Shine Your Light

From Esoteric Course

This little light of mine
Im going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Remember this sweet little song while growing up and attending church?

This was a popular song to sing in Sunday school every week when we would gather to listen to stories from the Bible and learn about Jesus, the basic principles of Christianity and taught to believe that we would go to hell if we weren’t baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. 

Those were the days. 

Now, we understand through the ancient teachings that there is no place such as hell, only in one’s mind and that the sacred trinity actually began thousands of years before the Christian belief system adopted their own interpretation of the holy combination of three. This ancient, original, sacred trinity, called Trimurti is founded upon the premise of Brahma (Spirit) the creator, Vishnu (Son) the preserver, and Shiva (Father) the transformer, all three together as one force united through an incarnating avatar recognized as Dattatreya and the representation of consciousness. 


These three archetypes originated roughly, around 1500 BC or earlier, epitomizing the worship of nature through prayer, praise and actions.

The Christian trinity began in the 1st century AD founded in Rome and soon spread throughout Northern Europe and Russia. Creatively, the trinity was implemented and used as a tool to invoke fear as a means to control the masses. Certainly, many had fallen short of the glory of God and were going to hell if they didn’t repent to their local priest and beg for mortal forgiveness. Incredibly disempowering.  

In the religious sect of Shaivism, Vishnu and Brahma are not deities different from Shiva, rather they are aspects of Shiva. Brahma force creates, as Vishnu preserves and through the “destroyer” aspect of Shiva, things are dissolved so that something can be transformed and made anew. For Shaivites, the Trimurti is recognized as the form of Shiva as he is supreme and assumes different forms and roles in accordance to time and need, yet transcending all forms equally. 

In the Hindu religious sect of Brahmansim, Vishnu and Shiva are seen as the children of Brahma representing forms of the ultimate creator with Vishnu as Preserver and Shiva as Destroyer. Ultimately, Brahma creates, preserves and destroys to create again. There are many, many interpretations of the Supreme force through these three masculine symbolisms demonstrated in different ways throughout ancient time in accordance to cultures and religious leaders.


Inspiring the Hindu tradition of Shaktism, Devi, Divine Mother Goddess, is seen as the ultimate truth and supreme power. We find the Sanskrit terms for Deva as masculine and Devi for feminine aspects of the Supreme Being. In the study of etymology, the root word “Dev” equates to “a shining one”.

In Shaktism, devotion of a feminine creator force, we find the sacred trinity composed of the feminine goddesses: Mahasarasvati as Creator, Mahalaxmi as Preseserver and Mahakali as Destroyer (Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali). This feminine version of the Trimurti is called Tridevi (“three goddesses”). The male counterparts are then considered agents of the three supreme feminine forces. 

In many Hindu traditions, Devi is represented as a primary form and active energy of power for a male figure, which can be represented as Parvati with Shiva, Saraswati with Brahma and Lakshmi with Vishnu. In the Hindu texts inspired by Mother worship, we find that Devi is essentially the ultimate metaphysical reality and from her arises matter and consciousness. She is recognized as bliss and non-bliss, knowledge and ignorance, the entire universe in all its capacities. In many of the ancient sacred texts of Upanishads, Devi is recognized as Shiva’s wife and the creative power of Shiva (sitting on the left side of his lap). 

Parvati is expressed in many roles, moods and aspects by all forms of the goddess in Hindu mythology, from Shakti (pure energy) to Lakshmi to Gurda and Kali, and so many more. She is seen as nurturing, benevolent and destructive and ferocious as in the goddess Kali who requires the infant Shiva to manifest and calm her ferocious nature that is required to destroy the demon Daruk (destructive, defeating nature of the human) and transform back into the maternal instinct of Parvati. This paradox of expressions symbolizes the willingness of the Divine Mother to realign and adapt to the needs of the present moment. Through her powers she (Durga) destroys evil and creates food and abundance to nourish (Annapurna). 

The concept of feminine, mother worship, Devi, has had the strongest presence since ancient times. It’s not surprising since human formation occurs inside the womb of the mother and is sustained during the first moments of life through the breast of mother’s milk.




Often, we see the symbol of yoni and lingam together in one religious icon as the Shivalinga, which is comprised of both the Linga and Yoni. This represents the interdependence and union of feminine and masculine energies in creation and regeneration of all life. We see this exemplified further in some religious sects through these two deities, Shiva and Shakti or Shiva and Parvati, positioned in various forms of sexual union or with Parvati or aka Shakti sitting in Shiva’s lap. 

We can witness a balance of feminine and masculine energies inside our human system through the forces of actinic and odic energy streams playing through the right (masculine) and left (feminine) sides of the body and experienced by observing the right and left nostrils. Full integration is seen in the harmony of the right and left eyes. Most people’s eyes are out of balance, hence the forces inside one’s being is out of balance until a level of integration and consciousness has been achieved. If you take a “selfie” photo, you can see your current state of balance with these same energies. This state of balance will also change according to environment and the people residing as demonstrated through the series of “selfies” taken in different situations. 

In the deity that is a combination of Shiva and Shakti, half man and half woman: Ardhanarishvara, which translates as “The Lord who is half woman”, is the representation of male and female energies of the universe. Both of these forces are constantly drawn to each other to embrace and fuse and through the symbolism of Ardhanarishvara, the duality disappears, unifying the opposites in the universe. God becomes both male and female, father and mother, aloof and active, fearsome and gentle, ultimately the Divine hermaphrodite. Through this archetype, Shiva is presented as asceticism and spirituality while Shakti is presented as the material, illusory world. The two conflicting ways of life are reconciled as God moves beyond gender. The 9th-century poet saint Manikkavacakar regards the ultimate goal of a devotee is to be united with Shiva as Parvati in the Ardhanarishvara form.


Ancient texts suggest through this archetype that when the inner masculine and inner feminine meet, one is in a perpetual state of ecstasy. 







Most of my life has been spent in the pursuit of religious and spiritual studies seeking out the truth of existence and the meaning of life. After half a century of deep study, it has become utterly obvious that all spiritual truths originate from the ancient Hindu teachings of the Vedas and Agamas, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, Shastras and so on. As early as 12,000 years ago we find evidence of the Vedas and the companion lifestyle teachings of Ayurveda, spiritual lifestyle principles in cooperation with universal patterns as seen in astrology. Truly, this ancient mystical spiritual teaching is the mother of all belief systems on this planet.

One of the basic tenets of this ancient teaching is the maturation of one’s being so that the inner light can shine and the aura glow a hue of purity and powerful electrical energy. Many interpretations of this truth have been put forth in various ways of human understanding as we see demonstrated above. It is the human birthright to be fully conscious and in control of one’s reality, manifesting in accordance to one’s cosmic design in a godly manner.

The bedrock of ancient Hindu teaching is the understanding that every human is a spark of God and is not destined for hell, instead each soul is destined to realize and become fully god-like in control of their reality working with the cosmic patterns and living in a blissful state, fully aware. Each soul is given the opportunity to grow, evolve and experience the merging of matter with the essence of spirit to dance in the Leelah, realizing an ecstatic existence.

(Leelah: Sanskrit word meaning “divine play of the cosmos” and exemplified through the science of astrology).


Through the ancient teachings of the Vedas, we learn that there are four types of organs in the human system:

1) External organs seen by everyone such as hands, arms, legs, etc.

2) Internal organs such as kidneys, lungs, liver, brain, etc.

3) Intra-organs such as chakras and third-eye

4) the Extraordinary Organ, the aura. 

This extraordinary organ is the emanation of light rooted deep inside the human system yet, hardly ever seen or experienced as light radiating out from the body. Usually, the aura is smaller than the physical body as most humans hold thought-currents and the seeds of karma inside nerve pathways or channels of their system. When there is disease, the aura shrinks even more as it loses vitality, holds tremendous amounts of karmic thought clusters, toxic substances and defeating beliefs. 

One of the most toxic substance for the aura are the actions of non-integrity, which can reduce aura even smaller than the impact of disease in the body. Non-integrity is the action of not fulfilling one’s word nor aligning one’s self with what one believes to be truth. If one believes that they should rise at 5am every morning to greet the day and that this practice will make them healthy, wealthy and wise, yet they stay in bed until 7am, they are out of integrity and creating a lack of alignment, ultimately, dimming their light. In the same way, if one tells another that they will do something for them and then not show up nor fulfill what they have promised, the aura becomes more dim as the words and actions remain out of integrity. Surely, if one sees that they cannot fulfill a promise, merely communicating a change in commitment aligns one properly.

These are simple examples yet, there are many, many ways in which humans practice non-integrity and reduce the size of their aura and block bliss from being realized and experienced throughout each day. 

This is where lethargy, exhaustion and depression take root – when one is not aligned with their own belief of what is the highest potential or most beneficial for ones’ health and ability to thrive. This is also the area that breeds the most confusion in a person’s process of evolving for the belief system is often colored by the way a person is raised and not truly aligned with cosmic patterns inherent in one’s design. Another reason why astrology is so helpful in gaining understanding about one’s cosmic blueprint. 


It is arrogance that is the behavior who refuses to face this chasm between belief and actions, creating problems and challenges in life. It is a form of hypocrisy, cheating the self refusing to abide by one’s truth. It is also the catalyst that creates pain in the body and the muscles, the aching joints and what is known as “Tamas” brewing and causing disease. “Body pain is a silent cooperation with the forces of Tamas”, states Swamiji. 

In Vedic astrology we learn that the entire universe operates on three forces known as GUNAS: Sattwa, a quality that provides truthfulness and purity; Rajas is a quality that makes one energetic and passionate; Tamas is a quality that is the seed of corrupt behavior, unsavory thought-currents and immoral, degenerate behavior. 

Tamas evolves out of the five senses, unconsciously fostering disease while living out a disconnected existence. It is the part of the mind that uses negative words when talking with one’s self internally, feeling irritated, dissatisfied, frustrated and angry with life, events or people. 

(DOSHA type defines and categorizes physical and emotional human constitution while providing methods for creating balance in character defects and physical form challenges created out of the universal GUNA principles)

Through these three GUNAS, quality of awareness is determined, nature of character, and the measure of consciousness possible, as seen through Vedic astrology. How deeply one is established in their truth and how much their actions match what they consider to be the highest truth determines how healthy the body is, how quiet and at ease the mind is and how much spirit is able to permeate the body to use as an instrument fulfilling life destiny. This is the transformational process inside each person’s life story moving from ignorant to aware within the context of their character and viewed through the various positions, activations and transits of the planets on a person’s astrologic wheel. It is also the impetus behind reincarnation. It takes many, many lifetimes to evolve these basic characteristics of matter as only the incarnating human life-force has the ability to transform and overcome these cosmic forces. 

It is the relationship of these three universal qualities that determine the light quotient emanating, radiating from one’s being and how the ego is expressing its identity. If the quality of Sattwa is governing the mental operation then the human is manifesting life in an intelligent manner, using the senses, the mind and the elements, consciously. Combined with the quality of Raja, one is productive as kinetic energy flows through the body and out of the hands while manifesting life and creating reality, as it should be, honestly and in integrity with one’s being. 

It is only honesty which removes mood swings, strong, defeating emotional currents and the seeds of karma or disease that get lodged in the nervous system, reducing the aura, darkening the hues, covering the inner light. 

The Sanskrit word for healthy is svastha, which translates as “established in one’s self”. If one is truly aligned with their internal truth, then they are established in their true identity, thriving and in good health. If one has talked themselves into a place or activity that is not in alignment with their belief system deep inside or living out a relationship that is not in accordance to their highest truth then, disease is manifesting in the body in some way and there is depression brewing as the undercurrent of all life movement. 

A natural, cosmic law is aligning life events in accordance to what one believes to be truth. If one is not living according to this law, one’s internal light is hidden.


Yet, if there is a true alignment with belief, speech and actions, and thought-currents, the breath operates in a slightly different way, taking in prana, a strong, vital life force that impacts one’s reality profoundly, raising the light quotient. 

It is prana that this very special inner light grows and feeds on, expanding, glowing and electrifying life with sweet manifestation and fulfillment. 

When life is filled with the activity that is in alignment with one’s highest purpose, without conditioning and is fertile with creative forces unending, prana is filling the body with vital life force. This causes the aura to grow and grow and the flame of aspiration burn brighter and brighter. The skin also glows and radiates, as it is apparent when the light is turned on and growing in a fertile space of integrity. This glow will only happen in the space of celibacy, tho. The combined aura of lovers keeps the two in a bubble of oxygen, creating a slight film between the source of prana and the aura. That is fine. 

This is why reincarnation is built into the cosmic plan and the ultimate purpose of SHIVA. It takes many, many lifetimes to realize universal truths and then, apply them to one’s own constitutional makeup. If everyone woke up at the same time, there would be no glamour nor war and existence would look radically different on this planet. An aspect of this evolution is happening tho, as seen in the context of the new “RAVE” species that Human Design highlights and Ra Uru Hu, the founder expounds upon. As he points out, the new species is not interested in merging their body with another through the sexual act because they can see what happens to their individuality if they were to do such a thing. This fact is realized through enlightened psychic vision (third-eye awake). 

It is the Higher Self that is watching and listening to the thought-currents running through the mind and observing the decisions that are being made, determining whether to grow the aura or shrink it back. When one is in joy, the Higher Self stretches the aura, expands it out and radiates a glow of health, contentment and peaceful feeling to all who are near. It is medicine for everyone who come into contact or near its orbit. In a state of integrity, living according to the truths that one holds deep inside, the aura grows intensely, larger and larger, thicker and thicker, creating its own spiritual atmosphere based on the integrity of Self.


The words spoken inside of the mind, internally, create one’s existence. This is the purpose of mantras, to apply the sound of syllables designed and used to flush out the internal organs so that muscle memory changes and the constitution of the being moves from Tamas to Sattwa using the force of Raja, consciously, for manifesting and emanating bright light. 

The mantra passed onto a disciple from an enlightened guru-figure acts as a catalyst for this change in muscle, blood, brain, aura and vibration. As the seeds of karma get burned up, knots in the channels get smoothed out by his touch, pathways are opened in the brain by prana, transforming the senses, which one can actually here and witness happening while sitting in meditation. So does the nature of a being change – drastically from ignorant and asleep to glowing, aware and with access to the Akashic realm of all knowledge. A very empowering process, I might add, and radically different from the orthodox belief system. 

With prana streaming into the body, there are less thought-currents and there is an abundance of light. 

This is the purpose behind the yoga practice of pranayama, to settle the thought-currents so that prana may enter the body and ultimately, align one with their core belief and be in a space of integrity. 

Ancient science teaches that if one practices asanas, hatha yoga postures, Tamas is squeezed out of the muscles and pain is released from the body, allowing pure prana to enter. Through the study of higher principles, such as the Vedas and Agamas, the mind is trained to think in a new way that is healthy and edifying for the entire human system. This allows higher strategies to be established for aligning one’s life and fulfilling the responsibilities that bring great satisfaction, good health and a large, radiant aura. 

With the practice of Pranayama, one learns how to breath without thinking so that one may align with their integrity and true beliefs. Try counting your breath as you inhale, count while holding and count out as you exhale slowly and hold again, counting before inhaling. You will see that conscious breathing and counting of seconds leaves very little space to think about anything else. The holding between breaths also clears the nerve pathways where thought-currents brew. Its application works in two ways, effectively. 

Using mantras to transmute the body on a cellular level causes the being to live and move from pure integrity as organs get cleared, healed and attend towards a higher vibration. Meditation with the mantra and deep breathing of prana creates the bridge, the antakharana, for Higher Self to penetrate while bringing a wonderful state of bliss into the body. 

Every time one aligns with their inner truths consciously, as they are moving through life, two-three issues get solved immediately. This is an added bonus feature to the practice of pranayama combined with hatha yoga, mantras and meditation. The body melts, the aura shines and radiates, sending electrifying healing energy into the environment as one is highly productive doing what they love, while building a strong foundation for living fully in a state of bliss. 

May your light shine and never hide it under a bushel, no, no…..let it shine, let it shine.