Mantras, Pranayama, Meditation and Asanas

The words spoken inside of the mind, internally, create one’s existence. This is the purpose of mantras, to apply the sound of syllables designed and used to flush out the internal organs so that muscle memory changes and the constitution of the being moves from Tamas to Sattwa using the force of Raja, consciously, for manifesting and emanating bright light.

The mantra passed onto a disciple from an enlightened guru-figure acts as a catalyst for this change in muscle, blood, brain, aura and vibration.

As the seeds of karma get burned up, knots in the channels get smoothed out by his touch, pathways are opened in the brain by prana, transforming the senses, which one can actually here and witness happening while sitting in meditation.

So does the nature of a being change – drastically from ignorant and asleep to glowing, aware and with access to the Akashic realm, the source of all knowledge. A very empowering process, I might add, and radically different from the traditional, western, orthodox belief systems.

With prana streaming into the body, there are less thought-currents and there is an abundance of light.

This is the purpose behind the yoga practice of pranayama, to settle the thought-currents so that prana may enter the body and ultimately, align one with their core belief and be in a space of integrity.

Ancient science teaches that if one practices asanas, hatha yoga postures, Tamas is squeezed out of the muscles and pain is released from the body, allowing pure prana to enter. Through the study of higher principles, such as the Vedas and Agamas, the mind is trained to think in a new way that is healthy and edifying for the entire human system. This allows higher strategies to be established for aligning one’s life and fulfilling the responsibilities that bring great satisfaction, good health and a large, radiant aura.

With the practice of Pranayama, one learns how to breath without thinking so that one may align with their integrity and true beliefs. Try counting your breath as you inhale, count while holding and count out as you exhale slowly and hold again, counting before inhaling. You will see that conscious breathing and counting of seconds leaves very little space to think about anything else. The holding between breaths also clears the nerve pathways where thought-currents brew. Its application works in two ways, effectively.

Using mantras to transmute the body on a cellular level causes the being to live and move from pure integrity as organs get cleared, healed and attend towards a higher vibration. Meditation with the mantra and deep breathing of prana creates the bridge, the antakharana, for Higher Self to penetrate while bringing a wonderful state of bliss into the body.

Every time one aligns with their inner truths consciously, as they are moving through life, two-three issues get solved immediately. This is an added bonus feature to the practice of pranayama combined with hatha yoga, mantras and meditation. The body melts, the aura shines and radiates, sending electrifying healing energy into the environment as one is highly productive doing what they love, while building a strong foundation for living fully in a state of bliss.