The Friend Test

Often, we choose our mate, our best friend or the environment that we live in based on our Root Patterns.

Root patterns are the habits and thought-currents that we carry buried deep within our psyche dictating how we navigate our life path. Root patterns are first created in the mother’s womb before a human is born and then deeply ingrained into the psychology the first year of life through food and affection.

How the infant was nurtured in this first year with food and the mothers thoughts while the baby is in the womb and then later, while in the mothers arms set the tone for how one ultimately moves through life. 

This is the foundation dictating all life experiences. A human naturally, unconsciously, chooses to interact with and surround themselves with those who assist in enforcing this first year of experience.

If the experience in the first year was dramatic and unkind, most of the people in a person’s life will be unkind and exerting behavior that is focused on disempowering, in some way.

If the person is surrounded by loving, supportive, kind and generous people who empower one into doing great things and living fully in responsibility and authenticity, chances are that this person has had a very loving mother who enjoyed nurturing and caring for the infant. 

It is that simple, truly. 

We can see the first year of life with its root patterns through the story that is written by the stars in an astrological profile, too. If one is unsure of how they were treated in the first year of their life, they can go in and look at the planetary activations causing the root patterns during this first year. 

It is this root pattern which instills the tendency towards “powerlessness” and causes one to step into the hands of those who do not support or empower one’s way through life. In this state of “powerlessness” governed by the root pattern, one becomes the victim of others insecurities, fears and tendency to suck on life-force.

Look around you.

Is there someone enforcing your lack of empowerment? 

Is someone making it difficult for you to follow through on your commitments and responsibilities?

If so, get rid of them immediately. This will solve all your sufferings and release you into a more positive flow with life events.

Those who gloat on one’s sufferings, contributing to one’s disempowerment are the main source of misery and struggle. Quickly, they become the poison that kills life force and ruins one’s ability to thrive, while they foster disease inside of you and derail the path towards a fulfilling life experience with rewards and positive opportunities. 

The one’s who disempower often, seem sweet, nice, kind and loving, especially at first. This where many become deluded through sexual attraction or need for acceptance and affection. However nice the other may seem, if they are not empowering one’s ability to thrive or be responsible they are the demon sucking energy and living off of the other’s suffering. The more that one becomes powerless, the more the demon occupies one’s inner space, taking over life force for it’s own pleasure. 

This is the most difficult place for one to be – assessing who is a demon and who is an angel because it requires one to be out of delusion and to be solitary at their core. This is the opposite of how the root pattern is developed in the first year of life when the infant is fully reliant on another human. This “solitariness” is a true state of conscious, self-realization and a higher state of awareness.

This observation of empowerment or lack of it can be tricky too because the mind so loves to rationalize its decisions as it is addicted to fulfilling the root patterns set in place at birth. 

One must see with clarity – not rose colored glasses attempting to “colorize” the lover into a caring individual. Most lovers are going to work against the tendency to empower their lover because they fear that they may lose what they have become addicted to: life force streaming through hooks in the Solar Plexus (Pancreas, spleen and liver too). 

One will find that the true test of friend or foe is to merely observe who is empowering you and who is disempowering you and the sensations of the gut area (health of digestion and elimination) as the interaction between you and the other takes place.

You can also observe who is laughing at your failures or making fun of you when you fall. This demonstrates who is feeding off your life force and the causing the resulting feelings of disappointment that brew inside your heart, mind and astral emotional body. 

Those who are crafty at disempowering others observe and then, test to find out what type of “buzz” words work for influencing the disempowerment and reactions that easily become food. There are obvious, unconscious behaviors that are played out by those who seek to disempower others. Some may even navigate their entire life through disempowering others, providing a surge of power that easily feeds the ego that is insecure or easily threatened while providing the astral food for the entities that live inside their being operating the demonic tendencies. Usually, this is understood and seen simply as unconscious behavior acting out the disempowering.

Those who wish to empower will not like those things or those people who disempower you nor the choices that one has made that compromise integrity and reputation. This is how you can tell who is your ally.

Usually, the one who is sincerely empowering you is not always seemingly most kind or “loving”  and usually doesn’t offer the sweet sensations that create the hook that grabs and binds, feeds and sucks through the Solar Plexus area.

Rather, the one who empowers will tend to live their life as a true expression of self-empowerment, apply the disciplines that lead to their own personal freedom and most often, fulfill the responsibilities that position them as true leaders and authentic teachers of Truth and self-realization. Neither will be they be competitive, jealous, threatened nor amused at your failures. They have a strong distaste for compromising behavior while no need to compare or belittle. 

The test of a true friend is through observing who shows up when your down on your luck and offers the exact antidote for encouraging you to do what is right, protects your integrity and the far-reaching results of choices made in the moment.

And no, there is no judgement, no criticism nor nasty reactions to your struggle – only compassion, patience, tolerance and kindness as you figure things out. Keep this in mind. If you experience judgement or criticism – it is not an ally or true friend only another hook seeking to suck your energy.

To recognize who the true ally is in your life requires healing the root patterns created by those who tended the first year of your life so that you can be in the right environment surrounded by the right people.

This may take some time and sincere efforts in seeking to understand who is truly directing your life in a positive, supporting way and a true ally, a real friend indeed..

However, it is worth it, indeed.








Source: Dispensation on Kena Upanishads, vs 1,
by Bahgwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

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