Meditation ~ The New Inner Authority

Words From the Avatar

Living Enlightenment, pages 340-341

A small story:

A small boy was learning a lot of new things at school and home. One day, he told the teacher, ‘Yesterday I killed three female and two male flies.’

The curious teacher asked, ‘How did you know which were males and which were females?’

The boy replied, ’Simple, Three of them were on the mirror and two were on the cigarette box!’

Intelligence is being aware and spontaneous.

Understand an important thing, when you are deeply aware, you cannot make mistakes!

With awareness, you don’t rely on what others have taught you. You don’t rely on the past conditioning that has gone on inside you for many years. You act just out of the fresh intelligence that comes with awareness. With deep awareness you are in the present moment. When you are in the present moment, you are alive and alert, what you call as intelligent.  Your intelligence by its very nature is spontaneous. There is no training, no learning needed for it. It is only a question of awakening it from within.

The first step is to watch yourself and see how you unconsciously react to situations. See how your actions are rooted in your attitudes and conclusions from past experiences. Watching yourself with awareness is the first step.

The good news about awareness is, it is the only thing that is needed!

Most of the time, we continue to live in the dead past and miss the wonderful dimensions of life, or we get angry over what has happened and feel hurt. Either way, we are escaping from the problem by going to one extreme or to the other.

Instead, if we just look with deep awareness into the problem, an energy will awaken, the energy of intelligence which is enough to bring about the solution.

The very awareness is enough to awaken and break free even from the past conditioning, and we can act intelligently. The awareness will simply kindle the spark of intelligence that has always been a part of you.

The light of awareness is enough to remove the darkness created by your living by habit.

The whole key lies in being aware so that your intelligence can function. Living every moment in total awareness is what meditation is all about.”