The Spleen

From the CHAKRAS Course

Each of our chakras are like a lotus flower with a set number of petals. Psychically, you can see these petals move, vibrate and shift like a blossom responds to water, sunshine and positive thoughts. Each center vibrates a tone along with a color or hue, indicating condition of health and the current state of consciousness operating the life.

Starting at the moment of birth we begin developing the Root Chakra, the foundation of the chakra system and then progressively move up the ladder of centers in development. By the time we reach the age of 21, we have fully matured all of the major seven chakras in our system. However, for most humans, the first three chakras conduct the life force and experiences, leaving the upper four chakras in a quiescent state and the emotional body in control of the physical body and decision-making process.

While the emotional body is yet in control, life energy continues to move through two main currents of energy in our physical body: Ida and Pingala channels. The Pingala channel carries solar energy and the forces of day and the Ida channel carries lunar energy and the forces of night.

Vitality is received from the Sun at three places on the body: between the shoulder blades, above diaphragm and through the spleen organ. The health and condition of the spleen determines the intensity or measure of vitality that one receives.
If the individual is unhealthy, the vitality intake is lowered and slowed down as the centers become atrophied through the emotional body choices and behaviour. This is why purification and refining of the physical body is the first step in the process of Yoga. A clean physical body that is able to take in and use vital energy, has the ability to control the emotional body and transcend.

Human Design teaches that there are nine Centers. If one is familiar with the ancient chakra system, they are able to recognize that the Spleen and the G Center are the centers that have been added to this new system.

However, the spleen is one of the oldest organs in our chemistry correlating to our most primitive animal nature. The spleen organ has played an important part in the evolution of humanity but does not operate in the same way as the chakras. Traditionally, it has been included with the third chakra, the Solar Plexus.

The spleen operates much like a doorway for life force to enter and vitalize the body as it is responsible for the health of our immune system and the life force that flows through our body system. The spleen organ maintains a vital function as it holds the physical and etheric body together as one unit. The spleen organ has several functions working quickly to heal wounds, filter blood to destroy bad bacteria or pathogens that cause disease and illness as it works to fight infection in the body.

The emotional body can have a great impact on the health of the spleen. Through extreme emotional behaviour, the spleen can become traumatized and depleted, losing its ability to fight infection in the body or the distribution of vitality to internal organs. Addiction to sugar and other harmful substances often attack the spleen first. Depression, entertaining negative thoughts and constant complaining or criticizing are behaviours that quickly deplete the spleens life-giving ability.

Those who have a weak spleen often become addicted to those who have a strong immune system, causing the weaker spleen to feel more alive and ability to thrive. This can quickly cause a co-dependent type of relationship, causing the weak spleen person to become addicted or obsessed with the person who has the stronger immune system.

The spleen organ is pivotal in the process of the emotional body operation, and highly impacted by the movement of the Moon and its influence. It is of upmost importance in how it functions and works in tandem with the emotional body, the forces of the Sun and the influence of the Moon for the sake of good health.