Prana and Light


Breathing in prana, a strong, vital life force, raises the light quotient inside the human system considerably.

It is the flow of prana that feeds this very special inner light growing inside, on the etheric plane of our multi-dimensional self.  As prana intake increases, light expands, grows in glow and electrifies life with sweet manifestation and fulfillment.

When life is filled with the activity that is in alignment with one’s highest purpose, without conditioning and is fertile with creative forces unending, prana is filling the body with vital life force. This causes the aura to grow and grow and the flame of aspiration burn brighter and brighter. The skin also glows and radiates, as it is apparent when the light is turned on and growing in a fertile space of integrity. This glow will only happen in the space of celibacy, tho. The combined aura of lovers keeps the two in a bubble of oxygen, creating a slight film between the source of prana and the aura. That is fine.

This is why reincarnation is built into the cosmic plan and the ultimate purpose of SHIVA. It takes many, many lifetimes to realize universal truths and then, apply them to one’s own constitutional makeup. If everyone woke up at the same time, there would be no glamour nor war and existence would look radically different on this planet. An aspect of this evolution is happening tho, as seen in the context of the new “RAVE” species that Human Design highlights and Ra Uru Hu, the founder expounds upon. As he points out, the new species is not interested in merging their body with another through the sexual act because they can see what happens to their individuality if they were to do such a thing. This fact is realized through enlightened psychic vision (third-eye awake).

It is the Higher Self that is watching and listening to the thought-currents running through the mind and observing the decisions that are being made, determining whether to grow the aura or shrink it back. When one is in joy, the Higher Self stretches the aura, expands it out and radiates a glow of health, contentment and peaceful feeling to all who are near. It is medicine for everyone who come into contact or near its orbit. In a state of integrity, living according to the truths that one holds deep inside, the aura grows intensely, larger and larger, thicker and thicker, creating its own spiritual atmosphere based on the integrity of Self.