Lucky Jupiter

Very important transits are happening this week. It is a moment of lucky chance, wishes coming true and magical manifestations happening for those who are traveling their true life calling and sensitive to the heavenly, cosmic influences. 

During the month of March, Jupiter conjuncts with Mercury creating an intensification of energies. At the same time this special transit is happening, Jupiter is residing in the Nakshatra, Anuradha, the lotus of the soul thirsting for spiritual union with the Divine. This Nakshatra, (Vedic Lunar House) focuses on spiritualizing one’s life while applying disciplines for experiencing a powerful transformation. With this Nakshatra specifically, latent spiritual powers begin to manifest and an emotional clearing takes place. It is during this time that the disciple tends to crave union with his Master or Guru. An out of the ordinary, extraordinary, Divine love can be considered the keynote for this influence.  

An added bonus is the position of the Moon and Jupiter, for they share an exceptional, auspicious relationship. In this configuration, solutions to all difficulties is provided with a push towards prosperity as energies are available to purify the mind and guide one’s actions in the right direction. The planet of the Guru and the Gods, Jupiter, has a clear path with harmonic forces to do what it would like to do, which is enlighten you!

Jupiters influence drives one to read spiritual scriptures, perform sacred rituals, and become focused on religious matters for deepening one’s connection with higher forces. An attraction to deities intensifies and becomes key in working with forces to transform and remove impediments blocking manifestation. Through the practice of rituals a spark of enlightenment is realized.

Expect these special, divine energies to peak from the 13th through the 17th this week and lasting until the end of March. Knowledge is one of the key benefits imparted during this time for gaining greater understanding into an expansive, enthusiasm for new spiritual ideas and philosophies to be put into action for powerful transformation. 

JUPITER is GURU and home of the GODS

Jupiter is known as “Guru” in eastern Vedic astrology. It is true. When the forces of Jupiter are knocking on the door, the Guru is paving the way for one to move up a notch and into a better space. Truly, the forces of Jupiter are aligned to impact life so that all karma is erased and the best things can happen. However this influence only works if one is humble, grateful, wisely compromising, exercising correct cognition so that one is in the right place and willing to work within a group setting. For the Guru’s first love is his sangha, his disciples in cooperation and orchestrating great things for humanity as one cohesive, harmonious group. 

This is where the expansion takes place inside our being, learning how to interact with others while holding a state of universal love and oneness. Inside the group experience one quickly moves through the process of bridging the split of the divided self – see article. One cannot hide behind the love for only one nor the shadow of the Guru. One grows exponentially inside the complexity of group formation. With the guidance of an enlightened being, consciousness can grow rapidly, profoundly fast with initiations and the blessing of the incarnated one. 

In the sacred, ancient Hindu tradition, this auspicious Jupiter transit is called Guru Aticharam, meaning that Jupiter moves quickly in a short period of time, to create a powerful impact in a person’s life – positive or destructive, determined by the state of mind and quality of character at the time of the transit and the place where one is residing. Depending on the environment where on is, determines how this transit will impact. Therefore, it is critical to manage one’s state of mind and quality of character in the right environment for tuning into the “good”  and positive vibes that this transit can provide. For an extra boost of good luck, if one is prepared, a superconscious breakthrough becomes possible with a gentle, humble heart ready to flower.

If one is behaving slightly arrogant, bold, self-centered, selfish, critical, delusional or in a state of self-defeating depression, then Jupiter can be ruthless, teaching one to change, transform and to humble thyself. The influence can be very painful as one loses a great opportunity, gets fired from a job, loses a good friend or is forced to move on and away from comfort and luxury. It can be devastating. 

There are three characteristics of human behavior that I refer to as the “Three Evils”. It is the expression of these three evils that thwarts the ability for Jupiter to bring good luck into our lives. For if one is residing in the thought-currents and expressions of one of these attributes a mucky, gooey haze surrounds the body and fills the aura, blocking out all sunshine and goodness and the possibilities of great things happening. 

You can read more about that here


It’s important to understand that the “lucky” forces of Jupiter only happen when one is flowing with life, unattached and ready to respond with humility and grace. And keep in mind, Jupiter is about working inside group activity, in harmony and for the betterment of all. If one is not moving from a place of availability and cooperation, then there is no Jupiter “lucky strike” happening in one’s life. The forces of Jupiter are adamant about humility, cooperation, movement and group activity. 

If one is tied to an environment or another person, afraid to venture out into unknown territory, then most likely one is going to miss the opportunity being presented and allow the chance of fate to pass on by.

Missing the summons of Jupiter tends to happen often, for most, unfortunately. For it beckons change, growth, expansion, cooperation and the ability to work with a variety of personalities – good and bad, difficult or easy. That takes great fortitude and the ability to stay centered, undaunted and non-reactive; full of confidence and trusting in a higher force. One cannot quit, leave or abandon destiny and expect the best. Jupiter insists that one be a catalyst for positive change inside His sangha and a living example. 


May you experience the happy fortune of cosmic influences this coming week. 




nityānandaṁ paramasukhadaṁ kevalaṁ jñānamūrtiṁ dvandvātītaṁ gaganasadṛśaṁ tattvamasyādi-lakṣyam | ekaṁ nityaṁ vimalam acalaṁ sarvadhī-sākṣi-bhūtaṁ bhāvātītaṁ triguṇa-rahitaṁ satguruṁ tam namāmi || 

“I surrender to that Satguru who is the eternal bliss, the bestower of supreme happiness, the One, who is the embodiment of wisdom, who is beyond duality, who is omnipresent, to whom the Supreme goal is giving the Enlightenment experience, who is eternal, pure and unshakable, who is the silent spectator of all thought processes, who is beyond emotions, who is without the three qualities called Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.”