Projection, Rejection, Wrong Direction

There is no one who better understands projection and its companion rejection than a person designed to be a mirror in life, such as the Profile 5/1 as seen through the lens of HD.

However, it really is not important nor a serious consideration when one is full, satisfied and content.

It becomes irrelevant as one finally, leaves the ridiculous reality behind, and is gone, gone, gone beyond.

Terrible mental tape to place deep into one’s psychology.


“Off with the heads” ~ says KALI



With the planetary forces streaming onto our planet at this time causing this powerful shift in human consciousness, people are going to wake up, feel utterly stupid for copying and pasting such nonsense.



Thank heavens life is enjoyed with those who are integrated, whole, complete beings and who follow their inner guide naturally, as they are active doing what they love.

Bless them.

The planet needs more people just like that – full, content, happy, doing what they love because they have already landed in their role.

They are naturally intelligent, beyond the rubbish and they are feeling throughly divine.


Perhaps this is why I enjoy my Guru so much. He is one of the few people who stands so firmly in a place of confidence, experience and power with great integrity and authenticity. That is a delicious space to be, in my opinion.

Anyone who declares, “I am God and You can be too”, gets my attention; especially when the person declaring this statement behaves and teaches as God would.

This is what the ancient Hindu teachings and legitimate guru’s impart, “You are God” ~ the antitheses of contemporary religions such as Christianity and Catholicism which condemn and preach that one is born a sinner and must repent to be forgiven.


How can a human be born as a sinner when they are designed in “His” image?????

More contradictions to twist the mind.


“Predestination is simply the choice that we did not exercise. Only when we are aware, in the present moment, can we craft our future. Not when it is still the future and not when it slips into the past. We need to use all of our intelligence, energy, and creativity to live blissfully in the moment, not in thoughts about the future or regrets about the past.”

~ Sri Bhagwan Nithyananda Paramashivam


“You too can be Shiva – just be”

the ancient texts say!

Im happy to align with “God” and soar above the clouds, beyond the program, if I can.

My Guru says I can,


so be it, let’s go!

And lets enjoy some bliss while we are at it.

One hundred percent Shiva and Shakti, with a rising Kundalini, too!

A natural birthright designed right from the start.




Dear God, please show me how to become who you are, Dear Avatar: Paramashiva and more.

All other voices of knowledge pale in comparison and cannot touch your level of Divinity or Holy Affinity, blessed reincarnation and celestial manifestation. 

Please guide me with your Grace, Compassion, Wisdom and Power as you eternally reside within my heart, mind and beyond.

May consciousness prevail within my form and bliss be a gift with overflowing peace, relaxation and sweet joy as I rest in the space of gratitude and humble devotion.




An incarnation recognized at birth through the ancient science of Vedic astrology as an Avatar, raised by spiritual teachers throughout His entire upbringing to fulfill His mission for this lifetime, yes,

this is my Guru.



What does “wrong direction” have to do with this?

Often, we play directly into the hands of powers working to manipulate and disempower the collective while we miss the point entirely that is being displayed as a song, beautiful poetry, a golden elixir or a mystical key – that may just set us free.


Yes, I have found a wonderful, sweet inner authority, indeed.

Gone is the pushing away, sitting in confusion and waiting for another day.


After many, many years experimenting, witnessing and living, it has become obvious that being in the moment as consciousness exists and as the ancient texts insists, is the way to be.

5,000 years of testing, trials and lifetimes spent living the teachings by millions of humans, producing enlightened beings throughout the centuries, the science of the Vedas provides me with the perfect road map towards true liberation and empowerment.

May The Avatar’s blessing of initiations activate what is natural and inherent within.



“Your intelligence by its very nature is spontaneous. 

There is no training, no learning needed for it.

It is only a question of awakening it from within.“ 

 ~  H.D.H. Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam