Clearing the Root Pattern

It is important to realize that all defeating patterns, emotional or physical, stem from our relationship with food, first. How we react to others, how we choose to relate and how we move through life, is most influenced by our relationship with food at a very deep level and most influenced by the first year of our life.

The emotional body is comprised of five senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing. There is also a sixth sense, the mind, which uses the five senses to cognize reality. The senses are rooted in the pancreas, liver and spleen region and held within a small bit of grey matter on either side of the spine, behind the pancreas, connected with the third chakra and its companion gland, the adrenals. This mass behind the Solar Plexus region is composed of the same grey matter that is found in the skull area and operates as the lower mind and thinking brain for the Maya.

The senses are what create a person’s identity and the reality that they are living. How one perceives and makes decisions, and how one reacts in relating with others is colored by the condition of these senses. If the senses are clogged with phlegm, emotionally or physically, so is the relating and perceptions of reality.

At the time of birth, the root pattern of food is the first to be developed as an infant cries out when it is hungry, creating its initial unconscious pattern. This root pattern becomes the foundation for all other patterns related to existence: love, sexuality, worry and fear.

The response of the caretaker, mother or father addressing the newborn’s needs determine’s how one evolves and perceives life. If the child is swiftly lifted and given the correct type of nourishment for its body, held gently and lovingly by the mother, life is very beautiful. However, if the child is left to scream in pain from hunger, missing a tender, loving embrace, fed low-quality nutrition, surrounded by unkind, stressful thought-currents, life is something to be feared and challenging to trust.

Through deep introspective work, it is revealed how one chooses to eat dictates how one expresses and experiences love. Yearning for attention, depression, any kind of perverse attraction all stem from how one was fed, nourished and cared for during infancy. This root behavior is often imbalanced and highly disconnected to the core of one’s true identity. Typically, parents are not aware of the unique individuality of their child and tend to influence offspring according to their desires, neglecting the astrological imprint with a life destiny. This life“imprint” is irrespective of the parents wishes or understanding, causing the great disconnect inside most people’s being.

When there is a chasm between body and spirit and the true identity, there is a tendency to choose things that are out of alignment with the authentic nature. This misalignment can cause tremendous confusion as choices are based upon other’s ideas and suggestions and from the senses that are clogged, distorting the translation of reality.

Food becomes a part of the body through blood, bones, marrow, internal organs as well as the subtle body, creating the quality of thought-currents running through the mind, ultimately, creating one’s reality. If one is dining on food grown with pesticides, drinking fluoridated water and eating junk food, terrible phlegm builds up inside the body, distorting perception. If one is behaving reckless in relating and love, then tremendous phlegm builds up inside the emotional body, distorting relationships and the ability to love and enjoy a peaceful, quiet state of mind.

Along with the impure diet, thought-currents that are created by emotions become lodged in the nervous system, such as crisis or deep, hurtful experiences or troubled relationships that have not been resolved or completed. The phlegm that is created, emotional and physical, tends to create a state of depression, causing one to withdraw from life.

Both the physical phlegm and the emotional phlegm cause illness and disease in the body, restlessness, confusion and great distortion in thinking. This leads one farther and farther from life purpose and away from fulfillment and contentment. Despair, depression, confusion and a state of disempowerment drive the life.

With the emotional body rooted in the Solar Plexus region working through the pancreas, liver, spleen and intestines, one can determine how much they are living out their true identity and life purpose. If there are digestion issues such as, constipation, low immunity, sharp pains in the right side of torso or left side under the ribs or even in the middle, right above the navel, then, something is very wrong and most likely, one is in the wrong place or interacting with someone in the environment who is not an ally and who may be toxic, much like a parasite.

Each experience brings a taste in the throat, impacts how one is breathing and ultimately, impacts the intestines. The intestines play a vital role bridging body and mind; within 48 hours, one can see if they are in the right place with the right people doing the right thing, or not. Constipation, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, all indicate something is terribly wrong with where one is and what they are doing. If there is agitation or irritation, the stomach region is the first to respond and indicate a problem. One can test all matters in life through the stomach and the intestines to understand what is correct and healthy, or not.

The only place where a person can realize their identity is through the senses. Therefore, a cleansing, a purification of the senses must take place in order to realize one’s true identity. This begins with choosing pure organic foods and then, managing when and how one is eating. The tendency often, is to choose food as a substitute for love, causing one to eat when not hungry, snacking throughout the day, and choosing foods that lack vitality or nutritional value. Supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants tend to offer GMO foods treated with pesticides and most homes run water with fluoride through the tap and shower. Packaged, convenient, quick snacks often, have no nutritional value, yet, many enjoy a bag of chips, a candy bar or a soda pop as an immediate way to abate hunger, often filled with lots of preservatives.

Through pure foods, pure water and eating only when hungry, one begins to experience an automatic detoxification process. A certain quality of self-confidence begins to build naturally inside one’s being. Eating high-quality, super, nutritional food, the willpower becomes stronger and productivity increases ten-fold. Life changes dramatically as one settles into their unique individuality cultured through nutrition and the act of healthy self-love.

Through this natural alignment selecting organic foods and honoring the body, settling into one’s true identity, all other patterns are healed and transformed, bringing balance into the system and cultivating a clear, peaceful state of mind.


Integrity, Authenticity, Enriching and Responsibility / Causing
Purification physically through fasting combined with emotional purification conducted through the process of completion, coupled with higher principles: integrity, authenticity, enriching and responsibility, all diseases related to stomach are healed. The digestion process improves and the system opens to the force of prana, allowing vitality to flow through the body, elevating one’s reality, significantly while strengthening the immune system.

If one is practicing and applying the four higher principles, the stomach can digest any food easily. They are a safeguard to the quality of life experience one is having. Through truth, authenticity (thoughts, words and deeds match), enriching others in a positive way and practicing responsibility in all our actions, then, great peace comes into one’s being. An entirely different cognition comes into life that brings positive events through sensing what is correct, appropriate and healthy from a peaceful space governed by self-confidence.

Applying intermittent fasting and practicing celibacy is the fastest way to purify and heal the body,  and reduce thought-currents considerably.


Upon waking in the morning, decide “Let my body detox and come into tune with my true identity, removing patterns from my system”. Immediately go into a morning routine that provides the avenue for changing patterns and bringing alignment into your being.

While waking up in the morning, push the covers back, sit up on edge of bed and for three minutes, concentrate on this thought to give vitality to your conscious will and the ability to create the reality that you desire. Within 21 days of practicing a morning routine using hatha yoga, meditation, and spiritual edification combined with pure, organic food, an entire detoxification occurs allowing for a new reality.

Traditionally, there are five methods for detoxifying according to ancient science of Yoga:

1) Mud packs

2) Non-toxic foods ( no chemicals, no alcohol, only organic foods)

3) Ayurvedic energy medicine (herbs)

4) Exercises for balancing system

5) Minimum four-day fasting every three months (no solid foods)

Once the purification through pure foods and fasting is conducted, the next step towards greater clearing of one’s emotional phlegm is the process of completion. Purification of these two systems: physical and emotional go hand-in-hand.

Don’t delay, begin purifying today!