Cultivate and Expand the Capacity to Perceive

Nothing feels more “yummy” than positive fractal connections.

A positive fractal connection is the coming together of souls who are aligned for sharing creative efforts towards the good of humanity, in some way. It is not a romantic connection like the hot electromagentics or DNA impulse of “opposites attract” nor is it a “sticky” type of relationship that tradition brings. Nay, it is the coming together of like-ness at the core of the being. Fractal connecting is very cool in nature yet, strikingly, vividly hotter than the sensation of warmth produced by the effect of “opposites”.  This is the reason why it can easily become the main impulse that attracts one to another, if given the chance. 

Inside our human form we have two main operating systems: (1) The Emotional body lower mind psychology (2) the higher mind as consciousness acting out through form. These two systems are very, very different from the other. The first is governed by desire and fear and the second by intelligent willpower, which overrides emotionally reactive behavior. Both are fueled by heat however, one is “hot” and one is “cool”.

Perception Expansion

Most people live within the perception of one or two dimensions of existence: physical waking plane and the sleeping dream plane: length and breath. Surprisingly, there are actually eleven planes of existence, not just two, that are possible in the human, seven-gland system. There are other dimensions such as depth, time and space, too. It is in the plane of depth that one’s reality is created yet it remains as an unconscious component to the modern state of human awareness.

You can see, to grasp this ancient wisdom of eleven dimensions, one must cultivate and expand the capacity to perceive. 

The title of this article is written on a friend’s kitchen message board as a focus point for his mental churning. Brilliant. To expand perception opens one up to the consideration of the other nine dimensions of existence, which reveals much more activity happening than what we realize. It’s humbling.



Of course, this friend is aligned with me through fractal geometry and understands the significance of embracing an ever-expanding abstract cognition.  It’s nice when someone has the courage to step outside of the conditioning fields to embrace possibilities, the sign of a humble ego.

It feels wonderful in the body too, when we land in the environment of one who is aligned within our group fractal in a harmonious way such as this friendship. The soul loves it when this type of connection is made as the body relaxes, unwinds, feels no tension and tastes an occasional ripple of bliss. When one is free-flowing in their own trajectory, unattached, these type of connections are made while in movement, as one is being productive and creative. This is the path of the modern, western sadhu. 

Fractal Sharing

The conversation shared between my fractal friend centered around romantic relationships today. It is understandable with the type of fractal connection we have that he has attraction for me. Considering the way that humans are conditioned and raised, this kind of connection can easily be mistaken as a wonderful romantic liaison. 

Seeing what happens when energies merge while creating the “third entity”, and the mayhem that follows, romance is just not interesting or attractive to me. I would much rather play and create as individuals with our own unique expression, clear auras and stable identities than act out ownership through partnership and the confusion that intimate, physical merging brings. No thanks. 

These special type of fractal connections are the type of friendships that spur successful, productive activity in the program based on a system that is integrated and whole. I like that. This type of liaison, when focused and in alignment as co-workers causes recognition for talents and skills as abundance naturally flows. Cool. 

The degree of harmony, as seen in the composite chart readings, indicates how easy the process will be with each group member. Fortunately, this fractal friend that I was visiting is chemically aligned in harmony, which is a great bonus to our time spent together. It’s super harmonious, relaxing, resonate and productive.

It was a wonderful affirmation watching this truth about fractal alignment in action once I arrived at the environment. A flurry of interest in my services for readings began immediately once news of my arrival had circulated in the social circle. This is what happens when we align positively within our group family: activity happens, abundance flows and respectful recognition happens. With each of these new opportunities presented, the measure of grace and humility determines fate and outcome. 

Quality of Fractal Alignment

Depending on which highway you choose to travel determines what type of fractal alignment will happen next.  

What we find is that most people travel a highway that is built upon the magnetic pull of opposites.  Fractal connections easily become disregarded when romance is in the air. One can make a positive fractal connection for work and yet, upon finding their “true love”, lose focus on what was created through fractal alliance, feeling as though they have fallen into a “fateful love-affair”. 

It’s no wonder a student attending Astrology & Cosmology class asked recently, “I have noticed that many people are not aligning with their group fractals, why is that so?”

Even tho a fresh love-affair often feels fated, one is actually, falling out of fate at these drastic moments in change of direction and attention. Loss of group focus quickly, dissipates a vision and suffers the loss of great opportunities arriving on the horizon. It happens often with rosy-cheeks, hot, passionate love and delusion filling the mind.


Sitting on the living-room couch, I pointed out to my long-time, good friend enthusiastically: “Our time together does not have to be about romance. We can enjoy a powerful, harmonious connection for successful collaboration and continue this groovy vibe between us”. 

A little more about the astrological, fractal connection was shared, too and the good fortune to be aligned in a positive, harmonious way.

I liked his response: “Let’s find out. You be you and I’ll be me and we’ll just let it be”.

And then we both enjoyed a moment of soft, mature laughter.