Brahmacharya, The New Human

Often, the image above depicting the merging of male and female,  is translated to mean the merging of lovers as one being. In one sense, it could mean that, yes. However, the true meaning behind this image is a quintessential representation of the state of higher consciousness – in one individual.

It is important to understand that this exquisite, higher state of consciousness can only be achieved through celibacy and the practice of Brahmacharya. It becomes vividly clear, over time, that this is the only way to soar higher dimensions and superhuman capabilities. 

If one is deeply entwined or dependent in some way, if one is engaged with a primary partner in life, intimate and in “wed-lock” the doors are closed to higher energies. This the design of the cosmos: relationship with primary partner or relationship with self – both are good and have their place in the scheme of universal things.







The Brahmacharya transcends gender and through celibacy coordinates the inherent male and female attributes evolving into a divine hermaphrodite, so to speak. A wonderful balance of soft feminine energies and strong, masculine forces merge into an equanimous state of being, living out full capacity of what it means to be human with spirit operating through form.


Higher Consciousness demands complete detachment in all relations so that the body can be used in whatever manner necessary at any moment.













The evolving, conscious being, (brahmacharya)  is here to serve and be available for conducting higher work, which usually, includes group activity, frequent spans of time spent alone and the movement from one place to another. Truly, it is a challenging lifestyle to live out in the modern, western world. Most people settle into one place, grow roots in a house and repeat the rhythm of servant to a commercial endeavor while merging into a fixed pattern inside the WA with challenging aspects.

It is for this reason that spiritual community, the ashram, was created. A spiritual community provides all necessary requirements for existence: food, shelter, and desiderata so that one can flow in a slow, sweet space for contemplation and self-renewal.



Living the life of a Brahmacharya is the vow to give up lust, anger, material gain, infatuation, display of luxury, arrogance, jealousy, attachment to another living being, including animals, while giving up egotism, self-centered interests and falsehood.

Including, cutting all ties with family members, dropping the desire for accomplishment and giving up the sense of “taste” for food as it becomes useful only for medicine to sustain as needed.

Brahmacharyas strengthen their connection with Higher Self through frequent meditation throughout the day and live the Upanishads as a method of teaching while working as an instrument for the Divine.

It is quite exquisite, graceful, calming and beautiful. That is, if you enjoy being complete in yourself, alone and not in a romantic, “love” relationship. 

A constant state of meditation is held through the antakharana at the top of the head and through the center of the body. This concept may be difficult to grasp as the true human form is holographic and expansive, inverted and expressive, energy in movement and ever-changing. However, the ancient Hindu sciences beautifully, vividly, clearly demonstrate the scientific mechanics for cultivating this elegant and graceful state of being.