Living Enlightenment and Bliss

If you allow yourself to flow in a choiceless manner along with whatever Existence intends for you, you will be in bliss eternally.

This attitude of being choiceless can be cultivated.

Sufis are the most ecstatic sect ever.

Their prayer is gratitude, nothing else.

Sufi mystic Abdullah was famous for his ever-smiling face. It is said that even on his deathbed, he was laughing. Finally some of his disciples couldn’t help but ask Abdullah how he was always blissful. They asked him, ‘Master, what is so funny about dying?’ Then Abdullah gave them the secret that his own master had taught him. He said, ‘Remember that your happiness is always in your hands. Your happiness is 100 percent your own choice. Every day, life gives you a chance to be happy or miserable.

What you choose is up to you!’

~ Words of Eternal Bliss ~ Nithyananda





First, no matter whether we feel success, the possibility of success, confusion, failure or that life is impossible, all of it is a delusion. All that matters in life is our relationship with the Divine and how that sits at the core of our identity.

It is important to understand that joy or pain – all of it is a chemical shower in the body and signals that are sent by the brain through our spinal fluid. When this is understood and one is not paying attention as to whether or not they are in bliss or pain, ecstasy can happen. When there is no intention behind the creation of bliss then one becomes blissful. It is not contrived, managed or inadvertently created.

Pain is only a signal in the brain and the simple effects of chemicals in the body. If one decides to associate pain with external reasoning, such as a person, place or situation then it is converted into suffering.

Joy is only a signal in the brain and the chemicals that flow in the body and when one does not attribute it to any external reason or mix it with confusion, then, joy becomes bliss.

When we do not attribute external reasons for our joy we become a successful leader. Will persistence with wisdom becomes the navigation – not a chemical feeling in the body. Life is best lived, experienced when we don’t attribute external reason for joy or pain. To attach an external happening to joy is pure stupidity and a very deluded generalization of how life operates. It is not intelligent navigation. Will persistence is the key to intelligent navigation and tuning into how relaxed the body is in relation to environment, people and situations. However, ultimately, it is the space that we carry inside and in relation to the Divine. Relaxation responds to this relationship and how we are navigating our life in accordance.

To the level that we un-clutch from pain and joy, our spine becomes erect and we feel the powerfulness of un-clutching. In that space of un-cluthcing – pain or joy, we discover the space of ecstasy.

A true seeker, a true realized being always looks internally at their level of un-clutching in order to put their world in order and to solve chaos that has been created out of ignorance, delusion or unkind people.  What truly kills life and success is desperation. Learning how to un-clutch and operate with extreme responsibility and extreme completion and extreme compassion is the best way to awaken true ecstasy in the body.

Un-clutching can be best explained through this small story that Swamiji shares:

We create boundaries through attempting to feel secure causing a state of bondage or a prison for our being.


For a little bird to leave the branch of a tree and to fly into the air is to apply a little bit of courage so that it can let go and fly.

It may happen that this little bird struggles a tiny bit once it first takes off. And it may feel slightly out of balance creating a slight bit of chaos. However, after those first few seconds, it will simply be in bliss flying through the air.


The courage to manage these first few seconds is what can be referred to as “penance” = the necessary steps to change direction, to let go and establish a new cognition for one’s life journey.

We begin this process of redirecting our life, letting go, un-clutching from delusion by learning to integrate our internal organs like kidney, heart, lungs, intestines and so on through the process of yoga. We also learn how to activate our intra organs like third eye and other chakras through chanting mantras, specific mantras imparted by an enlightened being for our own personal system. This is another reason why an enlightened guru is necessary for owns own spiritual progress as they have the ability to see what mantra is best suited for us at certain points in our process.

The ancient science of yoga imparts all the necessary components for leading one into bliss. Through the eight departments of yoga, the science of union, integration of body, mind and spirit, we learn how to clean and purify our mind, our body and our activities so that the core of our being comes into alignment with Divine Providence.

All experiences, projections, perceptions and sensations are delusions that require us to apply samskara dhahana krya every day – clearing the emotional body and mind of chaos and self-defeating behavior. This is the process required to clear our aura and mind of all the debris created from living a life out of center and unconnected to the Divine.

“Consciousness is the source material of your body and mind and time and life – so please don’t waste it in delusion’” ~ says Swamiji

Many decision made during our highs and lows of emotional reactions and the hormonal effects taking place inside our system creating the mood swings are what destroy the possibilities for attaining enlightenment. It is the practice of living in integrity and living a life of stability created through the practice of spiritual disciplines that should be the basic lifestyle, regardless.  The more one un-clutches the more one experiences samadhi, or bliss. In the same way that one regards the food that they eat: quality, nutritional value, organic, grown locally, etc. also in the same way, we learn to un-clutch as a means to keep our consciousness growing and healthy and alive inside of our being. All great things are achieved through the practice of tapas, the Hindu term for spiritual practice for purification and spiritual powers.

Swamiji suggests that reading spiritual books keeps our spiritual practice alive and fosters growing consciousness in our being. Practicing completion (emotional clearing), also known as samskara dhahana krya is essential in this process.  The more we let go, un-clutch, surrender and apply purification with spiritual edification, the more we realize samadhi, bliss, and the true state of oneness.

It is important to realize that all self-talk becomes reality, within at least 6 months. Be aware of how you are speaking to yourself, about yourself, about those around you and your circumstances, because you are creating your reality. Utilizing spiritual scriptures with spiritual purification practices and chanting sacred sounds such as mantras designed for awakening the chakras and the wonderful sensation that is held in our spinal fluid is the only way to realize bliss, permanently.

What you listen to matters.

And when you begin to experience this special bliss that is a result of un-clutching, purification and proper edification, understand that nothing can be retained, including relationships, places, jobs, pets, ideas and so on. Keep in mind that this feeling comes to you because you are free from choices, disconnected and un-clutched. Don’t become clutched again through trying to create it or attaching yourself to an idea, things or people.

Attaching bliss or ecstasy to an event or an activity creates a mental process that looks for an equation, and you will find that any time you apply an equation, bliss leaves and is gone. It doesn’t happen. Then, you think that the person who shared their process of achieving bliss has cheated you in some way. This is a dangerous way to approach enlightenment. When bliss comes, it comes from no thought or contrived action for creating it – it is spontaneous and simply happens out of letting go.

Choicelessness is bliss.

If you choose, bliss will not happen, it is eliminated and no longer a possibility.

When you are completely choice-less, simply relaxed in body and mind, at ease and unclutched, bliss happens.

Un-clutching, coming to the present moment and being in a space of completion with life is immensely relaxing