It was a quiet moment in the car as we traveled down the busy, afternoon highway. The silence provided an opportunity for me to drop deep, inside myself. Meditative and contemplative, sitting in the passenger side, I was free from the concern of cars, direction or speed.

In this expanded space, I heard a voice quietly say to me, “Intensity”. The word echoed through my mind and drifted by as it dropped seeds of awareness. I repeated the words and spoke out softly in a whisper, “hmmm, intensity”.

Looking out the window in that moment towards the eastern horizon, as we passed by a busy industrial area with tall buildings and large office plazas, to the right, in large letters across the tallest and widest building, was the word: INTENSITY.

I was tuning into a frequency, a message, a chance to connect and be taken to the next level of my understanding.

Growing up, throughout the years, I remember my mother would look at me and say, “Don’t be so intense”. Obviously, she was uncomfortable with my natural passionate, desire to know, discover and realize truth.

I wasn’t sure how to “not be so intense”.

Fortunately, I never stopped being intense. As a matter of fact, as I grew older, I became more intense. And today, as a mature woman with deep intensity, I rest in the message and teachings of the SHIVA sutras.

Humans operate their body-system from three different levels:

1) Fear
2) Greed
3) Prana

When we move our source of energy away from fear and greed into prana, then our physical body is in a state of pleasure and has no pain.

Did you know that pain in the body, pain in the muscles, joints, tiredness, lethargy and stiffness often, is an indication that one is in the wrong place?

Most people reach for pain medication, aspirin or a drink of alcohol to deaden the pain they are feeling inside their body, in the environment where they have planted themselves and distracted their life-force energy.

If one is not moving towards fulfillment of one’s life calling, nor living in a state of deep intensity related to spiritual seeking, one becomes full of discontent, blaming others for their misery and loss of fulfillment; one brews in fear, grasps to appease the ego. This state of restless, displeasure is an uneasy place to sit and experience life.

When we use our intelligent willpower, we can choose to move away from fear or greed, and into a place of pleasure and vitalizing prana, also known as life-force. When we are breathing in prana, we are more productive in our work and in our contribution to the world. When this happens, we reach tremendous fulfillment in life.

Prana, life path activities, right place and right people all come together through the intensity of spiritual seeking. When we land in the fertile stream of life that is a result of right place and time, we become alive and we rejuvenate as we breathe prana, deeply.

If one is alive in their system, they do not think about others in such a way that they are cursing or feeling suspicion about the other; nor blaming, nor needing. On the contrary,  the one who is intensely seeking, single-pointed in their unfolding process of awareness, beauty becomes the mind’s occupation, creativity is the motivation and laughter fills the day, starting with the first chirps of the mornings’ songbirds. It is that magical in the stream of intensity.


How does one discover intensity?

If you do not spend time in creative projects, nor enjoy playing like a child, then, it is challenging to access prana, immediately. First, one must jump-start the system and get it moving towards life, again.

To jump-start, one must find a charity or social service that does not bring fame or status or money to one’s efforts or participation. Through your commitment and dedication that has no reward or response to greed or fear, the nature of the being slowly changes from discontent to gratitude.

Secondly, if you have been playful, creative and laughing, you can reach prana, fairly easy.

SHIVA SUTRAS teach us that there is a slight trembling that is constantly happening in the body as we move about throughout the day. If one holds their body tight, in the way that stress tends to cause, there is less flow and more constriction with this natural vibration of life-force.

For children, this flow of life happens naturally inside a playful, happy body. They are not dulled by their mind nor the tendency to measure and calculate, like adults, so vitality and prana flow freely and with glee. This is the Thymus gland activated and the Thyroid humming, the two glands that usually, shut down as humans mature into adults and lose the two powerful components of an aware being.

To start prana happening in your system, begin moving your body for no reason. You can do things such as, walking, dancing, rocking while sitting, working, moving, laughing or just enjoying.

Next, try sitting as though you are swinging, allowing body to move in its own way in invisible circles, with a slight movement.

Inside the body, this slight movement is always happening. Allow that movement to happen and just be with it. When you meditate here, in this space of quiet humming, gentle circling, lightly rocking, you realize that you are not a solid body. You become aware that you are flowing energy.

This is the kiss of bliss.



Om Nama Shivaya