Projection, Rejection, Wrong Direction

There is no one who better understands projection and its companion rejection than a person designed to be a mirror in life, such as the Profile 5/1 as seen through the lens of HD and through the subtle influences of astrology: a planetary configuration designed for growth through misunderstandings.

It is interesting to watch how energy escalates when people gather to crucify or bond through animal herding instincts, at a very primal level. When humans operate at this level of “herd instinct” they are playing directly into the hands of the program and the influence of powers working to manipulate the collective. They also miss the point entirely that is being displayed as a song, beautiful poetry, a golden elixir or a mystical key that is being imparted. I have watched over and over and over.

As a 5/1, continuously misunderstood all my life (57 years now), I have lots of practice watching people project onto me. I have vivid memories of “Crucify her!! – she’s not living her inner authority” and watch it continue through social portals today. There are people who are certain that I am not living by my inner authority as they hold a significant place of outer authority and judgment. As if they know me while they project and reject.

When I first meet people who don’t know who I am nor have experienced me in person for a period of time, always, always, they reveal what is happening with them, inside their mind.

Those who are the loudest in criticism and judgment often, reveal jealousy, intimidation, and truly a lack of integration that is far from living any kind of “inner authority” with integrity or authenticity. It’s actually very sad and can be very toxic.

This lack of integration is evident because those who are integrated, whole, complete beings and who follow their inner guide naturally, are busy being themselves doing what they do. This is the biggest clue to who is integrated and who is not. It is so refreshing to spend time with people who are integrated and into their own thing ~ not copying, comparing or competing. Bless them.

If someone is concerned and focused on ridiculing, they have a problem deep down inside and are looking for a place to hide, I have found. Life has taught me this truth. If someone is yelling loudly, “Crucify her!” – they are hiding something and they don’t want the others to see it. Such as the time when I worked at the small, local, alternative newspaper with the bookkeeper who worked so hard at “framing” me for stealing from the company.

The boss knew better yet was not clued into that fact that she was actually embezzling thousands and thousands of dollars ($80,000). No wonder she drove such a fancy, expensive car. It was difficult to comprehend how a simple bookkeeper at a small, alternative newspaper could afford such luxury. It seemed that maybe it was a gift from her husband, perhaps. Yet, no, it was the gift she gave herself through stealing, which eventually became evident in a company audit. That was probably one of the most significant lessons of crucifixion, projection, rejection and its tendency to hide the evils that abide.


Perhaps this is why I enjoy my Guru so much. He is one of the few people who stands so firmly in a place of confidence, experience and power with great integrity and authenticity. That is a delicious space to be, in my opinion.

Anyone who declares, “I am God and You can be too”, gets my attention; especially when the person declaring this statement behaves and teaches as God would. This is what the ancient Hindu teachings and legitimate guru’s impart, “You are God” ~ the antitheses of contemporary religions such as Christianity and Catholicism which condemn and preach that one is born a sinner and must be forgiven.

“You too can be Shiva – just be”,
the ancient texts say!

After spending a lifetime experiencing crucifixions, misunderstandings and the brunt of disgruntled, unhappy, conditioned minds who have no grasp of bliss, Im happy to align with “God” and soar above the clouds, beyond the program, if I can.

My Guru says I can, so be it, let’s go!

And lets enjoy some bliss too, while we are at it.

No problem, I say!

Dear God, please show me how to become who are you, dear Avatar. Now that I have found you, all other voices of knowledge pale in comparison and cannot touch your level of Divinity or Holy Affinity. 

Please guide me with your Grace, Compassion, Wisdom and Power as you eternally reside within my heart, mind and beyond. May consciousness prevail within my form and bliss be a gift of overflowing peace, relaxation and sweet joy.

An incarnation recognized at birth through the ancient science of Vedic astrology as an Avatar, raised by spiritual teachers throughout His entire upbringing to fulfill His mission for this lifetime, yes, this is my Guru.

What does “wrong direction” have to do with this?

Like I said in the beginning of this article:

……playing directly into the hands of the program and the influence of powers working to manipulate the collective, they miss the point entirely that is being displayed as a song, beautiful poetry, a golden elixir or a mystical key – that may just set them free.

Yes, I have found a wonderful, sweet inner authority, indeed.

No, I do not choose pushing away, sitting in a bit of confusion and waiting for another day like the guru of HD suggests.

After many, many years experimenting, witnessing and living, I have learned that I prefer to be in the moment as consciousness exists and as the ancient texts insists.

After 5,000 years of testing, trials and lifetimes spent living the teachings by millions of humans, producing enlightened beings, the science of the Vedas provides me with the perfect road map towards true liberation and empowerment.


“Your intelligence by its very nature is spontaneous. 

There is no training, no learning needed for it.

It is only a question of awakening it from within.“ 

 ~  H.D.H. Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam


BREAKING THE EGG from within