Sacred Trinity

The western religious spiritual figure-head: Father, Son and Holy Ghost, actually began thousands of years before the Christian belief system adopted their own interpretation of the holy combination of three.

This ancient, original, Hindu sacred trinity, called Trimurti is found upon the premise of Brahma (Spirit) the creator, Vishnu (Son) the preserver, and Shiva (Father) the transformer, all three together as one force are united through an incarnating avatar recognized as Dattatreya and the representation of consciousness.


This representation of three archetypes originated roughly, around 1500 BC or earlier, epitomizing the worship of nature through prayer, praise and actions.

The Christian trinity began in the 1st century AD founded in Rome and soon spread throughout Northern Europe and Russia. Creatively, the trinity was implemented and used as a tool to invoke fear as a means to control the masses. Certainly, many had fallen short of the glory of God and were going to hell if they didn’t repent their sins to the local priest sitting behind a wall as the sinner begged for mercy and forgiveness. Incredibly disempowering act for the commoner who relied on a sick, twisted concept of something originally designed to impart the realization of our own godliness in form.

In the religious sect of Shaivism, Vishnu and Brahma are not deities that are separate and different from Shiva, rather they are aspects of Shiva. Brahma force creates, as Vishnu preserves and through the “destroyer” aspect of Shiva, things are dissolved so that something can be transformed and made anew. For Shaivites, the Trimurti is recognized as the form of Shiva as he is supreme and assumes different forms and roles in accordance to time and need, yet transcending all forms equally.

In the Hindu religious sect of Brahmansim, Vishnu and Shiva are seen as the children of Brahma representing forms of the ultimate creator with Vishnu as Preserver and Shiva as Destroyer. Ultimately, Brahma creates, preserves and destroys to create again. There are many, many interpretations of the Supreme force through these three masculine symbolisms demonstrated in different ways throughout ancient time in accordance to cultures and religious leaders.