Integration of Female and Male Forces

Introduced in ESOTERICS 101 Course




Often, we see the symbol of yoni and lingam together in one religious icon as the Shivalinga, comprised of both the Lingam and the Yoni, this ancient symbol represents the merging of male and female forces, outside and inside, socially, romantically and independently.

This is the interdependence and union of magnetic energies for creation and regeneration of all life on the material plane.

We see this exemplified further through the teachings of the two deities, Shiva and Shakti or Shiva and Parvati, positioned in various forms of sexual union or with Parvati or aka Shakti sitting in Shiva’s lap or the couple saddled on their animal carrier, side by side.


We can witness a balance of feminine and masculine energies inside our human system through the forces of actinic and odic energy streams playing through the right (masculine) and left (feminine) sides of the body. We can experience and observe these forces through the right and left nostrils and our physical eyes.


Full integration is seen in the harmony of the right and left eyes. Most people’s eyes are out of balance, hence the forces inside one’s being are out of balance until a level of integration and consciousness has been achieved.









If you take a “selfie” photo, you can see your current state of balance with these same energies. This state of balance will also change according to environment and the people residing as demonstrated through the series of “selfies” taken in different situations.


The deity that is a combination of Shiva and Shakti, half man and half woman is referred to as: Ardhanarishvara, which translates as “The Lord who is half woman”, we find the representation of cosmic male and female energies of the universe.

On the material plane, both of these forces are constantly drawn to each other to embrace and fuse in the magnetic pull of opposites..

Through the symbolism of Ardhanarishvara, the duality created through the play of opposites disappears, unifying and becoming one as a complete representation of the universe in human form.



God becomes both male and female, father and mother, aloof and active, fearsome and gentle, ultimately the Divine hermaphrodite.



Through this archetype, Shiva is presented as the ascetic who is spiritual while Shakti is presented as the material, illusory world. The two opposing, yet complimentary ways of life are reconciled and harmonized as one moves beyond gender through the merging of masculine and feminine universal forces inside of one’s own system: Actinic and Odic.


Ancient texts suggest through this archetype that when the inner masculine and inner feminine meet, one is in a perpetual state of ecstasy.