The Moon and the Sun

From the ESOTERICS Course

Inside each human are a set of channels that move energy through the body and the chakras positioned along the spinal column, animating life force, expressing our health and displaying the character of our being.

These channels operate in the body much like the movement of the ocean and the clouds in the sky. Currents flow through the muscles, bones, blood,

lymph glands, spinal column and subtle organs in the brain, moving through our being creating the color of our aura and providing the fragrance of our essence. These channels and energy currents are what we refer to as the “Emotional Body”.

As one moves through life and experiences environments, people, thoughts, foods, these channels become clogged with phlegm. This clogging changes the way the senses operate in a person’s body, causing one to translate environment and connections or encounters with others in a distorted way. This creates tremendous mental confusion and many unpleasant experiences.

For lifetimes, this Emotional Body with currents and channels has been the conditioning field of the body and mind and the source for directing all activity that is happening on the physical plane. It has even ruled when and where humans incarnate. Through the sensations of feelings, desires and concern for its own needs, it has kept humans locked in a cycle on the pendulum of passion and pain.

Emotional Body and Solar Plexus

The Emotional Body governs the three lower centers of the etheric body and is directly connected to the Solar Plexus.

Anger, fear, frustration, victimization, greed, arrogance, pride, bitterness, and so on, are the tangible expressions of the Emotional Body.

With the motivation of these expressions, a tremendous amount of phlegm builds up in the channels of the Emotional Body, distorting the way one perceives or translates life events. This clogging causes misidentification of the ‘real’ person and often, places one with people who are not resonate nor compatible, causing great challenges, disharmony or illness. This heavy, dramatic, emotional activity with its clogged channels changes the way one smells and ‘sees’ continuously, ultimately, impacting how one translates reality.

When one chooses a direction that is not the best, a strain is placed on the Solar Plexus causing an over-stimulation and pressures that can cause cancer of the stomach, liver problems or health issues with the entire abdomen region.

From this same area humans experience bitterness, frustration, anger and disappointment. These emotional expressions are a result of pushing or manifesting a vision that is bigger than what one can accomplish quickly, which causes tremendous stress and emotional suffering. This, in turn, generates the emotions of worry of the failure to materialize, causing disease to set in. It is this emotional thought-currents connected to the actions or non-actions that create these types of emotional expressions.

If one conceives an idea and does not act on it or a great opportunity arrives and one does not respond, on the subtle plane it is translated as a failure to produce. This failure to act and produce causes a devitalization of life force in the body, a “cutting off” of one’s connection with higher forces for further creative expression.

When an idea is carried forward into manifestation, usually, it causes good health, regardless of intention. When one can properly integrate an idea with the ability to manifest, on the subtle plane, it has a positive impact on the body and in the environment. In turn, the effect of a great manifestation impacts and improves relationships, drawing the correct people into life and the correct activities for fulfilling life purpose. This positive activity greatly improves the state of health and condition of the three lower chakras.

The adjustment or antidote for a healthy and vibrant emotional body is being in the correct environment. It is the environment that creates the quality of life and reality that one experiences.

How does one dial in the correct environment?

Through cleansing and purifying the subtle channels that flow through the Emotional Body, one can stabilize and enter into balance that allows for proper cognition and perception of reality.

A tranquil, balanced, clear state requires clear channels in the Emotional Body, that have been purified so that energy can flow upward, towards the Heart Chakra. This is the effect of purification as the science of Yoga teaches through the eight rungs of the science of Light.

A clear, clean, quiet, emotional body moving from one correct environment towards another, present and in the moment, creates the correct tone, sound and color. When the color, tone and note are clear, the experiences that are correct for this lifetime are played out like a beautiful symphony. Energy that once was stopped or blocked now flows freely as the mutation occurs, karma is cleared and higher forces begin to make their impact.

When one has purified, aligned themselves with truth in deed and word, the correct experiences are played out in the right place and one feels very, very good inside and outside.