Goo and It’s Ewwww

From CHAKRAS 301

Inside the complexity of an aura are the seeds of karma – this life and from past lives and the nature of one’s character exemplified by color, smell and sound. The composite of all these attributes dictate life and how it is experienced as well as condition of health and how one relates socially.

Even more fascinating is that it is the influence of the planets that write the life story and dictate most events and conditions: health, psychology and physiology and relationships. In a large way, we are a robot for the cosmic program. Thank heavens the creator has designed the human experience so that there is a slight bit of adjustment in this pre-written destiny through personal will.

With just enough willpower and intelligence, one can manage life in such a way that there is less struggle, crisis and disappointment and the opportunity for more beauty, enjoyment, good health and creative satisfaction. 

It takes tremendous courage and individuality to apply intense willpower that is strong enough to bend and dominate the influence of energies into a positive direction.

This program, the Maya matrix is not designed for achieving bliss and joy in an easy way. No, it pushes a human through a series of painful, trying events to refine the character and strengthen integrity, maturing over many, many lifetimes. One life is lived leading into another life filled with a new set of circumstances, picking up where the previous left off and to continue the stream of refinement and maturation. Reincarnation is a big part of the orchestration of the program and the development of the permanent atom.

Ultimately, we are refining matter through the process of integrating spiritual forces. Each life is only a chapter in a larger volume already written towards a destiny of union with our Higher Self as a fully conscious, realized being. 

Are we not born with the constitution required for realization? 

A child is more innocent and virtuous than an adult, yet, every human is designed with its quirks and challenges that eventually, express in great magnitude when one has reached adult life.

Interestingly enough, humans are born with an activated thymus gland, which exudes a more universal way of sharing love, cooperation, compassion and consideration. However, for some reason, the thymus gland (Heart Chakra) begins to shut down around the age seven after one has entered first grade in elementary school.

What was once a free, expanded, creative way of being becomes an organized, structured system: mind and body, for operating in a fixed way, serving a specific purpose and usually, it has nothing to do with the true chemistry, design and life path of the individual. The traditional educational system does not allow for uniqueness as it insists that a child sit quietly, unmoving for hours and controlled by unenlightened beings. Teachers have their own strange quirks and personality oddities, evaluating the worth of the growing child. If a teacher does not a like a particular student, too bad. The child must learn how to cope with the wrong teacher who often, is in a much worse state psychologically than the child. 

No wonder the thymus gland shuts down. 

Highlighted throughout the teachings of Jesus, in order for one to enter into heaven, they must first become a child – the child that existed before there was conditioning influencing the character. 

Surely, when the child is yet free, playful and innocent without the oppressive influence of a grading system contrived by ignorant adults, the aura is a beautiful hue, free of knots, seeds and nasty thought-currents and most likely, has a lovely fragrance. 

The more one is shut down to higher, spiritual influences from the higher planes of existence, the more one is suffering and challenged by life circumstances and the more “smelly” one becomes. Equally, the more ignorant one operates in life, the more they shut down and become a robot. The matrix is the perfect environment for creating a slave. 

The extremity of life experiences that most suffer add considerably to the weakened state of health that keeps the hospitals full, the pharmaceutical companies thriving as one of the most powerful commercial enterprises and the massive appeal of alcohol and tobacco as means for surviving in the program, unconsciously. They work wonders at dulling the mind and the senses, keeping one asleep to life, moving in a robotic fashion. 

It is unfortunate that the process of awareness has been slowed down. It has not helped western society, either, to be brainwashed through orthodox religion conveying astrology as evil. That has only disempowered humanity a thousand years behind its potential. 

Instead, we have a toxic reality to surf and the consequences that it brings into our life experience. This creates what I refer to as the “Aura of Goo and its “ewwww”.  . 

A common theme that is revealed in most astrological life stories is that if a person doesn’t apply certain disciplines to achieve mastery over their ego:  becoming humble and compassionate, developing integration of cosmic forces, then most likely, they will suffer a sickness, a disease or mental delusion or some kind of an accident. This creates terrible goo and its ewwww in the aura and is experienced in an expanded state of observation.

Many, many people rationalize their illness and physical discomforts without taking responsibility to apply correct methods for better health. Often, people rely on modern medicine, pharmaceuticals and acceptance of disease as a common, normal happening in life. 

I have watched people laugh at the idea of a purification practice as a means to overcome their illness. Instead, they choose to manage their ill health, long-term, through pharmaceuticals and regular trips to the doctor, while feeling ill and uncomfortable, most of the time. It is quite bizarre to witness. Life does not need to be lived like that, at all. 

With this delusional kind of existence, surviving on false precepts of human behavior, we find lots of auras filled with “goo and it’s ewwwww”.

It is fascinating to watch simple morning hatha yoga stretches remove stiffness in the joints and mild body pain within a few minutes.  It is profound to experience karma, unpleasant thought-currents and seeds of illness snap out of the aura during the application of pranayama. It is captivating to witness the body, aura and thought-currents change drastically through controlling the senses as taught in the practice of pratayahara. It is awe-inspiring to taste the fruits of relationships healed and healthy new ones form based on the practice of Yamas and Niyamas.  It is profound to observe the Higher Self, or consciousness commune with the body during meditation.

Wow, I love the ancient Hindu science of spiritual alchemy: YOGA


Understanding Goo and Ewwww

Looking at the planets and elements, aspects, houses and constellations offers tremendous clues as to why certain health issues arise and what type of corrections in behavior and thought-patterns can be applied to bring good health back into the body.

This is intelligent life navigation and wise decision-making using personal willpower.

For example, recently, I met a woman with multiple health problems such as breast cancer, a weak collapsed ankle with a weak knee, throat problems, issues with her left eye collapsing, an overly taxed spleen, nerve problems and so on. It was an interesting mix of maladies inside of one body. One can imagine the thought currents behind the conglomeration of various illnesses. Here, we have the emotions of fear, sadness, depression, jealousy, cruelty, mistrust and other similar expressions coloring life experience, shaping reality, creating the thought-currents and influencing relationships and ultimately, her state of health.

Her health can also be narrowed down to a couple of basic tenets. Through the ancient I Ching, I found that one of her health issues was directly related to her tendency to pass off her willpower rather than take responsibility for her life decisions. This caused her to have a weak ankle and leg and it became utterly obvious what this issue was about concerning her life decisions.

With an investigation into the elements and other pertinent factors, it was revealed that she is naturally an unhappy person who has a tendency towards a selfish, materialist nature that is slightly power-hungry. Add a dash of cunningness, deceit, and jealousy, she was bound to have health problems with her left eye. The more she chose to live in a lack of authenticity and integrity, the worse her left eye would collapse and weaken.

Through managing the thoughts she entertained creating the patterns of disease, most of her maladies could be overcome and healing would occur. 

As I gently explained some of this to her, she softly chuckled and commented that she was fine with the way things are – sick, in constant discomfort and failing health. She was enjoying her bad habits too much to learn anything new that could change her life for the better, obviously. Very strange, indeed.

I did notice recently, that she started taking one of her herbal medicines again when she observed me taking my daily dose of natures care. I like Burdock Root.

This is the only thing we can do, is be a living example of higher principles vitalizing life and expanding awareness.

Through the responsibility of clearing our own goo and its ewwww