The Greatest Truth of All



The greatest truth of all is that creation is not ultimate nor is it final.

Continuous rejuvenation of body, mind and form is needed in order for creation to manifest into higher planes of existence. Any fear of death or fear of losing things dear and near and considered important components of one’s life is what most are facing at this time. How one responds to these changes being forced on humanity determines one’s future existence.

Whoever faces this important process of clearing, facing death or loss of a loved one as relationships change and new realities are designed, faces the opportunity for enlightenment.

Whoever collapses and is unable to face these changes risks losing a great opportunity to ascend. It is delusion that many people avoid addressing while it keeps one in the easiest and most coziest way of existence. It is not an intelligent way to operate. Deluded people fundamentally, are non-existent because they are unable to face change and remain frozen in time.

Any principle that you hold as a core belief becomes the power center that attracts the atmosphere around you. This same core principle is what shapes your environment and the happenings around you. If you are integrated in body, mind and spirit, you attract a heavenly eco system surrounding you. Every time your mind enters into a state of fear or insecurity, please understand and keep in mind that you have a chance to face this change with strength and empowerment. Do not allow delusion to enter into you nor shrink and withdraw. Be ferocious so that you may expand and do more work, become more responsible and step into your purpose.


By allowing Paramashivoham (God) to become your foundation for a new psychological and mental structure, you are given the power to clear all your delusions, justifications of your life negativity and the strength to face these important changes happening.

Realizing that you are Divine, that you are God is the truth and not because it has some kind of utility value in your day to day life. This is the truth that must be lived for the sake of Truth.

Whoever decides to live and is ready to commit with all their being, ready to sacrifice all for truth and not compromise truth in any way, for any reason, becomes his divine birthright.

Living the Truth in uncompromising cognition and fearless ferocious manifestations of truth in most raw and ferocious, powerful way is the way of Bhairava (God).

“Yes, the next great Bhairava Sampradhaya of Hinduism is being revived through my efforts and soon, news will be released concerning this new Bhairava Sampradaya and its revival.”