Spiritual Awakening and Kundalini

From CHAKRA Course


In mystic cosmology, man is microcosm of the macrocosm. The spine is recognized as the axis of the being holding the microcosm in material form.


When the forces of Ida and Pingala are balanced, the current that runs up and down the sushumna is very powerfully activated and driving the life- force. The shushumna is the central column that runs up the spine creating what is known as the Kundalini rising.

When the kundalini is activated the anahata chakra(HEART) and visuddha chakra (THROAT) are
spinning and vibrating, activated and turned on.

In this state of activation one experiences super-consciousness as the Ida and Pingala form a circle, simultaneously activating the pituitary and pineal glands. This meeting of energies causes Samadhi, the deep state of bliss.

First, the pituitary gland awakens stimulating the pineal gland. The pineal gland shoots a spark into the pituitary and an opening happens to higher consciousness. At the same time, the sushumna force also merges with these higher forces, causing the kundalini energy to dance up and down the spine, as heat rises inside the body.

The Ida and Pingala spiral around the sushumna and cross at the third and the fifth chakras meeting at the sahasrara chakra (Crown). When this happens inside the body-system, there is great inner balance in the manipura chakra (Solar Plexus) and in the universal love chakra, the (Heart) Anahata chakra and the sahasrara chakra (Crown).

Through meditation and hatha yoga combined with pranayama, Ida and Pingala currents come into balance allowing for this merging and transformation to take place. When this balancing occurs inside, all chakras are spinning at the same velocity and the mental tapes quiet allowing for the ability to observe of life through the “third eye”, the Ajna Chakra.

When energy flows through Ida on the left side of the spine it is fragmented into smaller, more sensitive nerve currents connected to the organs of the body. This produces heat inside the body-system especially with strong emotional outbursts or passionate expressions. 

When the energy flows through the right side of the body, the Pingala channel, the person is cool and becomes overly intellectual, very masculine in nature, talks very little, has steel nerves, and enjoys intellectual debates with others. This activation causes one to be silent for long periods of time, holding in emotions and secret patterns of behavior. They are not open, smiling nor friendly.

In this case, when the Ida and Pingala are moving in these base energies, the kundalini energy only rises to the Solar Plexus chakra and no farther.


Spiritual awakening is not a process of opening higher chakras, it is a closing of lower chakras from the muldahara (Solar Plexus) and down. Once this happens, then the higher consciousness takes over, expanding one’s reality.

Only when the psychic being has entered fully into operation of the form can it close the vital, emotional currents and influence the lower chakras for carrying out work on the material plane.

Through the practice of sadhana, japa, and worship, one gains a state of being where the lower centers are quieted and higher centers are activated.  Through the guidance and blessing of a guru, this transformation easily takes place and one reaches higher levels of awareness in everyday reality.