Romance of Ida and Pingala

There is probably no greater love affair than the dance between Ida and Pingala.

Who is Ida and who is Pingala?
Here is the story of their romance

There are two lovers that reside within the human form: Ida, is from the Moon. Pingala, is from the Sun; Ida is feminine and Pingala is masculine.

Together, these two lovers move towards a chance to flow, unimpeded, full of life and filled with the fragrance of a sweet environment.

Each of these two lovers work with a team of collaborators to live a life as one. In this blessed state of oneness, all disease is kept at bay; the blood is cleansed, phlegm is cleared and digestion is improved.

It is a blessed life when these two work in tandem for the improvement or betterment of a human life.

But, before these two lovers meet at their destination, they must first endure three unique passages on their journey upward:
1) Root Passage 2) Heart Passage 3) Ajna Passage.

And before Ida and Pingala can move unrestricted through these passages, karma and the nature of one’s own character must be addressed so that Ida and Pingala may dance and move without impediments or blocks.

Where do we find these two lovers that reside within form?

Ida sits on the left-hand side of the body and PIngala sits on the right. Both, maintain a position that is rooted in the testicles on men or in the ovaries, with women and move upwards towards the Ajna, eyes and nose of the human form. Ida promotes creativity, imagination and emotions. Pingala is focused on rational thinking with life events and planning of affairs. Together, their dance of love and yearning to be one, creates the heavenly expression of divine union wrapped around Sushumna, the central channel, entwined as a trinity of forces animating life purpose.

Sushumna is the manifestation of Soul in physical form. Seven major chakras sit along the spine and in a straight line from the pelvis to the top of the head, emanating Soul existence. Together, the physical glands and the chakras create one human form with a past life history, a karmic story to unravel and a future painted by the stars.

Ida & Pingala share home with Sushumna in the physiological qualities of the para-sympathetic nervous system, carrying vitality and life-force. Prana flows through this three-part system as the vehicle of higher forces and the impressions of the Higher Self, vitalizing life form.


What blocks Ida and Pingala from their union of love?

Karma holds energy blocks along the spinal column, also, one finds thought-currents or seeds of actions that need correction, from this life or a past life. These seeds are released at key moments in life and circulated throughout the astral body channels, seeking a fertile place to root and take hold, causing disease or antagonizing thought-currents to drive life experience.

Through the practice of Pranayama, the fourth step on the ladder of yoga, heat is generated in such a way that it burns through the karma seeds and destroys the possibility of growing and creating a block. Once this burning takes place, Ida flows, Pingala flows and Sushumna is radiating a heavenly connection with forces above.

You can easily observe Ida and Pingala through the condition of the sinuses. If there is a block, there is something in the body system that is causing it: thought currents, germs, karma, karma of another person who is sitting in the same environment or the illness of another person sitting in the same environment. Digestion plays a large role in how the sinuses are functioning, hence the importance of eating in accordance to one’s blood type for easy digestion and more efficient breathing.

Wherever we keep house and with who we keep house, brings life path and karma together as well as sickness and thought currents. Most people are not aware of how much energy is shared and passed around through breathing in the same environment nor how much they are living another person’s life story mixed in with their own.


The Simple Mechanics of Breath

One of the major contributors to disease on this planet is mouth breathing. For the organ of respiration has a clever way of filtering germs through the nose, but the mouth has no filtering mechanism to protect the body from illnesses. The nostrils are two passage ways that are very narrow with bristly hairs designed to catch and repel germs and other unpleasant things that might enter the body, like tiny bugs or pollen or the unseen thought currents that float in the air.

Through the nose hairs, air is filtered and then what is not needed or wanted, is naturally expelled through the out breath, even the unwanted thought current. If the foreign, unpleasant matter enters the body, escaping the natural filter, or the air is too cold as it enters the body, a sneeze happens to expel what does not belong or to correct the temperature of air entering the body. Even the air entering the body is warmed by the nasal passages before oxygen enters internal organs, making it easier to assimilate.

Proper, conscious breathing is one of the very first things that one learns when they enter the spiritual practice of yoga. It is necessary to apply the breathing techniques to create the correct type of internal body environment for awakening, for awareness, for better health so that one can enjoy a peaceful reality.

Through applying rhythmic breathing exercises, one can clear the emotional body and bring the brain, as well as the entire body system into harmony, allowing for greater expression of the full capacity inherent in the human form.

Proper breathing brings Ida and Pingala towards the epitome of their romance as the sinuses are cleared, breath is flowing and disease and germs are expelled, as they should be.

Any blockage created by food or how one is taking in nutrition or how one is thinking is a block to the flow of Ida and Pingala and the central channel, Sushumna. For this reason, applying the knowledge and understanding of eating in accordance to one’s blood type, one gains tremendous vitality and health in the body, as well as longevity. Coupled with the practice of pranayama, health, peacefulness and vitality is ensured.

Awareness concerning environment and who one surrounds self with, the thought-currents entertained and the ideas in the mind behind the one who is preparing food, these are the habits of life that do best with mindful action in consideration of cause and effect.

May your Ida and Pingala dance in heavenly bliss




written by Kashi 2018, May. ~