Senses and Purification


Plus MIND equals 6 senses

There are six senses that manage knowledge, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, which gathers material from outside the body through the physical nerves and their organs, eyes, ear, nose, skin, palate. The sixth sense, mind, receives direct thought impressions from outside and from within, simultaneously. 

With the sense of smell comes the ability to determine or intuit a correct alliance. With the sense of taste comes the ability to determine food or poison and display or speak strong emotions or offer kindness, intelligence or humor. With the sense of hearing, comes the ability to hear truth or deceit behind words or immediately intuit correct direction. With the sense of touch, comes the ability to apply healing or creative energy and to manifest.  With the sense of sight, comes the gift to enjoy beauty on the material plane and to identify uniqueness. Senses play a big role in how we experience life. 

An obstruction in the nerve pathways can easily distort information that is being fed to the mind and interpreted by the senses. When the mind is not clear, then false judgments, false imagination, false memory, false observation, false comparison, false contrast, deduction, induction, and inference come into the perception process of people, places and events.

All of types of reactions can be traced to some kind of emotional imbalance and a block in the nerve channels that is created through a habitual way of consistently looking at things in the same way and distorting how one perceives.

These blocks can only be cleared through a purification of emotions and habits. For purification of emotions one applies pranayama, clearing the subtle nerve pathways, ultimately causing a deliberate state of calmness. For purification of habits the practice of Yamas and Niyamas is applied. Through a clearing of passive memory and karma, completion exercises are applied. Through the practice of Pratyahara, right concentration, applying conscious will-power converts into higher intelligence. 



Through careful observation over an extended period of time, one can see contrasting realities physically, emotionally and spiritually in accordance to the changing of environment and people. There may be a knot in the stomach when someone is near, there may be aches and pains or there may be sniffles, a clogged sinus or sneezing if a new person has just walked into the environment. You can see these subtle cues easily through the senses if you are paying attention. Even thought-currents in the atmosphere belonging to others cause ideas to flow through one’s mind that would never be there if one were alone. 

A time of purification is essential to rejuvenate and align to a cognition that brings a sweeter fragrance and a smoother trajectory. If one remains in the same environment, often, there is very little change or efficient clearing of  senses or nerve pathways causing little change in life direction, no matter how hard one tries to purify. One must remove themselves from the environment and isolate their aura so that it can empty and reset according to one’s own life design.

Time alone to empty and purify changes the way a person experiences smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing, which naturally changes one’s life experiences and the process of decision-making.

One must be in a focused environment with a degree of privacy and have alone time for more than twenty-one days to break the rhythm of how one lives their daily life. It takes at least a full month to change the way the emotional body is directing and controlling life events and interpreting color, vibration, sound, fragrance and so on. Once the senses have undergone a thorough cleansing and rejuvenation, an entirely new operating system can come forward to control the direction of life. Purified senses can bring new experiences and new people that feel correct, suitable and appropriate, healing and nurturing.