Worry and the Navel Chakra

Drop worry, pick up health

When you create more thoughts inside you through worry, the load on the navel region increases. It is from the navel region that thoughts or worries arise.

When you create more and more thoughts, you feel the heaviness in your stomach.

There is an energy center in the navel area called the Manipuraka Chakra. This energy center starts shrinking with the heaviness of worry. This energy center responds directly to worry, and affects the stomach. That is why when you worry about something, your stomach starts becoming uneasy. Or when you hear shocking news you say, ‘I can’t digest it…’

Any disturbing news causes your stomach to churn. The stomach is very sensitive to thoughts.  You may have observed that those who are very ambitious and who are perfectionists will end up with ulcers.

Too much perfectionism leads to stomach troubles and ulcers. Such people worry too much. Ulcers are due to continuously suffering with worries.

Too much perfectionism leads to stomach troubles and ulcers.

-Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam