Who’s Soul?


There was a time when a vast library containing mostly, spiritual texts written by contemporary authors and turn of the century, western esoteric pioneers who attempted to shine light on the process of spiritual evolution or spiritual aspects of the multilayered human system filled the bookcases of my room. This library was my love and something cherished and held onto tightly. A passionate seeker who desperately wanted to know and understand, this was the focus of my daily attention and energy.

For most of my life, I have explored what is soul, or who is soul. So many different terms are used across the various authors and teachers that it has been challenging to grasp clarity on the matter. It doesn’t help that many write about the subject who have had no experience in realizing finer, more subtle aspects that play through this magnificent human vehicle nor the exquisite, higher states of consciousness that is possible.

Even time spent diving deep into complicated, man-made systems designed to unravel the mind, discover purpose and define the personality could not enlighten, transform or speak of true wisdom with accuracy or cosmic awareness. There are many clever minds that prey on those who are easily influenced, ignorant minds with the intention to earn a dime, as they are driven by greed and seeking attention or fame.

It isn’t until one tastes the reality of the relationship between the body, mind and spirit does the understanding become apparent and clear as to what is soul, who is soul and what does soul do. For that reason, most of the books in the library of my abode have been given away, tossed aside and left behind as I turn my attention towards a more reliable source of wisdom to guide the expansion of awareness. After some time, it becomes obvious in the first page or two of any book if the author is a reliable source for gaining insight, awareness or a formidable shift in consciousness. Even the contemporary astrological systems of clever minds lose their appeal and quickly become a waste of time and effort.

It’s astonishing how accurate, how true, how pragmatic and incredibly current ancient teachings are even in these so called modern times. Still, the teachings can be applied and used to define the nature of being human. And with the transmission comes golden nuggets dropped into the mind that is open, embracing, humble and ready. Each time I read a passage, and then read it again, I am transported, transformed while reading a fresh, new perspective beyond the previous time I read the same passage. Truly, it is humbling and an extraordinary encounter to drink in the wisdom of teachings transmitted from a cosmic source. All other teachers, writers, authors and clever communicators pale and drift into oblivion with their feeble attempts to be the source of truth.


In the teachings of the ancients, the Sanskrit language eloquently and mysteriously conveys the riddle of complexities and reveals only what one is able to grasp in each moment in accordance to the expansion and humility of the nature. It is not easy to unravel, and perhaps, it is not meant to be unraveled, only to be experienced.

Keeping it simple, short and concise, using a modest channel through an obscure portal, we shall explore obtaining clarity on who is soul, what is soul and where is soul.

First, we must address the primal layer of the multiplex human form in order to determine exactly who is soul.

In accordance with the ancient texts, Vedas and Agamas and the exquisite Upanishads, we find that there are four main parts to the human form in a process that is working towards union of body, mind and spirit and achieving greater states of awareness in the process. Easily, the part that is dominant, controlling the life force, can be identified through how one is breathing.

On the mundane, ordinary plane of existence there are four basic parts of the human form experiencing and translating reality through the five senses with the foundation of the five elements: fire, water, earth, air, and space (also referred to as ether). We see this relationship vividly through the science of astrology in the placement of planets and their activations that create the life story and the patterns that are experienced moment to moment, creating experiences.

Within the story written by the astrological placements and the context of elements we find the karmic seeds that impact perception and behavior providing the lessons for growth and coloring the perception of reality. We also see the maturation story and the path of the Soul. The first path, that of the emotional desire mind holds a frequency of color, sound and smell of the lower nature, as seen in a dramatic interplay through the right and left nostrils as one moves about throughout the day.

On this mundane plane of existence there is the physical body, the emotional mind and the senses driving the life experiences causing reactions motivated by pressures in accordance to the placement of planets and their design. For instance, if one’s Moon is in the eighth house then one can tend to be in a selfish mood, lazy, feeling attached to family and tradition or one may even express a slightly higher level of intelligence too. Within twenty-four to thirty-six hours or more, the Moon moves into the ninth house. Suddenly, the nature becomes diplomatic or more emotionally reactive, possibly a stronger intuition and feeling more spiritual. There may even be a lighter, more joyful expression as though the sadness and depression has lifted for a moment or the anger has subsided.

It may sound far fetched, however I watch people change in behavior and attitude from one day to the next, acting out the biorhythm of their design in accordance to placements and activations of planets. The forces of the Moon and its movement through the constellations changes approximately every two days. With the Moons fast movement, so comes the fast changing behaviors from happy to sadness to exhilaration, laughter, hunger, greed, lying or desire to care. Moment to moment can be extreme in the Maya governed by the forces of the Moon and the body that is tuned to its influence.

At the level of the Moon influence the “dimmer switch” on the vehicle is turned on low, simmering slowly the process of maturation. Most people are living at this level of operation, oblivious to a higher frequency available for a more fulfilling reality. They are also missing some juicy activations in their design for getting opportunities to move up to a higher quality of life. Its astonishing to read a colorful life story full of possibilities and watch people ignore chances for positive change. Humans get very attached to people and places and locked deeply into defeating habits.

At the root of all human existence is the yearning to know one’s self, to understand one’s life purpose and to taste the fullness of one’s own talents and abilities. However, many hardly get close to the full expression of what is possible. Many humans stay in the place of emotional ups and downs, crisis, confusion and often, despair because of the extreme experiences that come with a charged emotional reality. At this level of existence, the breath is usually, fast, short, shallow and often, filled with heavy, occasional sighs.

Most of the daily habits and patterns foster short, quick, shallow breathing and breed the sadness, frustration or depression. The heavy sighs that are unconsciously expressed are an indication that something is missing and natural desires are unfulfilled or one is in a state of depression.

This is what life is like when soul is being ignored, rejected and not given the opportunity to live out its expression through the body it has incarnated into and the opportunities written in the life design.

Inside each person is a life story with a unique identity yearning to be expressed and experienced. This unique identity is the Soul. Dialing in the Soul with its purpose, surfing and overcoming the karmic seeds, bypassing the emotional imprints and the challenges of the imbalances of elements is the journey that is written by the stars. It is very difficult to find and tap into when the emotional nature is driving the life through its patterns and habits that foster the short, quick shallow breathing. 

This is why Pranayama is so important, the art of learning how to breathe deep and slowly, becoming mindful of how one is impacted by environments, patterns and people. Pranayama also assists greatly in clearing so that unfriendly influences are removed from the body and nervous system, making space for Soul to come forward. When there is space for the Soul to be and express there is more calmness, deeper, slower breathing and a wonderful sense of satisfaction inside one’s being.

This higher level of intelligence ruled by the Soul also gives the ability to override the senses and their tendency to drive the life. Often, the senses cause great confusion or discomfort in some way. For example, eating when not hungry because one is feeling sad or pushed by taste, becomes a habit which can create becoming overweight. Another example is smoking tobacco, using the habit to control the sadness, boredom or broken heart or drinking coffee to wake up and stimulate the body into action, which eventually causes blown adrenals and exhaustion. Most people turn to coffee for waking up only because they are not getting enough oxygen. This can happen through not spending enough time outside, sleeping with closed windows and in a space filled with wifi energy, electrical currents running through the walls and around the bed. This considerably zaps energy and vitality.

As my Guru recently pointed out, if there are cobwebs in the bedroom, then most likely one is suffering from stomach pain and poor digestion. If the house is not clean then one may be suffering with ulcers. This proves how greatly we are impacted by our environment and how much habits influence the measure of what one is perceiving or what they are aware of.

Conscious intelligence says,”no, the results of this action are not good, I must do this”. Or it may push self to do the right thing such as get out of bed, stretch the body and be mindful of what it chooses next for fuel.

This is will persistence in action applying higher intelligence.


Operating from this place of intelligence actually adds time and years to one’s life while fostering good health. It also gives the ability to handle life events. Conscious intelligence fosters enthusiasm for activities, inspiration for what comes next in the day and provides the ability to see objectively.

When one knows who they are, the life story that has been written with strengths and talents, purpose and direction and decides with all their willpower to live out that destiny, then the Soul has appeared and is in control, driving the life.

Applying Pranayama on a daily basis provides new grooves in the brain, gives strength to willpower and causes one to be more receptive to new ideas, inspiration and fabulous opportunities. It also provides the key to open the door so that Soul can enter and settle into the drivers seat. Suddenly, there is more time, more energy, more vitality, and consciousness can grow rapidly.