Meet Higher Self

From Astrology and Cosmology Course


“To be the superman is to live the divine life, to be a god; for the gods are the power of God. Be a power of God in humanity.

To live in the divine Being and let the consciousness and bliss, the will and knowledge of the Spirit possess thee and play with thee and through thee, this is the meaning.

This is the transfiguration of thyself on the mountain. It is to discover God in thyself and reveal him to thyself in all things. Live in his being, shine with his light, act with his power, rejoice with his bliss. Be that Fire and that Sun and that Ocean. Be that joy and that greatness and that beauty.

When thou hast done this even in part, thou hast attained the first steps of supermanhood.” ~ Sri Aurobindo


For many years, perhaps lifetimes, the journey towards integration of body, mind and spirit is concentrated on investigating, embracing, maturing into one’s true identity.

This is the evolutionary process, to move beyond the control of the senses ruled by the emotions and to move forward into a conscious, intelligent process, governing one’s own reality in accordance with the destiny written by the cosmos.

For instance, there are many pressures inside of one’s system that is caused by the forces of the planets and how they are configured as seen on an astrological birth chart. Mercury can be squared the Sun and create tremendous pressure for the ego to display, express, force its will and try to be the center of attention, unconsciously.

However, if Mars is sextile Saturn, most likely, a person will experience great opportunities no matter what, yet, if Mars is in the first house and Saturn is in the eighth, squared Venus, there could be some powerful challenges along the way. Truly, once again, it depends on forces created at birth by the heavens, the current transits and the total picture presented in the astrological design.

This is the path of the Individual who realizes it’s true identity.

Once the maturation process has taken a person towards their true life calling, planted firmly in the life experiences that are written in the code of the astrological birth story, then one is traveling the life of the Soul. When the Soul is driving the life through conscious decision-making then the north and south nodes are activated. Usually, the nodes remain in the background of the average person’s life journey. However, when the identity has been fully realized, the talents brought forward from previous lives the ego expresses its life calling and learns humility while interacting with others.

The Emotional, Lower Mind
Before one has stepped onto the path of the Soul, one is a prisoner of their passions, tossed to and fro, manipulated by the Moons influence. The path of ups and downs is not an easy path to tread as it is filled with depression, heart-break, disappointment, delusion, trickery, fear and anger. Often, one experiences swinging moods from happy to fear, to sad to joy and then back to sadness all in one day. It can be quite taxing on the nervous system. You can observe this emotional behavior through the display of opinions, judgement and suspicion in less emotional types. Notice how the lower mind conducts strategies to demand for attention and energy in some way or looks for ways to criticize and exclude. This is the part that disappears into thin air at death. It is such a waste of time and energy to live in this space.

If one is deeply embedded in the program, the matrix, then usually, they are responding from the emotional part of the being. The emotional, lower mind working through the Solar Plexus and the two lower chakras on the vital, astral plane are highly influenced by the habits of food, people in the environment and the forces of the Moon. Most of the influencing forces from the planets and nodes go unrealized or ignored because of the heavy distractions from the drama of the maya and the lack of consciousness.

The Soul and True Identity
Whereas the Soul, depending on vibration, maturation and frequency, according to the state of health, attitude, psychology and intention determines which planets influence and how much. The Soul is the intelligent factor, the psyche, that works like a receptor tuning into the various frequencies of the cosmos and is rooted in the lower mind, as well. The nature of Soul is independent as it chooses its direction and experiences for the best outcome. Usually, it is unattached and free flowing, which is necessary in order to step into higher forces of maturation and to move in such a way that the right connections can be made for doing one’s work in the world.

Soul is the barometer of consciousness as it moves with growing awareness from the Solar Plexus to the Heart Chakra to the Throat Chakra and finally, up to the Crown Chakra where the bridge is established to connect with the glorious, shining golden being, the Higher Self, waiting to penetrate matter. Now, the soul is no longer the driving force, rather a quiet ego rests in the background supplying talent and abilities according to the intuitive prompting of consciousness.

The Higher Self & Consciousness
The Higher Self works with the higher mind and is the unchanging, unending part of the human composition. It is a spark of consciousness living in the body as a small flame, a pure light, deep inside the Heart Chakra yet, working through the Crown Chakra, too. This spark holds our existence in life even when there is no life and is also the consistent being that is quietly there watching when one experiences an increase in emotional reactions. This spark of consciousness has no desires, no reactions, no preferences nor does it have a life trajectory to follow and neither does it respond to the crankiness and imbalances outlined in the constitutions of Vata, Kapha and Pitta; nor does it respond to the hormones and their tendency to create extreme mood swings.

In this space of consciousness, there is clarity in all decision-making, there is no greed, no fear and life is seen objectively. There is a continuous conscious enthusiasm that does not tire while maintaining excellent physical health. There is an extraordinary capacity for handling life events and challenging, difficult people when consciousness is pouring in through the higher mind.

The higher mind, the brain is the most extraordinary organ in the body yet, the most under-utilized. For the most part, it governs the mechanical survival components. However, the non-mechanical parts of the brain are a true phenomenon. These non-mechanical parts of the brain are activated when one has reached a fully conscious reality. The third eye, between the eyebrows is activated as well as four other chakras in the head area, the Alta major, the Crown chakra, etc. Life changes considerably as one can see 360 degrees, peer through the skin of a body and see the condition of internal organs. A conscious being can see if there is disease and how the karma and the position of planets may be influencing health in a challenging way or the defeating thought-currents and habits causing illness. One can also see through another person’s third eye from a distance and see their surroundings, their activities and sense their mood. One can even use electronic devices to view, interact and effect without ever dialing up or using any of the applications on the phone or computer. It is quite extraordinary what this mind can do if allowed.

Transformation for Consciousness
It is important to understand and realize that this exquisite higher state of consciousness can only be achieved through celibacy and the practice of Brahmacharya. If one is deeply entwined with another and dependent in some way, if one is spending a great deal of time with one who is considered as a primary partner in life, the doors are closed to higher energies. For the Brahmacharya transcends gender and through celibacy coordinates the inherent male and female attributes evolving into a divine hermaphrodite, so to speak. Higher Consciousness demands complete detachment in all relations so that the body instrument can be used in whatever manner necessary to serve and be available for conducting higher work, which usually includes group activity, frequent spans of time spent alone and the movement from one place to another.

Brahmacharya practice is a vow to give up lust, anger, material gain, infatuation, display of luxury, arrogance, jealousy, attachment to another living being, including animals, while giving up egotism, self-centered interests and falsehood. Including, cutting all ties with family members, dropping the desire for accomplishment, and the taste for food as it becomes useful only for medicine to sustain as needed. Brahmacharyas strengthen their connection with Higher Self through frequent meditation throughout the day and live the Upanishads as a method of teaching while working as an instrument for the Divine. A constant state of meditation is held through the antakharana at the top of the head and in the center of the body. This concept may be difficult to grasp if you are perceiving this in a linear way as the true human form is holographic and expansive, inverted and expressive, energy in movement and ever-changing.

The path of Brahmacharya is a very tall order for an intensely serious calling that can only be achieved through one who is aligned with the cosmic design and entangled with a powerful guru or avatar who is downloading initiations and guiding the unfolding. There is no space in this place for any kind of relationship outside of the Guru and Divine forces.

Yoga Sciences for Connecting with Higher Self
One creates the pathway to the Higher Self through Pranayama exercises, utilizing prana in place of oxygen to form new channels in the brain. As more prana enters into the system, the Heart Chakra is expanded and given the ability to handle and include large numbers of people without judging or condemning or excluding. Yet, with these new grooves comes proper judgment while exercising leadership consciousness. Of course, Pratayahara, control of the senses, is in operation as taste is ignored and the tendency to overeat is abolished, causing the Brahmacharya to thrive, virtually, on no food and very little sleep. Breathing large amounts of prana actually takes away the desire for food and stimulates the body into great creativity.

The more resistant one is to new ideas, the less Prana coming into the system and less activity with the higher mind and certainly, more closed is the Heart Chakra. The more thoughtful, embracing and open to change, the more pathways created through this interplay with Prana and the brain. By meditating throughout the day and applying Pranayama, energies move smoothly and passage ways are cleared more quickly, effectively for transformation. Certainly, all the powers mentioned above are active and expressed in accordance to the disciplines applied and the sincerity of the endeavor towards conscious union.



Exercises and spiritual disciplines for connecting with Higher Self

Pranayama Exercise as taught by SVHETASHVATARA Upanishad:
Apply this exercise only after you have been practicing asana, hatha yoga postures for an extended period of time.

Seated in a comfortable position and facing the east or north, hold head, throat and spine in a straight line.
Eyes are fixed on end of nose and mouth and lips are firmly shut.

Begin with plugging right nostril (Pingala) with thumb as you breath in through the left nostril (Ida) for a count of 16 seconds.

Hold the air inside as you block the left nostril with ring finger while continuing to hold the thumb on right nostril
Hold the air inside for 64 seconds

Release and breath the air out of right nostril for a count of 32 seconds.
Close both nostrils and hold the empty space for a count of 64 seconds.

Open right nostril and breath in for a count of 16 seconds.
Close both nostrils and hold air inside for a count of 16 seconds.

Release air out of left nostril for a count of 32 seconds
Hold empty space with both nostrils closed for 64 seconds

Breath air into left nostril for 16 seconds
Hold air inside for a count of 64 seconds

Exhale out right nostril for a count of 32 seconds
Close both nostrils and hold empty space for 64 seconds

Inhale through right nostril for a count of 16 seconds
Hold air inside for a count of 64 seconds

Exhale out left nostril for a count of 32 seconds
Hold empty space with both nostrils held closed for 64 seconds

Repeat back and forth with nostrils until you feel cleared of energies and both nasal passageways are clear.

Now you are breathing prana and all astral impurities are thrown out, expelled from body.

Practice this three to four times a day to purify nerves and clear the emotional channels.

When this pranayama exercise has been practiced over a period of three months, the skin becomes clear, appetite improves as proper foods are selected and enjoyed and the Heart Chakra begins to open.


Six Month Purification to connect with Higher Conscious Self

First month: purification of emotional body

Second month: purification of physical body

Third month: meditation three times a day with pranayama and the practice of pratayahara, developing new pathways in the brain.

Fourth month: Elimination of all defeating habits and patterns that cloud the mind and render insensitive to higher contact

Fifth month: Deeper, more intense purification process working with Guru.

Six month: Powerful, personal disciplines put in place which aid purification process and support activities happening while in meditation and in service to humanity.

Everyday: Start the morning according to Brahma Muhurta with asana postures followed by pranayama, then pancha kriya purification rituals such as eye washing, tongue scraping, enemas, ingesting Neem and Haritake, etc.. Then, dress and prepare for worship followed by a moment of spiritual reading.

Set for the day, one can withstand, endure all events while radiating and sharing a joyful, equanimous state filled with divine presence and the influence of the Higher Self, bathed in the pure light of consciousness









The Mutation

There will come a time when a human consciousness is in the required state for a supramental consciousness to be able to enter this human consciousness and manifest.
…….Only those who had done what I have said, those while have thrown themselves entirely, risked all for all, those will know it. But they will be the only ones to know, they will know when it takes place.

The Mother

……The others?

They will not even be aware of it! They will continue their stupid life, without knowing what has happened.