Lucky Charms

From Introduction to Spiritual Living / ESOTERICS 101


There are powerful tools that can be applied to change one’s reality and improve relations, which are simple to apply yet require mindfulness and awareness to use tactfully and effectively. These tools are a wonderful way to begin expanding awareness, merely through playing with these concepts and witnessing the results of their application.

Most likely, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the impact that these small gestures create in your daily events and while relating with others. Many smiles, warm feelings and greater love are instigated and created out of these simple acts of mindful interaction.


1. Praise

Through praising others, stress is reduced inside of one’s body and inside the group environment. As one is interacting with others, sincerely look for positive behavior to praise; and for goodness sake, don’t be superficial or contrived about it.  For instance, “What a lovely dress you are wearing today”, or “I like the way you do that, it makes a nice difference” or “The dinner you prepared today was delicious, thank you”. Small ways to point out the positive things that makes others feel good is a wonderful way to change the atmosphere inside the group and gain the blessings of Lucky Forces.

2. Gratitude

Gratitude is a magical elixir for transformation. It is in gratitude that ecstasy, a life of bliss is born, fostered and maintained. Lucky Forces looooove this quality and often, look to see where it is operating so that it can shower its blessings upon the one who is deeply rooted in a thankful heart in action and mind.

When one is flowing in the stream of gratitude, disease can actually be healed and removed from the body. People love it too, when a person is in a place of gratitude; it brings many smiles and tends to make almost everyone feel fabulous when the one who is in a state of gratitude is near. Find a way to entertain more thoughts of a thankful, grateful heart with what you have, who you are interacting with and where you are in the moment ~ you will be amazed how much better life becomes.

3. Love and Compassion

When one is in a state of compassion for others, there is great harmony with all that surrounds. There is understanding that life events change and pass, and there is a sense of peaceful order amongst the chaos of the day. One feels calm, quiet, and is free of fear and negative thought-currents.

Creative ideas flow, as one is in a continuous search of higher truths for strengthening ones’ own character and life force to remain in loving service and gentle interaction. The lucky forces of the cosmos truly enjoy this type of character and if the intentions are pure, the compassion genuine and the space of heart full of universal love, definitely good things come no matter what the life design.