Cycles & Changes

From Astrology and Cosmology Course

The human tendency is to settle comfortably into a predictable, habitual way of life. For instance, many have a morning routine that includes stopping at their favorite coffee shop to get their favorite morning coffee drink on their way to work. This is why Starbucks is so successful. And there are those who include a stop at the gym for half an hour exercise or the yoga class. Some choose to have toast with butter and jam every morning and a tall glass of orange juice. There is also the same road traveled each morning on the way to work or to school. Life develops into routines and consistent patterns that hold one fixed in a somewhat dull, predictable reality fixed and with little change.

Including, the same house, the same neighborhood and the same type of food, week after week, year after year. Nothing changes much in this place of patterns, sameness and predictability. It gets very cozy in the day-to-day routine that has little change.

Yet, life is filled with constant change.

One of the most telling instruments of change are astrological influences.

Most of the time, one is unaware of major shifts and changes happening in their life trajectory albeit, a crisis has happened. There may be tremendous emotional response such as in a broken, ending love-affair. However, the ending love-affair usually, is only a shift in emotional attachment. As the tendency is to replace one partner for a new partner, often, adopting very similar habits and patterns in a new relationship. The same with jobs, one replaces the other in a lateral movement. Very seldom does one choose to take responsibility and spiral up and pass through the doorway that has been unlocked, opened up and is suddenly, allowing for a major life shift to happen in a positive direction.

Sometimes, the opportunity for change and maturation gets ignored because humans love patterns, feel secure in what is familiar and fear the unknown. When opportunity comes knocking on the door it is often ignored and rejected. It’s scary to wander out into unknown territory, leave behind what is familiar and comfortable and predictable. Its frightening to enter into something that may require slim times financially, temporarily, while the adjustment is being made; or what seems to be a compromised living space as the change and transition happens. Often, the gifts of change are highly misinterpreted because of fear or lack of courage.

When life decisions keep one inside the patterns and comfort zone while the astrological forces stream in for maturation, as they do, a crisis happens. Depending on how malleable, flexible or open one is to change determines how dramatic the crisis or trauma is. It also determines the state of one’s health. For if one is refusing to flow with change the body begins to feel pressure of wrong place, wrong time and wrong people. More tension builds in the body as stress is felt in accordance to how far off base one is from their life destiny as it is written in the stars. Doing what you love brings tremendous relaxation into the body.

There are five astrological components that bring powerful life-changing influences into one’s life. The first being the three life cycles beginning with Saturn Return, then Uranus Opposition, and thirdly Kiron Return. The fourth is the life-changing influence of Uranus. Keep in mind that Uranus was recently discovered in the mid-1700’s by astronomers. Each time a new body is discovered in the heavens, there is an automatic acceleration towards the next level of consciousness. This is exactly what Uranus represents at this time, it is the catalyst in many people’s lives for creating an entirely different way of operating and perceiving life, in contrast to traditional, conditioned, upbringing and an outdated social atmosphere


Saturn Return is the first opportunity to taste the fruits of one’s individuality and life ambition. Skills from previous lives that have been developed and carried over are meant to contribute to this life. These skills are honed, perfected, and developed further for expression in this life. Usually, these life skills are put into action during the third cycle of life: Kiron (Chiron) Return in the mid-fifties. Saturn Return begins between the ages of 27-32, depending on one’s own personal astrological imprint, and continues for roughly ten years. When this cycle begins, one suddenly feels a yearning, a calling towards a new direction.



The second cycle of change in life is Uranus Opposition. Truly, it is an opposition because life events, opportunities and the mind change so much from the previous cycle. Usually, one changes career direction, leaves a long-term relationship or moves to a new location, far different from where they have lived throughout childhood and young adult years. During this cycle there are tests that indicate how much one is committed to their life destiny and there are crisis that force one to seriously consider their direction in life. Uranus opposition begins roughly 38 – 44 years of age and lasts approximately eight to ten years.

This is the cycle that is often referred to as the “mid-life crisis”. When this shift happens, it causes one to feel as tho something is ‘amiss’ in their life and an awareness rises that half the life has been lived, therefore, one must dial in their life purpose quickly so that they may feel satisfied and calm inside their being. Radical shifts happen with this cycle. Yet, if one is heavily conditioned or afraid of change, then, things remain with the same routine and an unrest begins to brew inside causing things such as illness, addictions or strong emotional reactions to life events with heavy dissatisfaction in the thought-currents.



By the age of 48-53, a new cycle begins called Kiron or Chiron Return. In this cycle, one experiences one more test to reveal the integrity of individuality or the lack of. If one is too comfortable and truly does not want to take a risk by stepping fully into their destiny, atrophy sets in and life purpose begins to wane along with health, especially around the age of 57, a pivotal turning point.



The forces of the planet Uranus sit in the background offering opportunity for change and growth, maturation and new opportunities to express one’s natural talents. When the planet Uranus is activating change it brings new people, new experiences, new types of work and new environments for one to expand. It also brings tests which can turn into crisis such as illness. For when the mind refuses to accept change and decides to stay stuck, a tension builds in the body putting pressure on the internal organs, such as liver, heart, kidneys, intestines, or the nervous system. Eventually, this develops into a disease as a means to generate a wake-up call indicating that change is necessary.

When one decides to respond to the changes that Uranus brings suddenly, life has a new, refreshing, rejuvenating quality that flows outside of time. Serendipity rules as one surrenders, lets go and allows extraordinary things to happen as the right people show up to participate and play in the game of life. This letting go, allowing changes, transforms the chakras and glands into a higher frequency. Evolving into a higher frequency allows tremendous things to happen that one would could never imagine or conceive. The forces of Uranus also demand that one works inside group activity in coordination with the mutation that is currently happening with humanity.

If one is stuck in a traditional setting, group work is not going to happen in the way it is intended with this influence, for Uranus is about expressing individuality in cooperation with the group. If one is tied to a primary partner, there is not much change nor opportunity to expand inside of a group, in a state of fluidity, malleable and open to serendipitous encounters and experiences.

The juiciest, most positive attributes of the Uranus influence imbibes the qualities of a loving presence, a heart full of gratitude and a natural tendency towards inclusiveness. Loving activity is the outward expression as one fulfills their life purpose while strengthening their connection with higher forces, if one decides to tune in, let go and flow.

NODES and Nodal Shifts

Another great, significant astrological influencing factor that brings monumental life changes are the shifts in nodes. The nodes are like the weather forecast for the life path and are created through an elliptical crossing of the sun and moon. They are not planets nor stars, they are the movement of sun, moon and earth. The nodes move in reverse on the astrological wheel and travel three to four houses in one lifetime. Each time the nodes change houses, so does the life theme and weather report, including the way a person thinks and behaves and the types of experiences.

Keep in mind that the ages of nodal shifts are unique to an individuals chart. People experience nodal shifts for life changes at different ages.




In Summary

You can see how much the theme changes from one cycle to another and the layers upon layers of influences that can impact how a person thinks and makes decisions. We have the three primary life cycles, the nodal shifts, and the rest of the planets on the astrological wheel, too, while humanity is going through a mutation. All of these influences change the personality to some degree, as one is moving through life. This can create great confusion for one who does not expect so much change in life and for one who has settled into a partnership, created family, and owns a home with an overwhelming mortgage that keeps one tied to the same place up through retirement, with the fancy, expensive car, too.  This is the American dream and what is considered appropriate.

Life changes so much that it can be very confusing if one is not relying on a higher source to guide and lead the way. This is why it is critical to learn astrology on a basic level and understand how one is being influenced. When this information is dissected and understood, it is so much easier to move along without fear, without hesitation and in a space of courage for the events ahead. Having the support of one who is in a place of higher knowledge, such as a Guru, is key for it offers the initiations to move upwards and out of the constraints of the prison-camp of the program. It also helps one to make the correct decisions so one doesn’t fall down a deep tunnel of depression and hopelessness while losing some great opportunities. This happens more than we realize.

This entire movement of change and maturation is to create a fertile environment inside one’s being for the Soul to use the body for expression and to fulfill destiny. When fully engaged in one’s life as it is designed, living as an individual, the emotional nature becomes purified over time and in a state of relaxation; the mind reflects a higher form of intelligence.

If one is not aware of these cycles with drastic changes, they would think they were going crazy and that something was terribly wrong. This is what society and conditioning does to the human psyche by using religion and distortion of information to disempower.

This is the reason why so many people are taking pharmaceuticals, drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco, which ultimately closes down the heart and the mind making one unable to access intuitive guidance. The Old Testament of the Bible refers to the science of astrology as something evil. I cannot think of anything more empowering and liberating than understanding and knowing who one is and how their life has been designed, good and bad. Ancient, southern India tradition usually, has a family astrologer for this very reason, to understand who the child is and how to raise them in balance with the myriad of influences. Hence, the science of Ayurveda.

If people understood the influences of the heavens and understood their life path trajectory filled with extreme changes designed for growth, they would not be so confused nor distraught and it would be so much easier to let go and just flow………