Sun and Moon, Odic and Actinic

From CHAKRA Course


Odic and Actinic Forces

There are two basic forces in the universe: Odic and Actinic. Odic is magnetic and is the force of collective energies that make up things such as trees, chairs, tables, houses and the physical body. It is the material world and is dense and heavy. The aura surrounding the physical body and the forces of nature which govern life on the planet earth are odic forces.

Actinic force is the pure life force coming from the central source deep within the nervous system. As soon as it mingles with astral atoms and physical body atoms, it becomes odic force. The sahasrara chakra, ajna chakra and visudhha chakra (Crown, Ajna and Throat) are primarily actinic forces of super-consciousness. The anahata chakra (Heart) is primarily a mixture of odic and actinic forces, allowing us to look at internal and external realities, consciousness and the material world. This is called actinodic force.

However, the three lower chakras, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root are primarily odic force chakras. They are the forces that make up the world or the “Program”. The Ida and Pingala are primarily odic forces.

When the odic force is drawn into actinic substance, we lose complete awareness of the external world. This is how one enters into deep meditation as prana binds the two forces into one channel, the sushumna.

When we are in actinic forces, we are in harmony, we have peace in our external life and everything goes right, everyone sees eye to eye and finds points of agreement in their interaction with each other. There are no arguments, no disagreements and no confusion. When we are in odic force, we have inharmonious conditions to life in. No one sees eye to eye nor is there unity of any kind. There are arguments and there is contention.


As one progresses in their spiritual process, they become more and more sensitive. This sensitivity is a wonderful thing as one graduates from one level to another, gaining an increase in abilities and super-powers. One learns to communicate with self through the nerve currents which extend out and around the physical body, physical nerve currents and psychic nerve currents. As this sensitivity develops we begin to see beyond the outer physical sheath of our body and hear our feelings. We begin to see sound, as many new faculties begin to manifest in our vehicle. We hear the meaning in what people are saying unlike before, which can bring disappointment at times in people and life events.

This is why it is important to align with people who share the same path and who are positive, uplifting and of good intention. It is best to avoid negative people who complain, have no relationship to what you are doing and who criticize. “One bad apple can turn the whole bushel rotten”, they say. This is why it is best to live amongst those who are virtuous, and those who share spiritual insights and similar seeking.

Through keeping an immaculate environment, one is protected, and even painting a space after it has been inhabited by another is paramount in creating a protective area. Guests should be kept to a minimum and not beyond three days. Otherwise, lots of distractions come in and disrupt the atmosphere. Those who stay too long can break up homes, distracting and disturbing the nature of an environment. Keep your environment positive to maintain a content feeling and the home and altar radiant so that one is always uplifted.

Through the practice of higher awareness, absent of emotional reaction, one is able to move in great clarity, and lower forces are transcended.

Meditation builds this place of awareness and strength to maintain one’s environment in a peaceful, radiant state while surrounding oneself with people who can assist with stabilizing a positive force field.

Protect yourself as a precious jewel, guarding against negative influences and enjoy the bliss of a pure, clear and undisturbed mind.


~ Kashi, Nov 2018