Right Place Right People

An ongoing theme throughout life for many is, “Am I in the right place doing the right thing with the right people?”

Most of the time, one does not know why they are in a particular place. Where one has landed is not created through perception, as most might believe. Rather, a series of decisions based on conditioning leads one to the place where they are standing and the reality that they are experiencing. 

A correct place is experienced very, very differently than how an incorrect place is experienced. For instance, the wrong place will cause one to have a dull nervous system, closed down to subtle, intuitive information. The incorrect place will also have a sense of heaviness that pushes one back and causes one to feel tired, withdrawn and possibly bored; this is coupled with the difficulty of getting out of bed in the morning. If one is waiting for others in the environment to catch up, to transform and meet where one is in their maturation process, it is pure torture – surely, a negative cognition. 

On the contrary, if one is in the correct place they feel liked, seen, recognized, they are thriving, experience high vitality and are earning abundance, in some way. Including, they feel ready to fight and defend their environment and the people in it. A wonderful surge of electrical energy fills the nervous system as it increases in physical stamina and energy to do the next task.

Being in the correct place one experiences a wonderful exchange of “give and take” as those in the environment feel eager to share, support and empower while one feels led to do the same in return.

There is a way to dial in the proper place, people and activity, however, it requires tremendous fortitude and commitment. One cannot be tied to another through love and romance and one cannot be afraid to step into unknown territory nor can one depend upon a college education to land them in the right place. One must be prepared to see the matrix for what it is and journey alone, through the wilderness first, to get to paradise. And it is important to keep in mind, as one evolves and grows, the “right place” changes. Even adding a new person to the environment can make a correct environment suddenly, become the wrong environment. 

In order for one to realize what is truly correct, a cleansing of the four types of conditioning must first take place. Once this clearing happens, one actually lands in the right place in accordance with one’s true self – its there and easy to dial in when one knows who one is and why one makes the decisions that one makes. Another consideration is that what is correct and appropriate is not always pleasant – it is correct. That is why integrity is paramount to how one moves through life. If one operates from integrity and authenticity, the experiences, the places and people are much, much easier to interact with as the proper place is realized. Integrity actually solves many issues and clears away many blocks towards manifesting the ideal reality. 

Many incompletions, enneagrams, karma and patterns are resting in the layers of the being and must be cleared out in order for one to integrate the self and discover correct place. As the layers of conditioning are purified, one evolves and resides in the right place with the right people or moves moment to moment from one right place to another right place. After all, life is constant change and movement, ultimately. Humans are not designed to be firmly planted in one place. 

Layers of Conditioning:

Physical Body 


Mind and Thought-currents

Idea about self and karmic patterns

How to purify the layers of conditioning:


The very first place one begins in clearing out and adjusting the physical body is through addressing fear. 

Through the process of digging up and finding the fears related to such things as losing a parents love, or fear of losing children, fear of losing dignity through inability to be financially successful, or fear of identity and not being accepted socially, and so on, one learns to see the patterns that are causing fear. Fears have weight in the body and tend to weigh a person down – this is the first clue. The second clue of fear caught in the body from shock or suffering is if the nose runs or there is excess mucus.  Body fluids such as sweat, tears, and other liquids are the expression of emotions being released by the physical system; ejaculation, male or female hormonal liquid, is lust and guilt, sweat is self-torturing thought-currents. 

Another source of fear is planted through our relationship with food as it makes up the blood, bones, marrow, internal organs and the subtle body of chakras while feeding thought-currents that ultimately drive and create one’s reality. 

Through pure foods, pure water and eating only when hungry, one begins to experience an automatic detoxification process. A certain quality of self-confidence begins to build naturally inside one’s being. Eating high-quality, super, nutritional food, the willpower becomes stronger and productivity increases ten-fold. Life changes dramatically as one settles into their unique individuality cultured through nutrition and the act of healthy self-love.

With this natural alignment selecting organic foods and honoring the body, settling into one’s true identity, all other patterns are healed and transformed, bringing balance into the system and cultivating a clear, peaceful state of mind.  Read more about food and Root Chakra pattern here.


To purify the second layer, breath, one addresses their desires and longings. All desires and greed is stored in the unconscious breathing patterns revealing conflicts, contradictions, and complications in one’s life. Notice:

* Conflicts in desires brings tiredness into the physical body

* Contradictions in desires brings boredom

* Confusion in desires brings frustration

Confusions, contradictions and conflicts create a state of powerlessness and produce knots in the nervous system that block the ability to perceive correctly for manifesting. 

Examples of how one creates a confused reality is by placing one’s self in a situation doing something they don’t love yet, feel it is necessary. For instance, one may love to paint yet, choose to spend time sewing because they feel it pays better money. Another way is that one may want to make a lot of money yet spend lots of time looking for ways to create name and fame. One may enjoy the art of romancing yet, decide to get married when all they really want is romance. They are two very different things.

Pranayama is a method for effectively clearing this layer combined with the practice of completion for clearing the subconscious mind. You can read more about that here.


The third layer, mind, is the inner chattering that over-powers and sends one into thinking, thinking, thinking, mode. It also fosters worry, criticism, suspicion and self-hatred while it stores pain patterns. You can see these patterns if one feels that they are not respected properly or the emotional pain pattern if there is lack of loyalty or infidelity. Spiritual pain patterns are expressed through not achieving nor fulfilling one’s life role. 

The best way to address the mental layer is through recalling all painful incidents and writing them down, much like an autobiography. Recall the earliest memories, the most unpleasant, which brought all kinds of pains. Write it like a story with no censoring and with great sincerity. You will feel tremendous relief by pouring your heart onto paper, giving ear to your inner being. Once you have emptied, cleared and worked through the emotions to clear the pain, create a small ritual by burning the autobiography and freeing yourself from the weight of the pain. 


The fourth layer, idea of the self is created mostly, through family conditioning. This is the most serious and dangerous conditioning of all because it pulls one away, the farthest away from who they truly are. It is also the type of relationship that is the most difficult to leave behind in the process of un-clutching. Often, it is because of this type of conditioning that one cannot achieve better things in life. 

In India, a holy man, or a sadhu, must travel the world and not remain in any one place for more than two weeks at a time. In this way, they are able to quickly see the patterns of conditioning. Through traveling and mixing with different groups of people one understands and knows how to overcome of the conditioning of body, mind, religion, and family. Moving freely through life profoundly changes a person and leads them to beautiful places, exciting experiences and healing exchanges. Ultimately, life is about change and movement, the art of staying present to the moment while experiencing and moving with the flow of life. 

No need to get stuck in the wrong place with the wrong people doing the wrong thing.

Take time to understand who you are through the finer details of astrology, clear out your emotional blocks, purify the physical body and feed your mind with the right kind of mental food. Once you have dialed in, cleared out, un-clutched and reprogrammed, you can move in the right direction for creating real satisfaction and fulfillment ~ into the right place with the right people at the right moment in time.