The Guru Appears

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

In order for an awakening to occur, a teacher is necessary to guide and lead the way. This is the purpose of the guru figure, to demonstrate the steps that lead to higher consciousness. With the assistance of the guru, super-powers naturally encoded are gradually awakened.

This is the basis of surrender, a humble respect and reverence for the teacher who is acting as an instrument for the Divine and giving up the lower energies for the Higher Energies.

It is a merger, a blending and a rising of energies from the Root chakra and upward in a gradual process of unfolding, much like the bud of a rose. As the energy rises the form is transformed from the conflict of resistance, separateness, division, insecurity, all attributes of the ego towards an amalgamation. Once this cohesion of energies occurs, one is able to claim their individuality as a part of the whole, not separate as the ego often creates with attitude and insecurity.

Once the student has been transformed, they are able to uplift, enrich and cause transformation in others surrounding them, harmonizing forces.

This process cannot be found or experienced through reading books, it happens only through initiation with an enlightened being.



There are three kinds of gurus that are available to guide the soul. First, the parents. Next, is the family guru or one that is chosen by the child, such as a grandparent or aunt or uncle, etc. The third guru, often the most demanding is the ultimate, great teacher who accepts no excuses and is unforgiving in the lessons applied. This type of guru is recognized as “Visvaguruji Maha-Maharaj”.

The Visvaguruji Maya-Maharaj, never gives direct advice nor guidance and tends to leave lessons for each experience to be discovered or not. This type of guru allows one to “learn by one’s own mistakes”. The teachings and blessings come from this type guru come through unexpected happenings.

Pleasure and pain are the effective methods of instruction for those who turn their back on all possible gurus on their path, such as parents, elders, teachers and spiritual gurus.

However, everyone has a guru in some form, some way whether they realize it or not.

Those who are on the path of the ego, often claim to be their own guru. It is a raw, eccentric egotism. A doctor does not become a doctor on his own accord nor does an engineer, nor a stewardess nor a lawyer. In the same way, on the path of perfection a person cannot ultimately gain full skills for accomplishing enlightenment without direction and wisdom in some capacity from a higher source. It is the higher source that actually initiates and pulls matter in its direction.


There are two kinds of students: (1) Those who know they need someone to guide them

…..(2) and those who sample many different teachers, test them and find them unsatisfactory. These students are on the path of pleasure seeking sex, money or food or clothing. The focus of this type of student is self-indulgence and often, attend a variety of programs at any moment, anywhere in the world. This is the path when the guidance of the guru is rejected.


The Mother




Choosing A Guru

In the same way, if you have not seen your parents in five or ten years but suddenly saw them in a crowd, you would know that it was them as soon as you saw them. This is how it is experienced when you meet your guru. There are many commercial gurus but the true guru does not have many students, only a handful of disciples will be near the traditional type of guru or spiritual teacher imparting the keys and initiation for enlightenment.

Swami Rama

When looking for a guru, feel the vibration of the person who has caught your attention. Observe how the students interact, notice their caliber of discipline and quality of life. In this way, you can see the caliber of teacher that the guru is. Discover who the teacher is of the guru, himself and where his/her power comes from. This is how you can see what kind of a guru this person is. Don’t go hunting for a guru, allow yourself to be alert for when you encounter the correct guru. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

A guru-disciple relationship can take place for years on a higher plane before meeting on the material plane in the physical body. Through a resonation of energy and vibration, the connection is made, hastening the clearing of karma in an orderly fashion.

The guru is necessary because the mind is cunning and the ego is self-perpetuating. It is unable to transcend itself by itself. Therefore, one must align with the teacher who has lived through the same experience and transcended their ego with the support of their own guru.

The path of enlightenment is intense and if the guru is not creating an intensification in your process then they are a philosophical teacher, only. Not all gurus are realized, enlightened beings, even tho they may share a powerful message and impart transformational tools.

Sri Aurobindo

When a devotee or student comes to the guru, they are first asked to conduct simple tasks. If the student does them willingly, the guru takes the student under their wing for a deeper, inner training. This darshan power is felt constantly by the student as they are working together, in person and at a distance.

However, if the student is not applying the disciplines or teachings, then the guru is not close, realizing the fluctuating efforts could be dangerous as the student evolves. The students loyalty, consistency and resolution are continuously tested as well as the students personal will, allowing for an inner growing, maturing process to occur.

Once the guru has arrived, the aspirant must be loyal to him and stay with one guru only. One must not go from one guru to another because of the vibrations and training received. The process with the guru opens psychic seals moving the students awareness, opening to the radiance of the guru. If one is ardent and persistent in the teachings and disciplines that are being passed, the psychic seals are lifted.

One must do their part for allowing the transformation.



Resolving karma is a very important reason for having a guru.

Without the guidance of a guru, the students mind becomes divided between instinctive and intellectual forces causing difficulty in resolving karma and lacking successful completions. Only when karma has been cleared can the mind be still enough to experience its own superconscious state.

If one has a guru who guides the clearing of complicated, challenging karma and bestows the boons of good karma, he is fortunate to have the powers that assist in this process.

The guru who teaches superconscious experience teaches in his immediate environment and anywhere in the world with those who are entangled with him. There is no space or time that divides the audience chamber when the guru sits in super-consciousness. Through the initiation from the guru, the inflow of knowledge, sustenance, security and grace are imparted to the devotee.

When one decides that they want to live a life that is holy and spiritual, then the appearance of a guru happens. Without question it is obvious when it is the correct guru for there is a natural resonation affirming the relationship and work to be done.


GURU PATH– four stages


1) A complete refinement through practices

2) Worship and awaking of Bhakti force

3) Disciplines practiced under guidance

4) Enriching others with the guidance of guru


Through these steps the disciple creates new patterns of evolution in their system, radiating life-changing blessings to all that they come into contact with.