The Secret of Healing

Definition of HEALING:

JUST BE, nothing else, you will heal your body and the cosmos.

Just be in your body. As of now you are aware of having a body. Just be inside what you think of as your body, that’s enough. Be inside your body, you will heal the intense pain and battered consciousness you are carrying.

The power of the present moment always heals the body.

Again and again I am reminding you to just be in your body intensely. Suddenly you will see that compassion bio-memory, intelligence bio-memory, awareness bio-memory, all 3 of them are awakened in you.

Be intensely inside your boundary – your skin in this moment and you will see your body, mind and inner-space get healed.

To heal the Cosmos and to heal yourself, you don’t need anything, JUST BE.

~ HDH Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam