The Three Evils


“….as a general rule, in what light shall we look at
what we want to judge?

What shall be our criterion? 

Indeed we do fancy that we possess the supreme wisdom and the perfect justice that we are able to say with certainty,
“This is good, this is bad”.

Let us never forget that our notions of good and evil
are wholly relative
and so ignorant that, in what concerns others,
we often find fault with that which is the expression of a wisdom far greater than our own.”          

 ~ The Mother


In the initiatory, Introduction to Spiritual Living, we begin our journey looking at  subtle behavior patterns that continuously defeat our ability to move forward in life in a state of harmony, grace, peacefulness and contentment. One of the most defeating aspects of our being that works against this blissful, content space is the state of our ego and its unconscious behavior. 

The ego is a fragile, complicated mixture of DNA, conditioning from upbringing and the cosmic imprint created by the planets at the time of birth, including the mixture of energies in the environment where we reside. The ego is very malleable yet, constructed with a set of patterns that often, unconsciously dictate life experiences from a place of distortion created by these factors. Very seldom do we take the time to understand how we operate at this unconscious level, mostly due to the pressures that society places on us for survival and the complicated relationships with those surrounding us, distracting us from authentic observation. Nor are we given tools to perceive from a place of awareness in everyday life. It is unfortunate that these tools are not imparted to us as children while in school. However, we do have powerful insights from ancient knowledge that lifts us out of delusion and self-defeating habits that we can begin applying immediately for radical transformation while fostering the development of an integrated, whole being with conscious awareness. 

There are reminders which are immensely helpful for me as well, students attending the ESOTERIC course have intimated the powerful transformational ability of these few principles. 

There are three characteristics of human behavior that I refer to as the “Three Evils”. It is the expression of these three evils that thwarts the ability for good luck to happen in our lives. For if one is residing in the thought-currents and expressions of one of these attributes a mucky, gooey haze surrounds the body and fills the aura, blocking out all sunshine and goodness and the possibilities of great things happening. I call this gooey haze that tends to build around the body, filled with astral debris: goo and its eww….

Three major defeating expression of the ego that thwart loving relationships, great opportunities and radically remove any empowerment for you and for others:


When one is wallowing in a state of self-pity there is a tendency to over-dramatize life events, repeatedly. Observe your conversation with others and notice if you are repeatedly speaking about how you have been victimized and if the tendency is to exaggerate the facts, experiences or situation while tending to communicate small, white lies or unconsciously working to disempower others through your own feelings of victimization. 


There is no other more toxic ego expression than on-going criticism. The mind that carries criticism continuously defeats opportunities while adding a dark cloud to the environment. Often, the one who lives in a state of criticism is holding disease fixed in the body as this state of mind fosters unpleasant, dark forces. There is no way healing energy can enter into a body rigid with critical thought-currents. This same attitude destroys happiness for those sharing the environment too, as it works against their own empowerment. It’s a nasty, nasty ego expression that destroys love, peacefulness, happiness and ability for anyone to thrive who is near, including animals, plants, birds and fish.


This ego expression continuously entertains thought-currents of who is doing what, when and where, leaving no rest for the mind or the body. Utilizing imagination in a toxic way, this expression destroys all possibilities for loving relationships and radically distorts the ability to perceive who is an ally. Truly, one will find disease festering in the body that is in constant suspicion of others while demonstrating a lack of integrity in all interaction. Whoever is entertaining suspicious thoughts, usually, is the one who is out of integrity and compromising higher principles.


Transform the Three Evils

There are ways to transform these three evils that tend to manifest inside the mind that feels insecure, unloved, unseen, depressed or heartbroken. These transformational agents actually work like magic when applied.


Through offering praise to others we reduce stress and defeating habits in our own being and in others. Try it. Praise those around you for their cooking, raking the leaves, picking up their toys, their unique artistic expressions, even for taking out the trash. You can watch the light increase inside their eyes and the love build inside their heart each time you praise another. This is a highly powerful tool for changing the overall tone of the environment, improving the attitudes of all that are near as it naturally grows more love and compassion.



Gratitude is such a powerful tool. First, it is the seed current of the natural state of bliss inherent in the human form. One will find that the more grateful one is for just simple things, embraced over and over, that a sense of relaxation enters into the body facilitating wonderful feelings, improved state of health and an overall happy state of being. Gratitude also removes wrinkles on the face, pain in the body and helps to facilitate improved functioning of internal organs. Gratitude expressed towards others heals wounds from past experiences, bridges the chasm of differences in personalities and actually, increases the songs of birds around you, in the environment. This habit radically changes reality on many levels, seen and unseen.



Often, we equate love with possession, however, in this suggestion it is understood as a universal force that comes from the place of integration inside of one’s being. It is not a result of having or possessing rather it is an expression of all three seeds of transformation outlined in this lower quadrant of article: PRAISE, GRATITUDE and COMPASSION. 

When we are in harmony with our surroundings and the people near us, we understand that life is in constant change and with that understanding comes a feeling of calmness in our being, acceptance of others as they are designed and we embrace how life moves, naturally. This state of calmness is the flower bed of joy as it allows us to become the observer with a quiet mind, tuned into life and truly listening. In this space of love and compassion we understand our place in the scheme of life and have no fear of what is to come, where we are going or who is doing what. Here, we enjoy the stream of creative ideas and inspiration with a clear understanding of the nature of life and the world. 

Compassion removes comparison, jealousy, and judgment as it allows the other to have their own process and offers a tender, gentle understanding of how life is experienced on this planet. Understanding the science of astrology helps to cultivate this awareness as one can see all life events are written and meant to be experienced for cultivating the integration of consciousness with form. The only business that is our business is our own process of our own integration of body, mind and spirit. Allow others their process as you offer a cup of tea with soothing, loving, gentleness as they sip and relax into the moment with their own unfolding, free of judgment, condemnation and criticism.