Mutation 101

Taught in ESOTERICS 101

A Mutating Universe

~ If you start tasting the possibilities of existence beyond the five senses and the mind, means conscious mutation has started in you….in a very limited way you experience only five senses – seeing, listening, tasting, touching, smelling. […] When the Third Eye is awakened, beyond all these six – five perception and permutation, combination; processing – of the mind; beyond all these six, you start tasting the possibility of existence. Means, the conscious mutation starts in you. Understand.”

~ H.D.H. Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam 

Many have heard about the mutation happening with humanity and mostly, through the Human Design teachings as well as, alternative, obscure sources. One of the greatest assertions of the Human Design teaching, in my opinion, is the slight emphasis on the mutation.  If more people were aware of what is happening right now with planetary forces activating change in their life they might be inclined to make slightly different decisions. 

The concept of a mutation is not new. Writings from ancient, spiritual sources and even guru’s present in the twentieth century such as, The Mother, the representation of Shakti force of the Sri Aurobindo Integral Yoga philosophy movement, with Sri Aurobindo propounded and popularized the concept of a new type of human endowed with superhuman-powers and abilities. Scholars of ancient texts and learned guru’s have been aware of this important mutation, a shift in consciousness and the onset of the “superhuman” as a coming event and often, refer to this time period as the “10,000 year Golden Age”. 

In the ancient texts: Brahma Vaivarta Purana, chapter 129, Lord Krishna foretells of the Kali Yuga era, a period beginning approximately five-thousand years ago and lasting for many more, that human life would be full of extreme hardships especially for those operating from a place of innocence, ideals and values. 

Lord Krishna further shares that during this time of hardship, he would return to initiate the “Golden Age”. With his return to Earth would come the teachings of how to worship the gods and reverently abide by the scriptures and their instructions. It is taught that one is protected from the adverse effects of the age of darkness that Kali Yuga represents if they practice meditation and it’s science, including Rama yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raja yoga, Jnana yoga and the repetition of mantras. 

Many Shaivites maintain that only through SHIVA and his teachings does one have the ability to transcend the effects of the Kali Yuga era. Shiva insists on applying willpower with disciplines to override desire and its path of emotional ups and downs. In so doing, one may achieve enlightenment, the state of samadhi, the state of oneness with source, also known as the state of union.   

This is what the mutation brings, an awakening of higher faculties brought to life through the application of ancient methods based on spiritual principles. With the activation of these higher faculties comes a physical mutation of the eyes, the throat, the intestines, the stomach and ears. As the frequency raises in the etheric and nerve body, so do parts of the human physical form. 

The eyes work with the growing activation of the Ajna Chakra, expanding vision, clearing the aura and responding to environment and people. Many of the younger generation are currently undergoing this activation and experiencing symptoms of irritation, swelling, and redness as emotional blocks deep inside from previous lives and this life are being prompted up and out the body. Exposure to different environments and energies create irritation for the eyes, too. This sensitivity and change in the physical eyes facilitates the ability to shift, advance and reposition – or “mutate” in other words.

The change in operation of the Throat chakra is first felt in the transformation of sexual energy as the personality no longer responds to energized, magnetic-driven desires. Shared vision and common goal becomes the motivating theme as each individual correctly aligns and focuses energies. Of course, events, people, activities and places change as life moves like a flowing river. There is an aspect of joyful independence that overrides fears, doubts, depression or confusion that often, happen when there are changes occurring.

Ears tune into celestial sounds for initiation and navigation, which many experience without realizing they are being guided by a higher being. If one becomes still enough, an observation of energy shifting in the ears during meditation can be realized.

The stomach and intestines evolve to embrace a refined diet for feeding the “light body”, allowing for greater intake of prana, which naturally creates a more vital, healthy machine. Cosmic, spiritual “Light” rapidly replaces dense food that taxes digestion, assimilation and elimination process, causing the body to age rapidly. With a decrease in solid foods, an increase in herbal liquids of small quantity, a balance in body and mind quickly occurs and rapid purification, healing and transformation takes place.



A primary component to this activation caused by the mutation is a three-part shift in the Solar Plexus chakra.  

The first phase of the mutation begins with the discovery and understanding of the lower mind operating out of the three lower chakras navigating life events and relationships and orchestrating the thought-field.  

The second phase is the realization that there are sensations connected to different organs, chakras and body parts communicating cues ~ in the moment ~ for conscious navigation ~ in the moment.

In the third phase, one learns to surrender, trust living in the moment, manage the ego and the pressures inherent in the astrological design while embracing the transformational power of humility with the application of spiritual disciplines.

Then, the Heart Chakra opens, simply put.

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