The Cunning Friend

Words from The Mother

The Mother


You live surrounded by people.

These people themselves have desires, stray wishes, impulses which are expressed through them and have all kinds of causes, yet take in their consciousness as an individual form.

For example, to put into very practical terms: you have a father, a mother, brothers, sisters, friends, comrades; each one has his own way of feeling, willing, and all those with whom you are in relation expect something from you, even as you expect something from them. That something they do not always express to you, however, it is more or less conscious in their being, and it makes formations.

These formations, according to each one’s capacity of thought and the strength of his vitality, are more or less powerful, and they have their own little strength which is usually much the same as yours; and so what those around you want, desire, hope or expect from you enters in this way in the form of suggestions very rarely expressed, yet which you absorb without resistance and which suddenly awaken within you a similar desire, a similar will, a similar impulse….This happens from morning to night, and again from night to morning, for those things don’t stop while you are sleeping, on the contrary are very often intensified because your consciousness is no longer awake, watching and protecting you to some extent. 

And this is quite common, so common that it is quite natural and so natural that you need special circumstances and most unusual occasions to become aware of it. Naturally, it goes without saying that your own responses, your own impulses, your own wishes have a similar influence on others, and that all this becomes a marvelous mixture in which might is always right.

If that were the end of the problem, one could yet come out of the mess, however, there is a complication. This human world….is constantly invaded by the vital world…..a world of ill-will, of disorder, disequilibrium, indeed of all the most anti-divine things one could imagine. …..There are entities beings, wills, various kinds of individualities in that world, who have all kinds of intentions and make use of every opportunity ….to do harm. 

…..Besides, they are very thirsty or hungry for certain human vital vibrations which for them are a rare dish they love to feed upon; and so their game lies in exciting pernicious movements in man so that man may emanate these forces and they be able to feed on them just as they please.

All movements of anger, violence, passion, desire, all these things which make you abruptly throw off certain energies from yourself, project them from yourself, are exactly what these entities of the vital world love best, for, as I said, they enjoy them as a sumptuous dish.

Now, their tactics are simple: they send you a little suggestion, a little impulse, a small vibration which enters deep into you and through contagion or sympathy awakens in you the vibration necessary to make you throw off the force they want to absorb. 

The Mother, Being of Gold, Our Goal of Self-Perfection, pp: 243-245