thoughts, words and actions in all that you do then, the noisy thought-currents begin to fade.

How to Quiet the Inner Chatter.

Pondering, processing, reviewing, formulating, analyzing, deducting and opinionating are all expressions of the lower mind. This type of mental activity is devitalizing and can quickly lead one out of a compassionate state.

Watch your mind when it starts to evaluate and judge.
There is no compassion. This you can see.



1) Compose a list of words that you have used often, to describe your day, the events that are occurring or how you have described yourself to others.

2) Select three words from your list

Take each word, one-at-a-time, describe how the word makes you feel, what kind of picture comes to mind and if it is pleasant or not.

After writing and experiencing the results of the words, observe what is true and what is not true with each description that you wrote.

Where there is un-truth, there is lack of manifestation, lack of vitality and chaos ensues.

Can you see this?

Through observing and becoming conscious of where truth and un-truth are created, one can gain greater ability to effectively create the reality that one is living.

This is the process of becoming authentic, honest, effective and responsible for our own reality in a state of graceful, peaceful silence.

It begins here.


Written by Kashi Stone, May 2018