Shades of Love









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6th of July, 2019

Astrology       Ancient I Ching      Ayurveda     Human Design


In this two-hour online webinar:

* Explore ways to expand your heart
* Gain the ability to love more
* Review the nature of human attraction
* Empower yourself through rituals and disciplines
* Learn how people connect, naturally, in chemistry
* A view on evolution of mating and the mutation
* Deeper truths on the science of Tantra
* Investigate developing individuality for destiny

Pdf booklet accompanies workshop and is sent by email for download after attending

To register for webinar, please email:

Within 24 hours of receiving email for registration, a reply email is sent to you with a brief questionnaire to complete and send back. Your questionnaire provides information that assists in tailoring the upmost relevant delivery of teachings in accordance to the current groups interest. Your birth date, time and place is requested for generating a chart to conduct a mini-reading pertinent to the discussion. If you are unsure of your birth time, no problem, I can usually intuit the approximate time with asking a few questions.

within 24 hours prior to webinar beginning, classroom link is sent with reminder of group meditation and details to prepare for workshop. 


Bonus: Workshop participants become eligible for student pricing on private readings.  See more details here:



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