The Art of Completion

Clearing the Emotional Body

In a previous newsletter, we addressed physical purification to clear mucus that has built up from eating food with toxins or through eating an unhealthy diet. Poor eating habits, such as eating when not hungry or too much at one time can be very damaging to the physical body and over all health, too.

As it has been relayed there are two types of mucus that build up in the body: physical and emotional. Fasting and purification, correction of diet and pure foods address and clear mucus that have built up in the physical body. The practice of completion clears blocked emotions that are trapped in the nerve channels, also knowns as the “nadis”, creating the root cause of illness. The physical and emotional parts of our being work hand-in-hand in how we experience life and both parts can become clogged and bogged down by phlegm.

The emotional body governs the senses, therefore, it is in control of how we are perceiving and experiencing life events and people. Blocked emotions caused by trauma can clog how the senses are operating and perceiving reality.

These emotions that block the senses place tremendous pressure on internal physical organs, causing illness or disease. If one is under great stress, emotional pain or anguish, feeling extreme anger or deep bouts of depression, a disease is guaranteed to form in the body at some point in time.

For this reason, it is critical to address all negative emotions that have been generated from crisis or life experiences since birth. If an incident has happened that has caused tremendous grief and it has not been addressed through the process of completion, then it is sitting inside the astral body, the nervous system, festering away and stressing an internal organ.

For instance, if an infant was not fed when it was hungry and left to cry, then, most likely there are problems with the digestion area, occurring in the stomach, intestines or pancreas as an adult. In the same way, if someone is terribly hurt from a failing love relationship, often, problems develop in the reproductive organs, lungs or heart organ from a “broken-heart”.

Emotions that cause disease and blocks in the nervous system are anger, frustration, fear, neediness, jealousy, possession and control, bitterness, depression, disappointment and victimization, self-importance, prideful arrogance, lust and confusion; anxiety, irritation and the worst: worry.

Following are a list of organs that are impacted by emotions and the disease that can manifest if one has not cleared emotional phlegm.

Anger, frustration, jealousy and envy 
Organs impacted: Liver, Eyes, & Gall bladder
Impaired digestion, liver unable to detoxify

Organs impacted: Kidney, Ears and Bladder
Symptoms: Low sexual energy, low life force, nervous system disorder, acidic body, knot in stomach

Hate, Cruelty, Impatience
Organs impacted: Heart and Small Intestine
Symptoms: High blood pressure, chest pain, heart palpitations 

Worry, Anxiety and Mistrust 
Organs impacted: Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas
Symptoms: Digestion difficulties, elimination problems 

Sadness, Depression 
Organs impacted: Lungs, Skin and Large Intestine
Symptoms: Breathing problems, decreased oxygen, constipation 

Notice if you are having health problems in any of the areas mentioned above. Are you experiencing emotions that fit as an interpretation for what you may be experiencing physically? Sometimes, it takes time to actually see how one is being impacted or to even notice such things as depression. One can be very depressed and assume that it is an ordinary, common way of feeling as it becomes a life habit. Short shallow breathing is a sign that one is depressed. Deep, wide, long breaths are an indication that one is filled with love and life is overflowing. This is why the yoga practice of Pranayama, learning how to correctly breathe to get the most of out of life is so important.

When the emotions generated from frightening or shocking experiences or deep disappointment with life events or an overly prideful and arrogant ego get lodged inside the body, an enneagram is created that creates an imbalance causing one to react to stressful situations with fear, greed, or anger and suffer the struggle that comes from expressing these defeating emotional patterns. Often, fear is spoken as a life-defeating prophecy and gets fulfilled in some way thwarting one’s ability to thrive or enjoy life. Even one word spoken can trigger these engrams into action or a negative prophecy for one’s life direction.

In the ancient Yoga system, there are a few effective ways to address emotional phlegm trapped inside the “nadi’s”, the channels of the nervous system where seeds of karma and emotional debris take lodge and fester inside the system, causing an overload of nagging thought-currents, disease and emotional unrest.



A quick way to clear the emotional blocks is to use the power of words to transform one’s self immediately. Convince the self positively and behave as though one is healed. This can be challenging to apply since most humans hold a host of thought-currents, emotions from past experiences and seeds of karma. However, if one knows who they are then it can be very effective. Most people do not know who they are until they have applied a life-long study of their personality and life purpose.



If there are disagreements with someone, it is paramount to never allow one’s perceived enemy into one’s inner space, or occupy one’s mind and become the cause of actions, decisions, words or explanations. This is a powerful test as to how centered one is and grounded in their own being.  Often, the energy from a disagreement appears much greater than it really is and causes one to react in a defeating way.

If one ignores their enemy there is no anxiety and if completion is applied, the opportunity for peaceful awareness can be achieved and enjoyed. One must be absolutely empty of any enmity towards another in order to be free, not allowing one to become weak nor poisoned by the influence.

Non-duality, also known as Advaita reduces anxiety as one brushes aside all potential problems or possibilities of enemies. By taking time away from an aggravated, potential enemy, sleeping off the possibility, for instance, for any occurrence to rise, eighty percent of the problems vanish and disappear avoiding the potential of incompletion and the creation of an enemy. The space of completion is to not react. Usually, this causes enemies to disappear gradually, naturally.

Concentrate on how one can enrich the world and divert one’s attention in another direction. Just be YOU for the world as one is designed to be for the world. Turn your attention toward those things that you enjoy doing that bring you tremendous satisfaction, contentment or joy.



Another way to clear phlegm from the emotional body is to make affirmative decisions without rationalizing for why one is not following through. Many people commit to things hoping to be loved, accepted, needed or wanted and never follow through on their word, causing them to rationalize their lack of integrity while strengthening their opposing reality.

By being aware of how one is committing to things and following through on one’s word, duality that is causing a deep split in the personality is removed while challenges and struggles are cleared. Duality in one’s being can be very dis-empowering and cause a host of problems with relationships. Better to be mindful of what one agrees to do, follow through on commitments and be honest about ability to show up.



The most effective and simplest way to clear emotional phlegm from the nervous system is through the process of completion. Through conducting this simple exercise several times, one gradually empties their astral body of defeating, emotional patterns and the seeds of karma waiting to sprout.

When one is in a state of completion they enjoy liberated thinking, which allows great creativity and imagination to flow through one’s being.

Through the technique of completion, one revisits memories held within the mind that create reoccurring experiences or cause one to feel fear, worry, anger or similar emotions. Looking back in one’s life, review the earliest, childhood memories to see where the root of one’s emotional nature has been fostered and repeating reactive behavior. With full integrity, write down every memory you can think of related to the repeating emotion that resurface in life events. Write down specifically the entire experience that is causing you to react emotionally.

Through this writing down, it is symbolic to the subconscious mind as an emptying process and gives the indication that the memory has been cleared as well as the emotion associated with it, giving the impression that you are not going to react to that type of problem anymore. This takes the incident, the memory and the emotional reaction out of the subconscious mind. It is very simple yet, highly effective.

Next, take what you have written and burn the piece of paper so no one else will read it. Writing down such memories and having them around can cause problems to rise again or the memory to resurface. Sometimes, things are written that can be hurtful or too aggressive for another to read or understand when you are emptying your emotional body of this phlegm. It is important to be as honest as possible in this exercise for it to work effectively. Again, this translates to the subconscious mind that you have released these memories forever. The burning of the paper containing the written memory creates a fabulous finality to the clearing ritual.

Emotions and experiences are lodged in layers, therefore, you may have to conduct this exercise several times to completely clear your being. Welcome them and do not fear or reject them when the emotions rise. Rather, allow them to surface and be cleared again, through writing down what you are remembering and feeling each time it rises. Through this exercise, the memory may remain but the reaction is transformed and released, cleared and gone, avoiding the same problem to occur again one’s life.



The basic instinctive emotions of anger, hate, greed, jealousy, deceit and worry are the substance through which humans evolve. These same emotions are also what color our aura as seen on a subtle level, create the odor of our body and generate the tone or frequency of our being. As more control of the emotions and greater clearing takes place, the colors and smell of our being changes taking on a more refined hue with a naturally lightening effect and a sweeter fragrance.

Through the science of Raja Yoga and its disciplines, this refining process moves one through clearing the emotional body quickly. Applying Pranayama, healthy breathing techniques, one is given tremendous power over the subconscious mind and unconscious emotional reactions. Eventually, concentration leads you into conscious control of your emotional nature, how your react to life events and challenging personalities with the understanding of cause and effect.

Make a list of all negative emotions residing in your mind. As you write them down, honestly and thoroughly, all the forces that hold you captive to these thought-currents are released from your system. Admitting and then observing, awareness becomes the operating system of your realty.

Handling your life and your thought world in this way takes tremendous discipline, utilizing the application of Raja Yoga. If you are unable to think of a cause for a reaction, write the situation or experience down on paper. Write everything down that comes to mind about the reaction until it has been assimilated and understood. In this way, every reaction becomes a lesson of wisdom that adds vitality to your life.



“There can be no firm foundation in sadhana without equality, samata. Whatever the unpleasantness of circumstances, however disagreeable the conduct of others, you must learn to receive them with a perfect calm and without any disturbing reaction.

These things are the test of equality.

It is easy to be calm and equal when things go well and people and circumstances are pleasant; it is when they are opposite that the completeness of the calm, peace, equality can be tested, reinforced, made perfect.”    

~ Sri Aurobindo