The Novel of Life

When we explore the purpose behind our existence, often, we wonder about past lives, what has brought us to the place where we are in this country, this family, these conditions and what ultimately is the purpose for our life. It is a large pondering, a vast, curious mental landscape for one to explore, indeed.

When we view this wide and deep subject from the perspective of ancient sciences, we find the clues to the “why’s” and reasons that somehow appease the mind into a quiet space of surrender. Ancient sciences, specifically, the Vedas and Agamas shed much light on what it means to be human and the purpose behind the experiences that we endure.

Let’s dive in and take a look at how this ancient teaching portrays the meaning of existence and what exactly is writing the novel of our life.



In the human system we find the Personality or ego expressing odic forces and the realized Individual expressing actinic forces, the part of our being that is consistent, same and equal. When these two forces are in balance inside our system, we walk through life events feeling calm, controlled and satisfied with life.

Fundamentally, odic forces are physical vitality coupled with emotional reactive behavior driven by desire and actinic forces are prana with a higher willpower working through a surrendered vehicle serving and giving selflessly; observing life with an attitude of compassion and wonderment, feeling peaceful.

The more actinic forces flowing through the body, the more healthier and younger looking the body is; the nervous system feels wonderful, the circulatory system is operating fluently and the skin is glowing. The more odic forces flowing through the body the more mental tapes coupled with illness, expressing the three evils of the ego: self-pity, suspicion and criticism, and the ever present will arrogance. 

We can witness these two forces in our being through the currents of Ida and Pingala, the right and left nostril. The nostrils can be plugged intermittently throughout the day, back and forth, processing karma or the nostrils can be open and breathing prana, enjoying a life divine lived in balance and free from emotional reactions.

Sit back and take a deep breath. Which nostril is closed? How is your breathing? Is a nostril blocked – or ever so slightly?

This indicates that there are seeds of karma that are resting inside the body waiting to sprout. Once sprouted, you are led into a lesson that is needed, ultimately, bringing you back into balance with these two forces.

When these forces are bought into balance inside the system, we find our true individuality walking a spiritual path and applying the necessary disciplines to live in harmony on the physical plane; life on the material plane is carried out fluently, successfully and all relationships are residing in some sense of harmony.

Application of Pranayama coupled with Hatha harmonize these two forces.

A disciplined mind and a relaxed state of being achieved through the application of Yoga sciences can actually create better experiences and a more peaceful life in this life and the next.



Starting with reincarnation, we build a fertile foundation to explore the cosmic rhythms of life and death as it is written in the novel of life. For many, this can be a scary place to start. The idea of death can be devastating. It is perplexing how often one goes on living as though life will never end, avoiding the idea of death completely. This is one of the beauties of the Hindu culture, embracing reincarnation as a natural part of human existence; understanding how life moves from one stage to another, working towards the Divine, ultimately.

The cycle of life and death is very much like a novel. One can consider each life as a chapter, building a story line as it is moving through the episodes of one great legend or epicycle.

We can also witness this novel being written through the astrological story that is imprinted on the wheel of the twelve constellations and twelve houses. Each person comes into life based on the conglomeration of energies from the past and with just the right positions of planets and stars to live out the continuing saga.

As the chapters continue through the novel of life, so does the refinement of one’s vehicle. Cells and atoms become more refined working to build a golden body of light, exactly as it is taught in the science of Yoga. With each lifetime, the potential to move to higher grades of existence occur through the knowledge gained from previous lifetimes and the working out of karma.



Choosing the country that one is born into is often dictated by what one’s passion is right before death. If one is dreaming of Bali or India or Canada and wishing that they could live there, the astral body can easily be planted there in the new life cycle. If one is attached to a family member, this brings the astral body right back into the same family again. Keep in mind that the astral body is the body of desire. Whatever one is desiring, longing for, wishing and hoping for, it will bring the same experiences and circumstances into the next life.

If one has matured beyond the reactionary principle, then, one may incarnate through a higher chakra as the astral nature becomes more refined. One could consider that reincarnation is a refining experience in alignment with the evolution of consciousness.

This is why it is necessary to refrain from judging how others are behaving and without expecting others to be as we may desire. Each person is undergoing their own process of unfolding in accordance to their own story as it is written by the cosmos.



We may wonder why there is little memory from previous incarnations in the forefront of our minds. If you take into account that a human is comprised of the psychology and DNA of the mother and father, coupled with the reincarnating astral, emotional body, it is like massive computer bank that requires great skill to operate and access. Most humans use less than 5% of their brain capacity, limiting the ability to operate this type of system and comprehend the monumental data base.

This is where astrology can be helpful. For in looking at the placement of planets and houses, one can see what is karma, what is destiny, what one brings from past lives and the current relationships with mother, father, siblings, children and life events creating the lessons for growth.  It is all written, destined and mapped, perfectly, easily.



Physical reincarnation is mandatory in the larger cosmic play. On the astral plane, there are only lower chakras activated. Through the physical plane experience, access to higher chakras are gained with the rising of kundalini energy. This takes the essence of ones being towards achieving full transcendence of the lower nature and activation of a higher light body. In this process, consciousness evolves and so does humanity collectively. It is the nature of existence to evolve, grow and become radiant.

Living a disciplined life, managing forces of the vital, grasping the ageless soul who writes each chapter in the novel of life, one gradually gains the awareness, the knowledge and power to rise towards a higher frequency of existence.


Truly, one is never really born and one never really dies.

One is eternal……an everlasting spark of the Divine learning how to be humble and kind.