Mutation of Solar Plexus

Taught in ESOTERICS 101


As humanity shifts from the Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius, many people are moving from a reality that is governed by the Solar Plexus into a state that is integrated with an activated Heart chakra. Many are beginning to receive impressions from higher forces with an activated Ajna, which becomes very busy clearing the aura once it has been “turned on” so to speak.

Before one has fully mutated the three lower chakras are in control of the life force: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus. Life issues surrounding survival, desire for family and home, sexuality, expending energy for providing, such as working a job, self-confidence and the drive to compete in order to rise to the top of the heap become the major life themes.

Gradually, one learns to overcome the influence of the emotional body through unfolding awareness that happens naturally in life’s three-part cyclical maturation process: Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition and Kiron Return

At first stage of the mutation of the Solar Plexus, one begins to cut ties with friends who no longer resonate with the new frequency that is evolving and often, one changes environments or homes.

In the second stage of the mutation, a greater expression of individuality takes over and self-confidence rules with healthy boundaries. The first thoughts of celibacy arise during this second phase as moments of aloneness bring enriching creative opportunities, a clear space free from the influence of others and a calm environment, clear of emotional drama, to reside, create and rest in.

At this point, consciousness begins to bounce between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakra, at interim.

In the third stage of the Solar Plexus mutation, the point of consciousness begins to sample heart-centered awareness as higher forces make their impact; health improves, third-eye awareness opens and celibacy becomes a permanent life choice.

Finally, at this third transition and point of mutation, the Heart chakra with the third crystal is activated and given control of the vehicle. This third crystal works through the “Thousand-Petal Lotus” also known as Crown Chakra and has a complete system of operations based on an evolutionary theme working through the Heart Center, Ajna and Throat, combined.

When we explore the meaning behind the three names that Ra Uru Hu gave the Ego, Will, Heart center in the Human Design science, we find the clues to the three-part mutation of the Solar Plexus chakra and the emotional body.

The term ‘Ego’ represents that which has much to learn, karma to clear and adjustment of perspective. The title ‘Will’ is used for the one who uses intelligence over desire. The title ‘Heart’ represents that which is activated, turned on and flowing, radiating divine, creative energy. This is what we call the state of synthesis.

When one is ‘enlightened’ as they say, the form looks entirely different on an etheric level. No longer does the form hold channels and gates and no longer does it vibrate a tone, nor does it have a smell or a color. Life moves much slower when awareness has opened up and blossomed in the form; it is much more calm.

The body of the one who has transcended the grip of emotions carries a soft, floral fragrance in its wake and radiates magnanimous energy that can spontaneously heal those who are standing near. Because the “transcended one” is not distracted by the emotional reality, higher forces work through the body, using it as an instrument for uplifting humanity.

Om Namo Sivaya



Kashi  / February 2018