What is the Emotional Body

The Emotional Body sits in the Solar Plexus region as an entity with color, odor and the frequency of an unorganized cloud that is often, filled with dark patches much like storm clouds and discolorations of dark hues.


The Emotional Body is an aspect of the ego and it’s desires.

Most people move throughout life with the Emotional Body in control and driving their life experiences.



This heavy, dark, unpleasant cloud that one carries around is filled with thought-forms attached to past experiences and especially those that are highly, emotionally traumatic. It also fills up with the subtle thought-forms from people and places moving about throughout the day as one is experiencing different environments.

Past lives, relationships: friends, enemies, acquaintances or lovers, conditioning from parents, caretakers and environments, all of these things shape the overall condition of this auric cloud.

Through the Solar Plexus ganglia, emotions are registered for impacting blood chemistry in the brain and activating physiological responses that carry an electrical jolt, like when one experiences a sudden surprise. The emotional body becomes addicted to these jolts and seeks out people and situations, which re-create the sensations that it has become addicted to.

The emotional body moves in a spiral fashion and feeds upon itself, which is why it seeks out the people and situations that will recreate the electrical jolts for food.

If the emotional body is living on fear, it will create an illusion to seek out fear, grab it and bring it into the being to nourish itself.

If the emotional body is craving sex, it will create delusion to fulfill it’s desire. If the emotional body is feeling lonely, isolated and unloved, it will eat food to fill itself up and to feel whole.

Psychically, you can observe the shade of the aura emitting a deeper hue for one second as an expression of satisfaction upon the ingestion of emotional energy frequencies. This same action is witnessed as a type of “smirk-like” smile on the face of a the one eating and living off the emotional reactions of others, unconsciously, as it’s consuming and reacting with satisfaction.

The emotional body is the place where the hooks are created with lovers, family members or unhealthy, co-dependent relationships. If these relationships are not healed and cleared during this lifetime, they remain into the next lifetime as karma – to be lived through again until cleared.

Likewise, any deep-seated emotional ties in this lifetime most likely, stem from a past life. Often, the emotional trauma from a past life is repeated in this lifetime so that it can be cleared. Sometimes, it can take several lifetimes to heal one particular emotional trauma and gain a clearing of the experience and its imprint. One of the great benefits of working with an enlightened being, an incarnation, is their ability to clear this messy residue of many lifetimes with the wave of a hand, if the student is ready for radical transformation.

The Emotional Body is very active and does not allow for rest. It feeds continuously upon the impact of experiences and the desires that brew inside the mind throughout the day as one interacts. It also churns away at night while one is sleeping and impresses upon the dream world, shaping the reality that one experiences the next day.

Humans live lifetime after lifetime with these imprints of emotional patterns and addictions and experience is the only way to change these imprints. Therefore, lessons are chosen before birth for each lifetime, as a means to gain a clearing in some way. An effective way to clear quickly is through the process of completion, which works directly with the subconscious mind where ancient memories tend to exist. 



Eventually, through practice combined with spiritual disciplines, working with the right teacher or guide, the emotional body comes into abeyance of the Higher Self.  Once the emotional body has been tamed and stilled, it gradually dissipates and fades away allowing for consciousness to function in its place.

When this transformation happens, a higher form of intelligence takes over that is free of emotional reactions and their tendency to drive life experiences.