The Power of Sound

Hindu Spiritual Alchemy

Out of all five senses, hearing holds an extraordinary position in the human body. 

Hearing is the last sense to leave the body at the time of death. Hence, the practice of chanting mantras or soothing music as one is dying, as seen in many ancient cultures familiar with this truth. Even a softly spoken story, while seated near the dying one, moving from one dimensions into another, the ease of passing is facilitated in a loving, fluid way.

Sound plays a significant role in how a person perceives. The emotional body reliant entirely on sensory perception exudes a subtle vibration, as well, unheard by the ordinary ear. There are many soft, indistinct sounds that are not heard by the typical hearing ability that color and influence how a person perceives or grasps reality. 

We see this distinction presented through the various types of hertz in frequency per second. Tone frequencies influence how a person behaves, perceives and heals. For instance, 396 Hz liberates guilt and fear, 417 Hz facilitates change, 528 Hz repairs DNA and facilitates miracles and is also considered a “love” signal, 741 Hz awakens intuition and 852 Hz creates a spiritual atmosphere. There are many type of frequencies for creating an improved reality. And the same happens in reverse with the lower frequencies conjuring up darker, unpleasant effects in one’s environment, mind and body causing depression, fostering disease, anger or hate.

Sound is intimately connected to the emotional mind through the sensory neurons of the nervous system, which processes moods, irritability, impatience and similar reactions. Through these subtle channels of the nervous system, a persons behavior is dramatically impacted and colored as senses receive impulses from the outside making them receptors of environment and the stimulus provided.

Another extraordinary fact about the ears and the sense of hearing is the ability to cognize the subtle sound of tones downloaded by the ethers. Often, these subtle tones are actually coming from a guardian angel or presiding deity or guru who is guiding and healing one’s subtle reality. 

This is why mantras must be perfumed and spoken in a specific way and why the Sanskrit language holds paramount importance in transmitting a vibration for healing or transformation. 

Every sound has a color and creates some kind of form on the astral, emotional plane. If one entertains sounds unconsciously, such as the various conglomeration of sounds in a busy city environment, a sticky-like odic force develops inside of one’s subtle nervous system and nadi channels. This sticky substance is the result of thought-forms and karma that is resting inside the emotional body creating the state of the subconscious mind and is unconsciously created every moment. 

If one is living within the realms of fear, attachment or lower desires this special form of spiritual communication that transcends the ordinary reality is unaccessible as the subtle channels remain filled with the sticky-glue-like substance. You can see this through your right and left nostrils throughout the day when eating, visiting different environments, entertaining unpleasant thoughts, visiting with others and so on. 

Through purification, meditation and conscious willpower, this sticky substance that impacts perception can be cleared out of the channels allowing for a higher vibration to enter one’s system, creating an entirely different life experience. Through spiritual progress, a white light begins to permeate the subtle areas of the mind and is accompanied by a high, inner pitch indicating that super-consciousness is beginning to awaken within one’s being. In turn, this eases confusion and pressure bringing a state of relaxation into the body and mind. It also provides a fertile environment for creativity and heightened intuition. This is the sound of the guardian angel standing nearby, working to assist one in healing, serving and creativity. 

Through continuous daily practice of meditation, this channel of subtle sound is created allowing a magical force to penetrate one’s energy field and inner hearing. This is Hindu mysticism imparting a special force that comes through the enlightened guru or deity, working with a disciple while empowering and activating a higher conscious reality inside of one’ system. 

Even those who are near or loved one’s dear are impacted by this subtle sound imparted through the inner ear in the disciple whether they hear it or not. An added bonus for those who live with an avid meditator and devotee in the Hindu ancient yoga science.

Two people can be on opposites sides of the planet and communication can take place through this ancient system practiced by the enlightened, advanced being and the disciple. This creates what is called a “golden yoke”. All knowledge comes through this channel as an educational stream for any being regardless of how much formal education they have received. Often, we hear of someone accessing akashic records, this is an example of how this happens through multi-dimensional access. 

A guru-disciple relationship initiates this subtle communication even if one has never met in person or discovered the other yet. Even teachings can be passed down through this etheric hearing channel if destiny beckons or a soul is ripe for transmission. By tuning into this channel, karma can be cleared quickly, healing takes place rapidly and the nature of thought-currents change radically impacting a new reality. 

For this reason, the vibration of the voice is paramount in how it impacts, too. For me, if a voice is harsh, too fast, pitched at a level that is rough or abrasive, I cannot listen. I must turn off the sound and silence its presence. If the voice is gentle, soft, fluid and warm, I turn up the volume. Through the sound of a voice, one can learn much about the person’s interior and state of being. 

Environment is key in relation to this subtle science as well. If the environment is not correct, neither are the people and neither is their influence on one’s system, which can drastically impact how tone is delivered and experienced. A clue for understanding correct environment or not can easily be seen in how the voice is experienced. The right relationship or not can also be seen in how the voice is expressing. 

Sound can be a powerful, subtle way of observing alliance or not.



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