Three-Part Human System

Taught in ESOTERICS  / Introduction to Spiritual Living


The Emotional Body is the coordinating force of the etheric body and the nervous system. Through the incarnation of the emotional body one chooses the type of life that is to be lived with the karma and lessons intended to evolve and mature the being while choosing the parents and karmic imprint they provide.

The Emotional Body produces moods, desires, color, note, and fragrance. It connects to the physical body through heart organ using the spleen organ as it’s life thread.

The Emotional body is governed by the nervous system, the cerebral-spinal system, the sensory system of nerves and peripheral system of nerves. It is the apparatus used to vitalize the body and is controlled by vital energy and energy of the environment where one is sitting.



The physical body is the vehicle of expression utilizing flesh, muscle, and bone as it correlates with the nervous system and is energized by the LIFE Spirit through the vital principle, PRANA.
The vitality of the physical body becomes gauged by the condition and activity of the heart organ. It not only circulates life fluids but also generates a certain kind of intelligence.




Spirit is the central force that uses the brain as the main seat of activity. It governs the brain, heart and breathing. It is the part of our being that mysteriously disappears at death and partially during our sleeping hours.

Spirit can be observed through the lungs, nervous system and blood stream as the ‘life force’ transporting energy stored up by the chakras for life expression. It is not the endocrine system.

The blood stream is the agent of the glandular system (chakras) and carries essential elements to every part of the body creating psychology and actions. When SPIRIT is control of the life force, it penetrates through and radiates into the blood stream giving a type of life-force that causes life or death.

Once a transformation has taken place inside the three-part system, Spirit uses the physical body to relate the personality, skills, talents and life expression, as it flows energy outward through speech and breathing.

Through an initiatory, transformational process facilitated by an enlightened being, consciousness expands and expresses in accordance to the degree of integrity, authenticity, awareness of responsibility that comes with growing consciousness and the action of enriching others.