For the Love of Lymph

One of the most amazing components of the human body is the lymphatic system. Modern scientists are still learning and discovering what the lymph system is and how it functions and relates to other organs in the body. For instance, just recently in 2017, researchers discovered that the brain has lymphatic vessels.

A couple of years earlier in 2015, scientist discovered “a previously unknown lymphatic system that linked to the central nervous system and the brain”. In that same year, researchers said that the “lymphatic system may help the heart to recover after a cardiac arrest.” This is the twenty-first century and still, scientists are seeking to understand this obscure system. It has remained a mystery for the mundane mind since the beginning of time.

Thank heavens for the ancient teachings, Vedas and Agamas, Upanishads and my magnificent Guru


First, it is important to understand how the Spleen works before exploring the Lymphatic system.  The main function of the Spleen organ is to produce immune cells to fight antigens, toxins and bacteria and viral intrusions, to remove aged blood cells and release platelets for healing wounds or cuts. It also serves to produce blood cells during the fetal life in the mothers womb and can be stimulated into creating new cells in times of health issues. After birth, the bone marrow becomes the sole manufacturer and supplier of the red blood cells. The spleen continues, however, to store a supply of red blood cells and lymphocytes for healing emergencies as it extracts energy from food and sends it to the heart, where it mixes with kidney energy to form blood.


We find powerful disease-fighting cells in three primary organs of the body: the spleen, lymph nodes and the thymus. The tonsils also contain these type of cells working with the digestive system fighting bacteria and pathogens ingested through food, air and drink.

Working with the lymph system the spleen removes all the unnecessary, harmful, disease causing pathogens resting inside the body.

The third component of this defense system is the Thymus gland. From the bone marrow T cells (white blood cells) are produced and sent to the Thymus gland to develop further. Developed, mature T cells move from the Thymus and join B cells working to search out pathogens and destroy disease in the body. B cells come from bone marrow too, however, from the bone marrow they are sent into the circulatory system to join with the spleen or lymph nodes in search of pathogens, immediately.

A good portion of the disease-fighting T cells are sent to the Thymus gland yet, for some reason the Thymus begins to shut down and stop working before a human matures into an adult. At the moment of birth, the Thymus gland begins to increase in size throughout puberty and then in the late teens, it regresses, closes down and stops working. This action causes tremendous susceptibility to infection and disease for the remainder of life.

If the Thymus is working, the mature T cells move to interact with epithelial, gut cells for digestion and assimilation of good stuff and evacuation of harmful toxins and waste. However, once the Thymus enters into atrophy, it is replaced by an inactive, infertile tissue and no longer functions producing the powerful healing cells designed for assimilation of nutrition and enhanced immunity.

Disease-fighting B cells continue to circulate throughout the body and lymph system until they find a specific antigen or virus to fight and destroy.


The Lymphatic system is an extensive network of vessels that pass through the body’s tissue moving lymph fluid, just like blood. Throughout this lymph system there are over 600 nodes that are working to keep the blood clean and the body healthy.

There are three main functions of the lymphatic system: maintains balance between blood and tissue fluids (homeostasis), defends body against bacteria and pathogens, and absorbs fat nutrients in the digestive system. The small vessels of the lymph system work with the blood capillaries in the small intestines and then push nutrients into the bloodstream. The difference between the lymph system and the circulatory system is that fluid is squeezed through the system when using muscles, not pumped through the heart like blood. Hence the importance of the morning routine, Hatha Yoga, as the postures are designed to push fluid through the body and into the right places for further elimination of toxins, keeping the lymph system in good working order and immunity high and vital.

If the lymph system becomes blocked, infection, inflammation or cancer begins occurring inside the physical body. This is usually a secondary reaction to a greater problem deeper in the body such as a tumor in the breast.  There can be numerous conditions for creating swollen lymph glands and fatigue is often, evident of a viral infection inside the lymph system.

The Lymph system can be considered a physical manifestation of the nerve forces and expression of the subtle chakras. Chakras, located at each major gland are the ganglia for the nervous system and redistribute the lymph fluid which is carried to various parts of the body through the blood.

A healthy lymph system is the manifestation life-force moving and flowing through the nerve channels and chakras unimpeded. 

Blood is the carrier for the lymph in the physical plane and the diaphragm, an organ that works primarily with breathing, is the organ of the lymph system carrying the nerve force.

Thought-forms are manufactured through the state of the lower three chakras and are a product of the lymph system, expressing karma and life experiences in the environment where one resides.  This proves why mindful practice of Yamas and Niyamas are critical for maintaining good health as well as the continuing practice of completion. Certainly, it makes conscious community living paramount towards gaining the highest quality  life experience.


Looking at the  lymph system and its connection with prana, we find a direct correlation for good health and immunity greatly impacted by sexuality. Through daily emotional reactions, stress, impulses on desires, and interacting in response to the senses, the lymph system becomes overly-taxed and begins to deplete.

Sexuality impacts the lymph system through drawing on the spleen organ as lovers remain connected through the spleen, attached 24 hours a day /7 days a week, no matter where they are in the world and no matter the distance in separation.

Sexuality in excess, even fantasy, can draw on the heart organ as well, impacting the circulatory system. Even worse are the emotional reactions from dramatic incidences occurring in love relationships. This type of stress can cause enlarging of the heart, weakening of the lungs, cancer, disease of the membranes and so on. This excessive tendency draws upon the vital forces to the extent that they can no longer respond to germs, viruses, disease attacks nor vital forces intending harm. A good reason for choosing celibacy. When two merge as one so does their nervous and lymph system taxing both lovers sometimes, one more than the other while one feeds on the weak.


Coupled with the exploration of the Lymphatic system is grasping how viruses operate. 

There are many, many types of viruses floating through the air, on the astral plane not seen by the physical eyes.  30% of the human system has virus-like components designed for maturation such as in chromosomal reorganization. This is the constructive type of virus that gives the ability for the human system to adapt to changes in the environment and the flux of activities. These types of viruses are related to evolution on the subtle level. This is how the program works providing virus-like elements that develop the human organism to evolve and mature.

Then, there are killer viruses that damage cell nucleus working to over-ride the body’s natural defense system and are activated only under certain conditions, such as how bacteria operates. As long as the human system is operating in a particular way the virus is not activated and sits dormant in the body.

When one enters into an unfavorable environment, such as a stressful relationship or job then, the bacteria moves into the cell-destroying stage creating disease. This proves that all disease is manufactured by environmental factors and the components within it. Added to these types of diseases are the poisons: tobacco, alcohol, vaccinations, fluoridated water, food preservatives and additives as well as heavy metal toxins and chemotherapy.


For centuries, ancient Hindu teachings have demonstrated how the lymphatic system operates working in tandem with prana, merging matter with spirit. 

Next, it is important to understand how the lymph system works with the brain. As we read earlier, modern-day scientist have recently discovered lymph vessels in the brain. Ancient sciences have been demonstrating this connection through the knowledge of Ida and Pingala, the nerve channels connected to the senses and as an expression of the emotional state of the lower mind.

The nerves are the positive channel and the blood vessels are the negative channel operating as a shadow of the nervous system. Wherever nerves and blood vessels intersect we find “nadis”, components of Ida and Pingala. One set of nadi’s operate for the Heart Chakra system and another set operates for the Crown Chakra, indicating a shift in how the body operates in accordance to consciousness.

This is why practicing mediation is so important as part of a daily discipline.

Through the daily practice of meditation one enters an exceptional place of calmness and peacefulness while moving through life. This impacts the state of the senses, the Thymus, Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus and the nervous system, hence the importance of Pranayama and Pratayahara, rungs four and five of the eight rung ladder of the Yoga science.

Meditation coupled with other areas of Yoga, one develops a new way of perceiving reality, which brings tremendous balance into the human form. One moves form an excessively thought-current ridden animal living in a state of confusion and desire into a centered, aware, intelligent human. This, in turn, causes all internal organs to undergo a transformation improving the way they function and operate the life force. In this exalted, improved state one no longer thinks in a linear way, rather, one expands in all directions, widening perception and embracing change and the maturation process.

Thank heavens, when in meditation there is an abundance of lymph surging through the blood carrying calm and controlled nerve force throughout the sympathetic nervous system, rebuilding the pathways. Once again, the lymph fluid flows to the brain and increases the intake of prana, vital life force energy. The Thymus must be activated in order to create this enlightened new state, which is why the entire science of yoga is so critical in bringing better health physically, mentally and spiritually into one’s life.

For the same reason, the Hindu tradition considers cows as sacred beings. A trip to India, one finds cows wandering the streets, decorated and relaxing on the patio of a storefront.

Some homes are focused entirely on their cows well-being even to the point of worshiping and singing to them while draping them with flower garlands. Through consuming cow milk, lymph plasma is shared and dispensed into the human body. The more healthy, gentle and loving the cow, the higher the quality of lymph passed through their milk.

And I would never consider drinking the milk of a cow penned in one of the western feed lots designed for commercial milk production or slaughter. Those type of environments hold tremendous negativity and certainly, they are not decorating their cows nor singing to them. The vibration of milk and trace of lymph is hardly an antidote for one’s own body

Discipline per the yogic sciences, coupled with the guidance and initiation from an enlightened Guru turns the Thymus back on and carries lymph to the brain once more as one enjoys breathing in prana, vital life-force and maintains a healthy immune system for keeping disease away and out of the body.

We are born enlightened yet, shut down by living in an unconscious reality that brings tremendous stress and emotional tension into our lives. However, we can turn back on and rise into full self-empowerment again through applying the golden secret knowledge of the ancients, thank heavens.

The body is an amazing machine.