Will Arrogance

When the student is ready, the teacher comes

This becomes an obvious truth when you read something once, twice and maybe three times and then later, when you read it again, something entirely new surfaces into your awareness impacting you greatly.

Throughout the years, perhaps over thirty years, I have watched this happen inside of my own being in relation to different spiritual and intellectual studies. It has become obvious that we naturally censor what we are reading and absorb in accordance to our level of awareness and receptivity to truth and transformation.

Sometimes, I am shocked at the messages that I miss so easily because the ego is desperately coloring the message to make it work, somehow. “Will Arrogance” is the term that my teacher uses. I have heard him use this term many times but it never sank in, that is until recently. It would fly right over my head as I diligently interpreted his teachings to fit into my reality and support the decisions that I was making.

It wasn’t until recently that this term became obvious in the forefront of my mind and life experience. When it hit me, it was like a tsunami. I felt terribly embarrassed to be so arrogant and so foolish, at the same time. Since that awakening, this arrogant willpower has also become utterly obvious, not only in my own actions and speech but in those that I interact with. Until I was ready to see this characteristic, it was hidden behind a veil but not anymore. It is everywhere, I can see.

This same experience happening in those around me. A type of arrogance that thinks it is right, thinks it has the answers and cannot hear the truth of what the master is really sharing. It is a common human condition to think we have something to offer, something worthy and something that others can take on as their own truth. How wrong we are and yet, how innocent too.

The other day, I read something that has lingered in the back of my mind: “You too can become a millionaire with online sales”. Doesn’t this fool understand that each life is written with its own story and karma? Of course not, it is an arrogant statement to think that everyone can achieve the same. It is arrogant to assume that all can overcome the obstacles of a pre-written story and erase the seeds of karma that lay dormant in a physical and emotional system. But with enough motivation, the right type of wording and the right price to lure in the ignorant, he becomes a millionaire with online sales. Bless him.

Perhaps the greatest lesson that has evolved inside of me is the attitude of compassion. For no one truly understands how a life is written, what kinds of lessons are to be learned and the crossroads that one must approach at key moments in life like a life-long astrologer. Im speaking about an astrologer with ethics, not the power-hungry, money-driven astrologer who preys on others innocence or lack of understanding. There are many who practice astrology, understanding that if they communicate in a certain way, they can gain a person’s allegiance and trust, whether they are correct or not. Just like the person above, with the right wording and positioning, others fall prey in hopes that their story can be written as it is being sold.

It becomes obvious that this display of will arrogance is a cry for attention, for acceptance and for a reward securing one’s own position in life, good or bad. Ultimately, no one has the answers for all nor do they have the golden keys to unlock another’s destiny. Not until one has achieved a level of enlightenment do they have the power to see the seeds of karma laying dormant in a person’s system beginning to sprout or the path of destiny with crossroads that is inherent in the life trajectory.

To think that one can sell the possibilities of the same achievements to another is like an initiation into hell. Suddenly, one is spending all their time, money and energy to follow the same path as the one who is making millions with their online sales.  Or the one who is sharing a teaching that if you follow the road that they have taken, living in the system, working the same type of job, buying the same kind of house, ignoring one’s own gifts and life calling so that they can fit into the social system that holds many as prisoners, one achieves ultimate success in life and is considered a “good person”.

Again, will arrogance is an obvious cry for acceptance, recognition and attention. It is also a terrible state of mind that hides the truth and blinds one to the compassion so dearly needed in society today.

Beyond the state of will arrogance is the compassionate spirit that doesn’t compare, doesn’t expect and gently leads into understanding and harmonious communion. It takes a great amount of love and self-confidence to step into that role, I have found, thanks to my teacher who displays a magnificent amount of acceptance, love and wisdom. Thank heavens my teacher is enlightened and does not try to steer me in a direction that is utterly self-defeating, as many have done in the past, innocently I might add, and with tremendous will arrogance.

That is why I have given away most of my library and refuse to abide in the words of those who are not enlightened. When someone tries to steer me in the direction of their own will, I chuckle inside and end the conversation quickly. It has led me down an awful path of struggle, stupidity and embarrassing choices, wasted precious resources, time and money following the direction of unenlightened people.