Bliss in the Womb and Aloneness

From Living Enlightenment

 ~by Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam


When you don’t love yourself, you become cynical and negative towards life.

When you were alone in your mother’s womb, you were completely loving and blissful. In your aloneness in the womb you experienced your loving self. That is why you will see when you assume the fetal
posture whenever you lie down with insecurity.

Blissful aloneness is your original nature.

Once you came into the world, society conditioned you to believe that you needed people and television to be loving and happy. It never nurtured your original quality.

Your original quality is blissful aloneness. If you get back in touch
with that, you will settle down and feel peaceful and relaxed within yourself.

For a few minutes every day, just sit by yourself and feel overflowing love towards yourself. Feel what a wonderful being you are. Feel how much you have taken yourself for granted. Feel yourself as part of Existence and love yourself for it. Melt with the feeling of love for yourself.

If you practice this everyday you will see that where you were once hard and self-centered, now you have become soft and loving.

When you deeply settle down within yourself with peace and love, bliss will explode in you.

When your nerves are clean, when your nervous system is cleaned by peace, bliss will explode. You will start expressing the same bliss that is expressed in the master’s body language.

Then when people love you, you don’t feel guilty or unworthy because just as they love you, you love yourself too. You become ready to receive love from others.

Usually when others show love to you, you feel guilty or unworthy because you don’t feel you are worth being loved.

Once you settle within yourself with deep love, you will receive others’ love with joy.



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