Competition, Copying and Comparison

As we grow from a small child into an adult, we spend most of our time in an institution where the tendency to compare is fostered and competition encouraged. Each student is graded in mathematical ability, science aptitude, artistic skills, athletic abilities, musical talents and so on, across the board under one model of evaluation. Through this method of evaluation the child attempts to understand himself and what he has to contribute to life.


In the traditional school system, the grading system functions according to the personal preference of a teacher, evaluating much like, “one size fits all”. Including, the teacher is most likely, emotionally challenged and conditioned as most people are. One could say that we are literally punishing children by raising them in this type of grading system. This is what teaches children to compare themselves to others as it cultivates the state of insecurity and initiates competition. Most people have no idea who they are, what type of talents they naturally possess and gain their self-worth through what others project them to be.

As we compare ourselves against these unnatural measuring standards, we sense tremendous failure, develop tormenting desires, feel deep pain and suffer great stress. It is the human condition to experience constant anxiety and worry over finances, relationships, love and family. This pain connection can become so overwhelming that it can override any spiritual quest for liberation or moments of relaxation as the emotional response and mental set-up from childhood becomes the creator of life experiences. When we move from this place of deep pain and suffering with anxiety, worry and feelings of failure, we shut down, close up and turn off to life. 

Observing children playing and how excited they become one can see a state of ‘freshness’ in their response to the activity of the moment. However, as an adult, that “fresh” feeling seems to vanish as we feel that we know, that we have been there before, causing us to become dull and easily bored. We avoid change and refuse to embrace something different, fresh, or inspiring. This is how we miss seeing beauty, how we miss experiencing joy and how we tend to lose the excitement of being present, in the moment with what life brings, including, missing some great opportunities. 


The other day while sitting with my dear friend, I listened to her explain how she had been tortured for so many years comparing her talents against another woman who was expressing tremendous talent in any area that my friend was sure, was her direction too. My friend was feeling tormented and depressed trying to prove how much better she could perform above this other woman. As I listened to her, I felt tremendous compassion for how much a person can torture themselves in this place of insecurity, comparison, competition and the attempts to copy another person’s creative expression. 

As she shared her story, I glanced through her astrological information to dial in a deeper understanding of what her real talents may be and what direction the planets were taking her at this moment in her life. What we discovered is that all the energy that she was expending on competing, comparing and copying had nothing to do with the strengths and talents laying dormant inside her being waiting to be expressed. So much energy had been expended attempting to appease the overwhelming feeling of insecurity and inadequacy as she strived so hard to become something significant. She was terribly far from her true nature and talents for gaining success or being recognized, or to be rewarded and fulfilled in any way. 

This is the result of how our modern educational system wipes out authenticity and integrity of one’s character. 

No one takes the time to understand a child nor what type of support is needed to assist them in developing the fullness of their natural talents and skills. Nay, they have become a systematic response apparatus conditioned to operate in the same way as everyone else. Of course, it does not work in any fashion outside of driving humans into despair, depression, pharmaceutical medication and destructive habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, which shuts down the heart and overeating to fill the void as humans work to cope with the huge disconnect from their internal core. 


It was necessary that I share with my friend what I was seeing in her astrological imprint. It was so far from her awareness yet, simmering on the edges of life activity. She was so focused on her insecurities and comparing that she was trapped in a powerful emotional space causing depression and confusion. When I shared what I saw in her story written by the cosmos, she was shocked yet, I watched her become more relaxed, breathe slower as more was revealed and her natural inclinations validated. Confusion dropped away as she slowly stepped into a positive direction for achieving real satisfaction and success.

This is the beauty of astrology, it saves our soul, empowers us and validates what we are feeling deep down inside at the core of our being. When we can see these attributes in our makeup and are given validation in our efforts and direction, an incredible state of peace enters into our being. There is no reason to compete, no reason to compare and for heavens sake, no reason to copy another’s creative expression. That’s just silly and a terrible waste of time and energy. 

Perhaps, even more indecorous is to attack someone else in a similar professional field in order to gain an advantage. Ultimately, those who are meant to come to you, come to you. It doesn’t work any other way, really. It is silly to compete professionally. Everything is already written, just create and be you and allow the hum of your frequency to draw the right people.

The beauty of having an astrological appraisal for an accurate, true cosmic design can add years to one’s life as the activity becomes spontaneous and joy flows up and outward from the core of one’s being. Suddenly, one is re-positioned and focused, headed in the right direction while preparing themselves for expressing their fullest, most natural state of being. – that is if the astrological appraisal is conducted by the correct person.

How do you choose the right person to assist with the interpretation of your life story?

Watch how you feel inside your body when reading their material and browsing their website. Watch your immediate reaction from deep inside your body when you see an email, a newsletter, a post or hear a tip. Consciousness speaks way before the mind ever grasps what is going on. You will immediately feel relaxed, softened in the heart and inspired if it is correct. Any mental process added to the equation and you have missed the moment of truth to guide you, regardless of how you are defined.