How to Make a Good Decision

Excerpt from ESOTERICS Course

Once upon a time, around the year 2007, I was informed that I am an “emotional” being with a defined Solar Plexus and that it is important to push things away and give myself time before making a decision. I was taught to wave through the changes of my thought-currents, sleep on it and eventually, maybe, if Im lucky, I get to make a decision. 

That carrot has continuously dangled a few inches beyond the tip of my nose for many years. I have actually lost out on some great opportunities by “pushing things away”.

The key for the defined, emotional Solar Plexus being is to not be overly eager as is the tendency for the defined, sensitive type for they often become enormously enthused at the presentation of new ideas, whether it is correct for them or not.

Solar Plexus defined, sensitive people are very passionate and excited about life when they are in a good mood. That is very different than pushing away opportunities and “pretending” that you are not interested. “Pushing away” is a terrible suggestion to behave inauthentic. Acting different than what you are feeling inside and telling yourself can disturb and distort the Throat Chakra tremendously. A dash of realism with a healthy dose of patience helps greatly when new ideas are presented. Knowing one’s destiny as it is written in the stars solves the overly eager response that can come up with a moment of enthusiasm. This is why it helps to know your “role” as the Astrology & Cosmology course intends.

However, there is a significant difference between the “emotional” type of person in contrast from someone who is considered “non-emotional” type (undefined Solar Plexus).  Awareness of being a defined Solar Plexus can teach the significance of being patient, trusting the flow and surrendering to divine Providence in an odd, unexpected way considering Human Design is not a spiritual teaching, in any way. 

During this twelve-year experiment, I was also informed that an external “guru” figure was no longer needed in my self-development process. Humanity had transcended beyond the need for a guide to lead the way; nor is spiritual initiation an important ritual required for evolving through the mutation that is soon to come by the year 2027.  (Guru Who?)

Please understand that the mutation for humanity is already happening and that there are children – and adults, being initiated into super-human powers by a powerful Avatar. Children and adults are learning, growing and evolving inside a group context, expanding their capacities under the tutelage of an enlightened being, exactly as the mutation intends for the human race. 


Many years ago, in the year 1990, I discovered my first guru, Swami Rama who initiated me into a powerful spiritual path. Through his educational program I learned how to do hatha yoga postures, pranayama and develop a meditation practice. I also began to purify my body from the many years of mainstream poisoned food. Swami Rama initiated me with the Gayatri Mantra and again, through a look that was passed through his eyes. During my visit at his school and while attending one of his lectures, our eyes locked as he initiated something inside of my being. Time stood still as he gazed intensely into my eyes, shifting something deep inside at the center of my body.  

I shall never forget that moment and how it felt. 

My practice continued throughout the years and by 1996, through my hatha yoga, pranayama, purification and mediation practice, I started to experience kundalini risings; from the base of my spine where I could feel the energy uncoil and travel up my spine to the top of my head coming out of my crown chakra and sprinkling a golden shower of light all around me. From that moment forward, I could simulate this rising at whim and particularly when activated in places of beauty. Truly, it is an amazing experience. This shift with the kundalini awakening sent me on a powerful transformational life journey for years to come. My life has not always been a kundalini experience as I have danced in and out of two different realities throughout the years, attempting to navigate the program and be “normal”. However, spiritual alignment and living in bliss far outweighs any gain in the material realm or a delusional love affair, I have found. At this point of maturation, I can’t imagine falling into a traditional relationship ever again. 

Im sharing this bit of information to set the stage for presenting the context of how to make a good decision. It has taken a lifetime and many experiences to dial in what it feels like, looks like and recognize what the results are of a “good decision”. I feel confident at this point, that I can pass on this wisdom that has evolved inside my being to convey a “good decision-making” strategy. I wish so much that someone had shared this wisdom with me when I was younger. It would have saved me so much heartache, confusion and unnecessary trauma and drama. May it bring insight into your own process and assist with gaining better experiences.

Nervous System and Consciousness

In 2014, I came across a youtube video as I was surfing the net. I discovered a teacher who spoke of things that I had not heard anyone else share or teach yet was very much aware of because of my own experiences.

Finally, I landed in the stream of consciousness with a teacher that spoke from a far away, deep and magical place that I once knew and was aching to find again. Gradually, my inner being began to revisit that place with his tutelage as I started practicing the exercises that he was imparting. Over time, it became apparent that I was becoming entangled again, with an authentic, living “Guru”, an Avatar and receiving powerful, cosmic initiations. My entire being began to change and evolve, wake up and transform with his presence in my life. Thank You Swamiji. 

That meant that my nervous system was becoming alive again, activated and responsive to my environment and life events as they were happening in the moment. It is very different from using the mind, pushing things away and waiting for something to happen. 

It wasn’t until I started purifying, stopped some of my nasty habits and began to meditate daily, again, while becoming receptive to the initiations that were being imparted that I started to sense this subtle navigation deep inside of my being. It also demanded that I remain celibate and independent so that I could actually feel and experience the subtle neurological nuances that were waking up in my system. Physical intimacy actually turns off the ecstatic navigational component of our system. 

This sensitivity in the body through the nervous system is critical for it speaks on behalf of consciousness, in the moment, as life is happening. It is also an integral part of how we know what is correct, who is correct and where is correct. For what may be the right decision is not always pleasant and that can make it difficult to see what is correct using only the mind. Even more so, there can be terribly challenging personalities in the correct environment, which often, is the very thing that pushes one out of a correct decision, as one lacks patience, feels confused and loses important opportunities. 

The mind has such a strong hold on the drivers wheel of life that it can make drastically wrong turns just because it is not enjoying something or its desires are not being met in a certain way or it is misinterpreting the moment through the behavior of those in the environment. The ego is a terrible, unruly child. Including, frightened, jealous, insecure people in the environment can make life very challenging to navigate and perceive correctly. 

In the Program

Often, we experience jealousy within or from others, anger and hate from disappointments, suspicion or doubt; lack of integrity from those who do not to follow through on commitments or lack of authenticity outside of integration. Depression and sadness is very common as most people are suffering a broken heart, too. It’s very, very messy in the matrix and not really pleasant most of the time for this reason. 

There are the thrills too, like when we “fall in love”. It feels wonderful when we are recognized for our talents and skills or when we help someone and make a positive difference in their life. It is exciting and joyful to play with a friend, especially when two share common interests. 

This path in life is called “the path of up and downs”. When we live in the matrix we live in a constant stream of ups and downs, sadness to happiness and from contentment to agitation. This is precisely why it is helpful to rely on a teacher who has broken free from the shackles of the up and down world to guide us out of the mess and into our natural birthright of bliss – and into correct happenings. They also contain the power to adjust our system where we may experience a level of transformation impossible to do on our own.

So how do we make a good decision while moving about in the program?

It helps first, if one understands how the cosmos operates and how the planets have designed the individual character and life path. Knowing this information removes a tremendous amount of confusion and it is incredibly empowering. An astrological reading won’t provide this understanding. One must study in great detail how they are designed and to which forces they are responding congruent with their level of awareness. Gaining that awareness has an immense, empowering impact on one’s psychology and provides tremendous insight regarding life experiences. It is this reason for the creation of the Astrology and Cosmology course. 

Secondly, humans are comprised of part animal and part spirit and are learning how to integrate these two parts. If there is a person in our life who has achieved integration of these two parts and is experiencing the fruits of that transformation, such as bliss, clarity, wisdom, flow and equanimity, then, they are a great guide. That is exactly the purpose of the Guru: he/she has transcended, become integrated and lives the example of what is possible for others.  

Why stumble around in the dark?

Two Kinds of Humans

Recently, my Guru shared some powerful tips with me in a discourse. It sheds tremendous light on a very confusing concept and it so refreshing to hear it explained from an enlightened source. 

There are two primary types of humans:

1) Intellectual, mental type

2) Sensitive body-feeling type

This is also the distinction between what is known as “Emotional and Non-emotional” in Human Design. 

Ancient sciences have been sharing this knowledge for eons – this is not new information. Keep in mind too, that every human has an emotional body, regardless of type, which is why these terms: “emotional and non-emotional” can be highly confusing and misleading. 

Each of these two types of humans respond in spontaneous awareness, in the moment, yet, they work in two vastly, different ways. There is no need to wait and push away, you can actually respond in the moment correctly, even if you have a defined Solar Plexus and are considered “emotional”. “Sensitive” is a better, more accurate term for the Solar Plexus defined. Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design was the intellectual type so of course, he did not or could not grasp how the sensitive, body-feeling type actually operates. 

 1. Intellectual Type

If one understands that they are an intellectual type, one can quickly recognize their balance point inside their system from where decisions are made – “the decision-making zone”, Swamiji calls it. This is an easy, fast technique for one to see where their mind is operating from when they are faced with a decision. If one is aware of this balance point, all one needs to do is go to this special place of balance to see how to respond when confronted with a decision. It is consistently in the same place and is a solid reference point inside the body that one can easily rely upon. One must be centered, calm and composed for this technique to work and recognize the response from a balanced state. This center point will not work properly if one is responding out of a violent emotion or feeling. 

It is essential that one is in a state of integrity and authenticity for this center point to operate as a navigational tool, effectively. It does not work based on the lower movements of the ego for desire, lust or greed. Those types of motivations are purely emotional, desire, mental attributes and are developed outside the body’s natural, original navigational process in tune with conscious navigation.

The intellectual type who does not know of nor discovers this center can easily be cheated, manipulated or taken advantage of. However, if the intellectual type discovers and uses this center point inside the body to determine what is correct, they can never be shaken, never cheated nor taken advantage of. Those who use this center point as a guiding mechanism in decision-making are always successful and never repent what they have chosen as it is always correct. Confidence in one’s decision is a tremendous feeling to hold in the body ~ and mind. 

The intellectual type will notice that in this balance point, they are available to respond in the moment, spontaneously without confusion, doubt or suspicion and without any sense of priority – one just knows. There is no deliberation or thought process with this method. Again, this technique is spontaneous and it is consistently in the same place inside the body for this type of human – an important point to keep in mind. 

2. The Sensitive Body-Feeling Type

This type of person cannot grasp the center point intellectually, they must go into their body and feel certain sensations. This takes time to develop and the awareness of it does not happen instantly like it can happen with the Intellectual type.

The sensitive body-feeling type can actually feel emotions connected to internal organs, which naturally feel and respond to thought-currents. However, it takes time to learn the body sensation language and what it is conveying, how to use the information for making a decision in the moment and to grasp the understanding that it is holographic and multi-dimensional in function. This awareness is very different from how we are taught and programmed to think and function in a traditional, educational environment designed for serving the matrix.  

If the body-feeling type tunes into their internal organs, they can actually “see” which chakra is being activated in response to a decision, an idea or in connection with another person. This awareness demonstrates the intention and the psychology of the interaction, which provides the ability to move consciously for creating a positive experience and for heading in the right direction.

If the Body-Feeling type takes their awareness to the chakra where the thought-current is coming from they can observe the body go into automatic healing on that chakra and the internal organ associated with it. The body has greater ability to heal itself beyond any mental capability and if the mind attunes and aligns to the body, its an immediate surge of energy for correcting misalignment or for leading into the right direction. If the body is allowed to do its job, it naturally heals itself as it moves into correct time and space, harmonious interaction and a loving state of being, which naturally moves energy in the right direction, without thought or mind or an emotional reaction. Life just flows as the body knows. 

In this space of awareness, one moves in peaceful, heart-felt interaction with compassion, which indicates correct alliances, correct environment and key connections for work or collaboration. One can observe the chakras to understand intention and respond through body-feeling as they explore, experience and mature in their process of gaining understanding of the subtle mechanics. 

Read more about chakras, emotions, internal organs and senses to gain greater understanding of subtle guidance here


This body-feeling movement through life is holographic, kaleidoscope-like and expanded in multi-directions in contrast to the linear, singular movement of the intellectual type. You can see that these two types are vastly different and often, these two types are attracted to each other and enter into romantic relationships because they are so intrigued by the difference. Yet, it can create very, messy circumstances trying to understand the other and adopt each other’s movement through life; even more so when the chemistries merge through love-making and the two become one. This is probably the main cause for such mayhem in the program, trying to merge and relate from such vastly different space of awareness and the confusion that comes with it.

Often, when people come to me for a reading, one of the most common questions asked is “When will I meet my soulmate?”  

My response is: darling you are it!

Learning how to be contained, whole and sensitive to one’s own being is a new way of moving through the program yet, pivotal to the mutation that is impacting humanity at this time and the changes that it is bringing into social relating. 

How the Body Heals Naturally

We can witness our body conduct healing through the practice of pranayama where the seeds of disease first rest before manifesting in the physical layer. If there are problems with breathing as indicated through the right and left nostrils, there is a disease brewing from misalignment or incorrect choices from diet to thought-currents to relationships to environment and most likely, lots of toxins in the body. Applying pranayama regularly throughout the day helps to clear the seeds and mental tapes out of the nervous system, where blocks first occur and distort our perception and breed disease.  When the nostrils are blocked and perception is distorted, so is the decision-making. When the nostrils are clear so is the perceiving and the decision-making.  

When you reach the point where you can observe this happening inside of you, know that you are tasting the essence of enlightenment. 

The body uses “feelings” to do the work and if the mind gets in the way, it cannot work effectively. This is why the process of completion: clearing emotional blocks that have been created by past experiences that are lodged in the nervous system is essential, even before applying the practice of pranayama, for assisting the body in conducting its healing work and bringing improved perceiving for making a good decision. 

Nervous System Navigation

Through observation of the body and its fantastic healing abilities, the body-feeling type naturally begins to feel, in the moment, the response to phone calls, emails, visitors and events through the central nervous system as the body orchestrates, reveals and conducts its work as intended and on behalf of higher conscious navigation ~ serendipitously.  Correct alliances, correct environment and key connections for work or collaboration are easily experienced as bliss in the nervous system when one has reached a peak of purity in physical body, a clear emotional body and gained a level of consciousness through initiation and experience.

The body knows who is correct, what is the right place and when it is the perfect time, spontaneously guided by conscious awareness communicating through the nervous system. Life is constantly changing and the body delights in experiencing positive movement as the Higher Self navigates reality into a blissful space.  It feels tremendous and far outweighs any sensation derived from pleasure of the program through fantasy, delusion or greed. Centered in this realm of awareness, navigated by consciousness, sets a deep peaceful, relaxed feeling inside the body.

~ Om, shanti, shanti, shanti, Om ~

Purification is a wonderful method to assist with getting more in touch with the body and its voice, just like the ancient teachings have taught for over 5,000 years through the various branches of the yoga science. Humans are complex yet, very definable and predictable as seen through the lens of astrology. We are all mental patterns with a spirit yearning to be free, attempting to learn, consciously and unconsciously, how to use the body to navigate life into bliss and a peaceful space.

No need to stumble around in the dark confused and in despair when bliss is in the air. 

Free yourself, allow the mutation to happen inside of you, be present to the moment and willing to open your heart and flow with life changes.

Un-clutching and surrender are the keys no matter what type you are. 

An authentic, enlightened source for gaining correct understanding is essential.
Thank You Swamiji.