God Has No Clock

It was one of those days

A typical hustle and bustle day in the matrix. Cars zooming fast here and there, pressure to meet deadlines, trains, planes and the conditioned eye that watches the hands tick on a dial, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour.

No matter what, we were going to be on time.

Again and again, it has been proven to me that life flows in a way that you don’t need a calendar or a clock to be on time with the unfolding of life events.

It is obvious that it is difficult to commit to long-term plans. Attempting to book an airplane flight is an excellent example. Often, the first choice is slightly off with long-term happenings. This is why there is only a 24 hour window to change the flight booking and why airlines make so much money. Not only is there a fee to upgrade to a reasonable seat, there is also a hefty charge to arrange plans to accommodate reality and life changes. Life never moves according to the way our mind predicts and the airlines know this fact as they offer fantastic deals that end in 24 hours of the offering. The airlines as well as other conglomerates prey on human ignorance.

On this particular day, I was on my way to catch one of those flights. However, the first leg of my trip was to board the airport bus that was picking me up at a restaurant located approximately three miles from the house where I was visiting.

My host, who is an avid clock watcher, was adamant about being on time. She couldn’t help it. For she had been a commercial airplane pilot for over thirty years. You can imagine the pressure to be on time every moment you are moving from one place to the other. It’s almost as if the clock of time has been imprinted into the mind and one’s body is a slave to it’s dial.

Realizing the importance of being on time, I am not discounting this factor, please don’t misunderstand me. It is important to show up at the right time and not be disrespectful to others who may be waiting or interrupted by the late arrival. This is why the clock is important in our 3-D reality. Many people do not have the delicate awareness of intuition that keeps one in the correct flow of unfolding events and in alignment with all people involved. That takes extraordinary awareness.

However, this intuitive ability is inherent in every human and could be realized if we did not live in such an artificial reality with tremendous pressure to be logical, mechanical and programmed.

On this day and in that hour, I could feel the unnatural rush that was being imposed by my host. I felt compassion for her, being conditioned to feel stress and pressure in every moment and the driving need to be perfectly aligned with this unnatural world that we live in. There was no way that she could possibly tune in, intuitively, to the subtle background movement that was occurring in our day.

This is when we know that the unfolding of events is very different than what the hands on the clock are telling us. Something feels slightly odd, a little off and there is tremendous undue pressure. That is how I felt that day when I was packing up my things and getting ready to leave. Something was a bit off in our movement and very unnatural.

When we arrived at the restaurant, she was so delighted to be on time, actually a little smug about it. She is quite a perfectionist. You have to be if you are going to be an airline pilot for a commercial enterprise. They have very strict guidelines and place enormous demands on their crew.

We unloaded my bags from the car, said our goodbyes in a hurry and I watched her speed off with a smile and a fabulous sense of accomplishment. She had gotten me to my destination to meet the bus on time and all was well in her little world.


However, I sat there in the heat, on top of one of my suitcases on an asphalt parking lot in the middle of downtown, under a tree for about a half an hour. It was quite unpleasant, I must add. Yet, I preferred the outdoor air over the meat-cooking smells of the restaurant.

Cars would pass me by with passengers peering out the window and looking at me with a strange and wondering concern, “Why is this woman sitting on her suitcase in the middle of the parking lot in this god-awful heat?”

Nobody offered to assist, which is fine. Things were embarrassing enough as it was sitting there in the parking lot waiting for a bus that was, obviously, not on time – according to the hands on the clock.

When the bus driver arrived, who was running terribly late, he had a casual smile, was in a jovial mood and offered a simple apology without much concern as he handed me a complimentary bottle of cold water to drink and suggested that I find a seat and get comfortable for the ride. Most likely, he was in alignment with the days unfolding and obviously, maintaining a sense of peace as he moved with the days events. Luckily, we arrived at our destination “on time” according to schedule. Im not sure how that happened, I trust divine providence in operation.

The stress of being in a hurry, the constant clock-watching and the pressure from the thought-currents that force one to be on time according to the matrix is not awareness, at all.












Just by feeling, intuitively, one can be moving in perfect coordination with the cosmic flow of life and be on time wherever they are to be and with whomever they are interacting with.

Our inner thoughts are not logically connected to the outer world.

A day spent observing inner chatter will find this to be very true. We see the universe according to the way we want to see it or in accordance to our fears, our conditioning, past experiences and our expectations. The inner chatter that drives us is independent to the outer world events and is illogical in how it operates and controls the body and movement through life.

Through formal education, mostly, we are taught to believe that we have a logical identity and that we must respond to life through this artificial intellect. This programming takes away our ability to be spontaneous and aware in the moment. It is also what brings us the most suffering; for it blocks, stops, imposes and detracts from truly feeling deep inside what is correct, what is kind and what is true.

And this spontaneity can only happen if one is not intellectual. 

Those who have been highly programmed through many years of education and conditioned to work for the system are usually, the most disconnected from this natural, inner guide. If there have been many years of working according to the clock, as most of society abides by, it gets pushed even farther back into the deep corners of one’s awareness.

The aliveness that comes with spontaneity can only come when one is not programmed intellectually. 

When one is spontaneous and alive, one is active, inspired, joyful and without depression; one is not disturbed by karmic pressures.  On the contrary, one is free through constant practice of completion, managing relationships and all interaction with grace, as much as possible. One who is alive and moving with intuitive spontaneity is responsible, honest, authentic and incredibly aware.

When one is moving through life in spontaneous grace, there are no footprints nor enneagrams inside one’s being. There is no attachment nor clutching onto people, places or things. You can’t hold onto something and be divinely spontaneous and in alignment with the unfolding of life’s events. There is too much change constantly happening in life.

One must go beyond time and space to access this exquisite place of natural spontaneity.

How to do this?


Purification according to the science of Yoga, leads you directly to this lovely, elegant, magnificent space of grace with a beautiful inner space and a spontaneous response to change.