The Merging of Shiva and Shakti, for the householder

Shiva and Shakti, the dance of the male and female energies

For eons, humans have interpreted this divine union to represent the relationship of two lovers. And in one sense, in a healthy sense it does represent male and female energies. The human impetus is to perceive Shiva and Shakti representing the desire for sexuality and attachment, the union of two becoming one.

This desire for merging comes from the space of deep yearning inside one’s being for the union of spirit with matter, which Shiva and Shakti ultimately represent.

A natural, evolutionary human process is to perfect the relationship between man and woman, and the dual forces of masculine and feminine energies within one’s own being.

Ultimately, Shiva represents the male counterpart as the provider and protector of his household. Naturally, the male psychology and physiology is equipped to handle the stress and demands for maintaining material and emotional security for his loved one’s on the plane of Maya, the program, the matrix.

The home is the domain of the female as the mistress under the covering of the male protective force in the same way as Shakti sits comfortably guarded on the left knee of Shiva. The left side of the body is recognized as the feminine, passive side of human form.

This relationship is further played out and seen on the subtle plane through the Ida and Pingala forces in the right and left side of the subtle body in form. Naturally, these cosmic forces play out inside one’s body in accordance to the state of the relationship in the home of the couple.

If the forces of Ida and Pingala are not in balance inside the form of each lover, there are arguments, rude, harsh words, back-biting, cheating, lying and manipulation. It gets very unpleasant when there is no balance in the relationship. It creates a vexatious, troublesome environment to live and breathe in. It feels miserable, makes one ill and creates a place of hell in the home.

The male counterpart actually has the ability to harmonize the energies of Ida and Pingala in each of the lovers, stabilizing the home environment, creating a peaceful place for the female to operate and fulfill what comes natural while the male works to provide and protect his home and family.

This does not mean that the male becomes dominant, arrogant, controlling and commanding. On the contrary, this state of harmony can only come through a flowing love for his female partner and the enjoyment of his responsibility. If the woman is having difficulty fulfilling her role, usually, it is because the man is not upholding his own duty, nor allowing the space and time nor the support for what she must do to fulfill her role.

When the forces of Ida and Pingala become out of balance in the home, the male must an effort to take time each morning to stabilize the energy first, within himself through meditation and devotion. If he is taking time to do this, then the energy in the home becomes balanced and love flows in contentment, happiness and trust, again. It’s magical when a couple uses this technique to manage their reality on the subtle plane.

This is what Shiva represents at this level of understanding. Shiva is the God of spiritual disciplines that lead to harmony, contentment and loving compassion. Naturally, through this relationship, the male can uplift the energy of his entire abode and elevate his female counterpart into royal form.


If the male and female are flowing in balance then there is harmony in the home. If they are out of balance and there is excessive aggressive, intellectual energy, then the atmosphere of the home becomes congested with inharmonious conditions.

This can be observed within one’s own being through the right nostril when it becomes blocked; there can be arguing and emotional issues left unresolved.

If the same is happening with the passive, left physical current, the couple is too attached to each other, which creates jealousy, fear, resentment, frustrations, fighting with name-calling, hurting each other in various ways. These same emotional qualities can be observed within one’s own being through the left nostril.

Through the right nostril, the Pingala force, a healthy, balanced, loving, stable male uses creative, intellectual energies from the inner plane, inventing and discovering. This is all happening according to his state of consciousness with intermittent cycles of inspiration to creative emptiness and back to inspiration.

The female uses the Ida currents, the left nostril with the emotional cycles of highs and lows while nurturing and adding beauty to the home environment.

Through the man’s ability to stabilize his own forces, naturally, the forces of the female balance and stabilize. Becoming conscious of these currents and how they flow differently according to gender, respecting differences, there can be a beautiful exchange happening between partners and harmony in the environment similar to that of a temple-like space.

There is no way that the two genders can think like the other and it is mistaken to expect it. When the two currents are properly flowing in their respective ways, then a spiritual atmosphere can easily be fostered in the environment.

When the man meditates, he naturally brings an inner security emotionally and physically for the female partner and ensures that his intuition is directing the intellect in directions that are best for the home and relationship.

Man finds understanding through observation and woman finds harmony through devotion. This graceful exchange naturally uplifts the environment.