Karma and It’s Mirror

Excerpt from the Astrology and Cosmology Course

Life is a struggle between achieving spiritual enlightenment and the constant pursuit in the discovery of who one is and what they are here to do. Life is not a war, it is a struggle between these two poles of duality.

For there is no true enemy only the absence of light and the presence of darkness. There is no independent existence creating hell, only one’s own ignorance and lack of responsibility, which ultimately causes a space of incompletion and the accompanying nagging thought-currents. 

This is the key to understanding karma. Most of the time, humans have a great a vision to offer something amazing to the world, yet, they are utterly blind to what is surrounding them in their immediate environment and ignorant to how they are impacting, creating their reality and ultimately causing their karma.

Often, the word karma is used for getting even when someone has been bad, such as “what goes around comes around” or “an eye for an eye” and so on. However, karma is actually outside the context of actions. For karma is not about an eye for an eye nor getting even nor the punishment one deserves. 

The reality of life and the cosmos does not operate on action, it builds upon and responds to sound. All of life on earth and in the cosmos is composed of the vibration of sound and its frequency and beginnings caused through spoken word.

Karma is actually the result of wrong decisions that one has made in the past and the thought-currents that play continuously in the mind as a result of those decisions. You can observe in your mind four to five mental tape themes that play repeatedly over and over throughout the day. These tapes that play are expressing incompletion, which is the creation of karma. It is the sound of the thoughts chattering in the mind that are creating one’s reality and causing karma. Words spoken out loud have the same effect in creating karma, too.

When these tapes play throughout the day it is an indication that one is deeply caught inside the program, the matrix of the Maya. Opinions and judgments, regret and self-hatred revealed through self-talk polarize life and keep one trapped in a space of struggle and suffering, which is karma.


There are four mirrors of reality happening inside one’s being: 

1) The inner image that one carries about self

2) The outer image that one projects to the world

3) Others thoughts about who one is in accordance to the declaration that one makes about who they are to others

4) The image that one has about life as they experience

How one handles these four mirrors is what determines quality of life and the amount of karma that one endures. If one is able to live all four mirrors at their peak potential, all karma is cleared as one operates from intelligence and conscious navigation. This is also the result of an open and activated Throat Chakra, which is often, closed and not operating at it’s peak capacity. An activated Throat Chakra is the expression of one’s unique creativity and individuality fulfilling life purpose. 

A closed, distorted Throat Chakra expresses jealousy, comparison, copies what others do because it is not connected to it’s own unique creative expression and often, fails to be authentic, communicate accurate truth or perceive people and events properly. This is also demonstrated through the inability to follow through on one’s word and commitment or a conflicting expression that communicates one thing and then acts out the opposite. Any health issues associated with the throat indicate that one is expressing and experiencing life in this way. Distortion with the Throat Chakra includes ears and eyes and the sense of smell, too. Wherever there are physical health issues in these areas, it is an indication of a lack of integrity or authenticity in how one is operating in life and a lack of integration.

If the outer image of a person is aligned with the inner image that one carries about one’s self, there is a wonderful state of peace inside of one’s being. If the inner image that one holds is aligned with how others perceive one’s image, in alignment with one’s declaration of who they are and the impact of that alignment on others, then there is an expression of love coming from the inside and being received from the environment.

If the inner image is in alignment with how one perceives life, usually distorted, then there are many accidents, destruction and lots of struggle as the image of life is usually lower than the inner image.

If others image of who you are is pulled towards your own inner image, through manipulation then, there is selfish motivation governed by greed or lust, which also causes many accidents, complicated relating and lack of harmony in the environment.

If one’s perception of life is aligned with their outer image – what others perceive one to be in accordance to life purpose and declaration of who one is, then miracles happen as one resides in a state of surrender, bliss and trust, unattached and free-flowing, while being recognized for expressing their own unique creativity and a quiet ego that does not antagonize or stimulate discord in the environment.

These mirrors of reality are a subtle, life-long process of an invitation into a state of oneness. If you look inside, you will find that whatever hurts you, hurts others too. All of humanity suffers the same types of hurts, fears, disappointments and insecurities in different measures, yet all the same. This understanding eloquently demonstrates the space of oneness and the mirrors that we hold inside and outside. It also reveals the importance of living in a state of compassion and grace.


There are three principles that govern all life activity and the state of oneness, which clears karma:

1st Principle
Reality mirrors one’s state of mind

Whatever is happening around us and whoever is in the environment is our responsibility. Conscious existence commands that we act with integrity in all our interaction and be responsible for how we impact others and govern our self-respect. 

2nd Principle
Mirroring is an Invitation 

Reality constantly invites us to enter into a state of oneness, beyond the state of duality. 

If you see love all around it is easy to be in oneness, responsible, peaceful and joyful. If you see hatred, then you are being informed of karma and what must be addressed and cleared. Conscious, compassionate, humble, graceful intention keeps one free of the chains of karma and allows for an expansion, which brings  a state of oneness. 

3rd Principle
The Psychology of Reality

Having the understanding that reality, life existence, is constantly giving an invitation to step into oneness and into a state of individual empowerment operating with unique creativity and one’s own set of spiritual powers. 



The ego is in a constant state of protection through agitation, desperation and aggression, comparison and jealousy.

It is always prepared to be in a space of defensive reaction and proving as witnessed through the constant mental tapes that play throughout the day.

You can observe yourself a hundred times in one day with a mind that decides everything, knows everything, judges everything, knows what is good, what is bad, what is true, what is right and how to resolve problems. Associating reality and image of self and others with this inner talk is the expression of karma. 

By learning how to listen properly, you can actually clear the karma that is being created by the ego and constant, repeating stories that play in the mind. Through learning how to listen to others effectively, one creates more completion and lessens karma, as well. Listening is a powerful, powerful antidote for dropping karma.  

Go and stand in front of a mirror and begin talking to self and just listen while you talk. Allow the thought-currents to flow without censoring or stopping the process. This creates a form of completion that helps to clear karma. It is that simple. Authentic listening allows the subconscious to empty and clear, bringing understanding. You will experience this clearing process in a natural three-part progression:

1) First, a tantrum releasing everything that agitates

2) Then, you start to become bored

3) And finally, tiredness settles in 

Through this self-talk and listening, one’s subconscious is emptied and karma is lovingly revealed indicating with whom one must have completion and a clearing. Notice how much agony you have or how much joy you are experiencing in life. See the context from where you are operating and creating your reality. If there is any inauthenticity, lack of integrity or lack of responsibility inside of you, then you are pulled down and more karma is created. You can see what kind of reality you are creating through this purging exercise. And yes, you can take control of your life and create a better reality. For consciousness resides in the space between body and mind and has the ability to create anything, know anything and to be always blissful. This is the state of grace, with beautiful concepts and ideas for creativity.

Compulsive, paradoxical patterns are what keeps one in self-defeating habits and in a state of disempowerment. When there are lots of incompletions, it weakens the willpower and ability to create and thrive. Instead of being focused on others behavior or their lack of ability to fulfill your expectations, turn it around and focus on self, notice how you can become more responsible, more authentic and in a state of integrity. 

Allow thought-currents to flow through and not become stuck. Channel your energy into expressing unique creativity without comparison or copying another, listen to lovely Sanskrit mantras for tuning into a different sound and vibration in the mind, ultimately creating a new frequency.

This breaks the patterns of karma. By becoming authentic, real, responsible and intelligent from an integrated space, karma begins to melt and life takes on an entirely different quality and tone. 

As an adult with free will – you are the creator of your reality – good or bad. 

A long look in the mirror will confirm this to be true.  

~ Kashi