Who’s Soul?



Most of the books in the library of my abode have been given away, tossed aside and left behind as attention is turned towards a more reliable source of wisdom to guide the expansion of awareness.

After some time, it becomes obvious in the first page or two of any book, if the author is a reliable source for gaining insight or a formidable shift in consciousness. Even the contemporary astrological systems of clever minds lose their appeal and quickly become a waste of time and effort if they have no transformational value.  There is something unique in the taste of ancient wisdom as it is taught in the Vedas and Agamas, Upanishads, Sutras and Shastras passed thru an enlightened guru with the impetus of initiation. It has a mystical quality that is far superior to any common, human intelligence attempting to sound wise and impart knowledge.

It’s astonishing how accurate, how true, how pragmatic and incredibly current ancient teachings are even in these so called modern times. Still, the teachings can be applied and used to define the nature of being human in the most reliable way while effectively offering radical transformation and awakening.



In the teachings of the ancients, the Sanskrit language eloquently and mysteriously conveys according to how one is able to grasp. It is not easy to unravel the mysteries of life. And perhaps, it is not meant to be unraveled only to be experienced. 

There is a powerful force in the cosmos prompting each individual towards a state of integration that produces the material life and expression of the soul. 

In accordance with the ancient texts, the more one lives out their astrological imprint, the greater the state of integration while learning humility. This is the soul in action, living out the life design.

However, lower mind is dominant, controlling the life force, even when the soul is in operation. One can see how this two-dimensional nature is operating through breath.


The Breath

At the root of all human existence is the yearning to know one’s self, to understand one’s life purpose and to taste the fullness of one’s own talents and abilities. However, many humans stay in the place of emotional ups and downs, crisis, confusion and often, despair. At this level of existence, the breath is usually, fast, short, shallow and often, filled with heavy sighs.

Most of the daily habits and patterns foster short, quick, shallow breathing. The heavy sighs often expressed are an indication that one is in a state of depression or has a broken heart or missing life purpose, feeling empty and void.

Fast, shallow breathing means something is missing and the mind is yearning, obsessing for a particular object, place, person, activity, money or food.

A good example is smoking tobacco, using the habit to control the sadness, boredom or broken heart; and using the inhaling and exhaling of smoke to clear the mind so that one can think clearly about the strategy for gaining what one desires. The habit of smoking replaces the natural operation of kundalini energy in the body.

Most people turn to coffee for waking up only because they are not getting enough oxygen while they are sleeping at night. This can happen through not spending enough time outside and sleeping with closed windows in a space filled with wifi electrical currents running through the walls and around the bed. This zaps energy and vitality, limits oxygen intake and ultimately, shortens one’s life-span.

As my Guru recently pointed out, if there are cobwebs in the bedroom, then most likely one is suffering from stomach pain and poor digestion. If the house is not clean then one may be suffering with ulcers. This is how the ancient, spiritual teachings reveal quality of lifestyle and the experiences that come from space and place – cognition.

Passionate attraction filled with sensual desire causes very quick, short, shallow breathing. In the same way, so does looking at a delicious piece of pie in the refrigerator case at the market. This is how greed and lust, two of the same types of desires operate subtly in the mind and influence behavior. 

These examples prove how much humans operate most of the time from the emotional, lower mind. Humans are deeply conditioned through media, tradition, religion and formal school education and operate habitually, unconsciously, quite predictably according to the patterns of the program.


Soul Operations

Conscious intelligence says,”no, the results of this action are not good, I must do this”. Or it may push one to get out of bed, stretch the body and be mindful of what it chooses next for fuel.

This is will-persistence in action applying higher intelligence – an operation of the budding soul yearning for a connection with the higher self.


Operating from this place of intelligence actually adds time and years to one’s life and gives the ability to handle life events with a calm, relaxed attitude. Conscious intelligence fosters enthusiasm for activities, inspiration for what comes next in the day and provides the ability to see objectively. It also keeps the karma decks clean, which helps the mind tremendously.

When one understands the life story that has been written with strengths and talents, purpose and direction; and decides with all their willpower to live out their destiny, then the Soul has appeared and is driving the life.