Managing the Thought Field

Having an inside and outside reality, is truly, the problem with our planet.

Most people are saying one thing, thinking another and then, acting out an entirely different behavior. Humans are actually split into three parts, most of the time. Somebody can utter the most seemingly wisest words yet, be in a terrible place of depression, anger, or fear, and live out the opposite of what they preach, like what we witness on Facebook, for instance. 

This split behavior, often, stems out of fear for survival or loss of something, like income or power or control or lack of recognition as it is influenced by the terrible conditioning created through upbringing, television and school environments. You can watch this split happen on the subtle level of all human behavior. 

The only way to understand and see this split is to observe your self and notice if you are thinking exactly what you are saying to others and if your actions are matching what you are saying and thinking. 

Try this simple exercise

1) write down what you are thinking about most of the time (this can change from day-to-day)

2) write down what you are saying to others that you would really like to be doing (this is often, consistent)

 and then 3) record your day-to-day actions. 

You will be surprised at what you discover.

4) In addition, observe what you commit to others. If you do not follow through on what you say you are going to do or it doesn’t match with your actions or your thoughts about what you have committed to, this is another indication of a split.  

This is how the lower mind operates most of the time warped with karma, insecurities, planetary imprints and terrible conditioning starting in the womb, impacted by the mother’s thoughts.

We can see this split in a person through astrology too. It’s the human condition to be split and then, to learn how to integrate all parts of the being into one beautiful synthesized system operating from a place of self-realization feeling calm, peaceful and in a state of surrender to the mystery of life. The process of integration can take many, many lifetimes to accomplish or it can happen instantly. 

Addressing this split is the bedrock of ancient teachings that is designed to assist in liberating humans from an Ego that drives one to compete, compare, judge and condemn. Again, if someone is truly tuned into their being, they have no interest in what others are doing – they are too busy being themselves, doing their own thing. That is what integration looks like, it is active, busy and focused on its creativity at hand. 



If someone has a defined Head center, they hold the thought field – the entire thought-field of the environment. The environment and everyone in it is theirs, (including online too) and everyone in that place is receiving their download, whether they want it or not. Manifestors and MG’s can be the most powerful in influencing how others think if their HEAD and AJNA CENTERS are defined. Perhaps this is why I love the company of Reflectors, so much.

Most people have no idea how much they are being imprinted by another

Sometimes, I repeat the thoughts I am hearing from the defined HEAD and AJNA to test and confirm what I am watching on the subtle plane. They think I’m psychic, yet its not psychic powers doing this, it’s awareness watching. Everyone thinks their thought-field is hidden and unto their own. It’s not. Thoughts are incredibly public and on display by those who can see. Much time spent in meditation and time in own aura allows the ability to easily see the distinction regarding what is you and what is the other in the thought-field environment. 

Thoughts actually come from the outside more than they come from the inside. One of the most powerful doorways for thoughts to enter is through food that is prepared by another’s hand. We learn this fact in the ancient science of Ayurveda that is well over 5,000 years old and passed down from the Cosmos. Ayurveda is so accurate and true that it has stood the test of time and remains as one of the most significant teachings for integrated, sacred living. 

While one is digesting food, too, one is vulnerable to the thoughts of others in the environment as well as those nasty energy hooks with goo and its ewww. When the body is busy digesting, the emotional mind, which is governed by the digestion system, is in full activation for addressing food assimilation.

This is also the place where thoughts are manufactured, in the small bit of grey matter located on either side of the spine right behind the Solar Plexus, the THIRD CHAKRA. This grey matter in the spine behind the stomach is also the home of the HD centers: AJNA and HEAD. This is where we find outer authority and inner authority: in the Solar Plexus grey area, lower, emotional mind. IT IS NOT CONSCIOUSNESS streaming in through the CROWN CHAKRA as many defined Heads would hope. 

This small bit of grey matter behind the Solar Plexus is the story we see written in the HD body graph concerning the colorful centers and channels. It is also the story written on an astrological wheel with the character definition that it displays in accordance to planetary positions, houses, constellations, elements, doshas., gunas and so on. 

Defined HEAD and AJNA centers, as recognized by HD are truly, the loudest, most busiest minds I have ever encountered.  They have such a busy mind! It’s overwhelming to witness how their thought-field operates.  It is a blessing to have a quiet, non-defined, lower mind. Again: Perhaps this is why I love the company of Reflectors, so much.

To offset taking in other people’s thought-currents, especially defined HEAD and AJNA people, usually, I do not to eat in the environment where this type of definition is residing. Especially, I do not eat the food prepared by a defined HEAD and AJNA because a very, very busy stream of thought-currents from their Solar Plexus operational hub gets planted inside my system and it takes great effort to clear it out – a period of several days. Exhausting!

Certainly, I do not enjoy most people’s thought-currents because thoughts are often, colored with heavy karma forcing me to deal with issues that are not mine – also exhausting. Thought-currents implanted can change a person’s behavior radically, too. Another great reason for not eating in restaurants nor the food prepared by people who are unconscious of how their thoughts are impacting. 

It is important to understand that we cannot avoid thought-currents. They are very much a part of the physical plane reality and flow continuously through our system from others and from the planets, no matter what. This is precisely why a healthy physical body and clear emotional body is so important, because it helps our sensory perception direct us into the environments that feed a more positive reality into our mind, if we are inclined as consciousness defines.

Of course, I look at people’s astrological design that I am sharing space with. To my best ability, I try to tune into what is positive in their design and what might be a great influence on my own chemistry.

I also do this with the daily program transits. I don’t try to avoid the program, I look for ways to work with the energies in a beneficial way.

Quiet Mind

For keeping our aura clear and in good operating order, conscious awareness of the Ida and Pingala channels (right and left nostrils) can be used to manage the subtle body and keep it free from others’ thoughts, intentions, karma and mental maladies, as much as possible. This is what I practice throughout the day and while visiting different environments, whether it be the grocery store or stopping by to visit with a long-time friend. Pranayama practiced throughout the day combined with conscious AJNA CHAKRA operations assists tremendously with this. 

Anyone has access to these ancient teachings for learning how to manage the body, emotional mind and process of gaining greater conscious awareness.

It is important to understand too, these ancient teachings are not a “dogma”. 

Yoga does not interpret as a noun meaning: “union” as most think.  

Properly translated, the word YOGA translates as a verb, “the action in process of merging” reliant completely upon the intention behind the action. Dogma, a noun, relies on one’s belief, which is purely mental. Yoga relies on intentions behind actions to be successful in the process of transformation.

As the ancient teachings portray, we are body and consciousness, that’s it. 

There are three major layers in our being: 

1) physical body

2) emotional mind and its aura 

3) higher intelligence connected to higher forces.

Humans travel a horizontal line through life operating from the emotional mind and the DNA imprint of the body. This is precisely what we see through the HD chart. You can witness this horizontal line through observing how you do not change as a person as you move through different time zones traveling around the globe.  In the horizontal reality, there is no awareness of consciousness inside the form.

When one becomes integrated and consciousness is allowed to be the operator, the emotional mind transforms and settles into a new perception of reality. This is when life starts living in a vertical fashion, up the spine, traveling through the HEART CHAKRA, THROAT CHAKRA, AJNA CHAKRA and up through the CROWN CHAKRA, connected with higher forces also known as Higher Self or Holy Spirit. 

This is the mechanics of consciousness as taught by the ancient Hindu science operating through the CHAKRA system. And yes, two more chakras get activated as consciousness rises in the form and yes, bliss happens when these two chakras are activated through the force of consciousness flowing into the system with the seven other chakras fully active and vivified. 



Once the energy in the body rises from the Root Chakra and up towards the Crown Chakra through consciousness flowing into the system, it is no longer about the lower mind and the characteristics running the life with a spleen and liver organ holding the thought-current field in tandem with the pancreas perceiving reality.

In vertical alignment the quality of compassion becomes the main expression of one’s being as consciousness is streaming in through the CROWN CHAKRA. There is no pain nor fear, nor jealousy nor comparison, nor intimidation. Life is immensely relaxed as one is deeply enjoying its creative activity, in the moment, while celebrating other’s success when others are doing what they love doing.

Consciousness is in joyful response to humans thriving as it is supportive of anyone living in immense, creative freedom. No longer does the lower mind operate and react, control or dominate out fear, comparison or jealousy or even confusion. An enlightened being is fully supportive and allowing of others to be who they are.

Higher intelligence takes over as the AJNA CHAKRA, the space between the eyebrows, becomes the doorway for clearing the aura and for manifesting willpower. This can also be considered as psychic powers, such as the ability to see through walls or remote locations, for instance. Both powers and personal willpower go hand in hand with the activation of an AJNA CHAKRA. That is very different than the HD AJNA CENTER that has a busy mind, likes to process details and gets carried away with confusion or doubt or thinking they have all the answers and must download it to all.

Consciousness also provides the understanding that gods and the deities are real and that they live on the subtle plane outside of the matrix, in a dimension unseen by the eyes, yet realized by the AJNA CHAKRA. 

Consciousness growing inside of one’s being gives the power to work with these deities that are there waiting to be recognized, understood, appreciated and utilized.

My prayer is for humanity to awaken to this profound truth of the mechanics of consciousness as shared in ancient Hindu wisdom and successfully transcend the grip of the lower mind – sitting right behind the Solar Plexus chakra, living in the small bit of grey matter in the middle of the spine dominating perception of reality. 

We are so much more than our lower mind perception and its feeble characteristics. 

Time to transcend